Rihanna Control Minds Shirt

Rihanna Control Mnds Shirt

Rihanna wears a shirt with an upside down cross that says “Control Minds”. This is a reference to the satanic MK-Ultra mind control program. Is Rihanna a beta sex kitten? She does get around. She doesn’t seem dissociative like Nicki Minaj though and she wasn’t abused as a child.

To me it seems that Rihanna is a conspiracy theorist. She must be reading Vigilant Citizen in her spare time. Be a good girl and keep exposing the Illuminati Rihanna. It’s Armageddon in the pop game. The final battle between good and evil. She recently tweeted: “frack U SATAN!!! frack right off!!!!!” Rihanna has taken sides have you?

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Drake’s Illuminati Shirt

Drake Illuminati Shirt

Drake raps: “All seeing eye, my eyes seen it all”, while wearing a shirt with a pyramid on it. Does Drake read up on the Illuminati? Their occult secrets are all available on the internet. Has Drake been illuminated by the light of Lucifer or is he still in the dark?

Drake is a rich kid from the Beverly Hills of Toronto. I’ve read a few conspiracy theories that Drake is part of the Illuminati. Even though he’s a Jew, I don’t think he’s a member of any secret society. He’s too young. I think he wore the shirt because he is against the New World Order. Then again he is a Jew. Lying is like breathing to Satan’s kids.

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