A Blue Lightning Cocktail For Britney Spears’ Slumber Party

Britney Spilled Milk

Blue Lightning Ingredients

1/4 oz Southern Comfort
1/4 oz Blue Curacao
1/4 oz Bourbon
5 oz Lime Mix

Pour the blue curacao, Southern Comfort and Wild Turkey into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Fill with prepared lime mix, and serve.

Best served in a Highball Glass.


EWS is not for kids Britney. I was showing the perverse decadence of the elite during Millenium. Red Cloak is Rothschild. I name drop Rockefeller Plaza in EWS. Rothschild is the other big family that seems to run the show. The rest of the bar seems to agree with me from what they can see on their devices.

praise LRH
cocktails and dreams

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Lucifer lives on in music of the devilish Miley Cyrus

Miley Illuminati

As a musician, I have always looked to Mike Usinger for an honest editorial review on the big acts that play here [“ West desperate to be liked”, October 17-24]. No journalist south of the border would have the balls to write an honest piece calling Kanye out on his grotesque behaviour.

But I am writing in response to Angelica Poversky’s letter you published under the headline “Miley Cyrus is just seeking attention with her twerking”.

It is about time somebody threw the gauntlet down. I have spent the past 15 years doing critical research on the Illuminati in the music industry. Miley Cyrus is not just seeking attention. Dare to suspend all preconceived ideologies and connect the dots. The fact is that satanic ritual abuse and Luciferian worship is at the centre of everything she does.

So, please Vancouver, can we be honest and wake up?

> Joanne Fleming / Vancouver


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Jesus is the Lion King

Lion King Bikini

Rev. 5:5

“…Weep not, behold, the Lion of the Tribe of Juda the root of David, hath

prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

The subject “The Lion King” reminds one of the popular Disney movie back in the year 1994. This movie was about a good king, Mufasa, presented as a lion, who ruled over his Serengeti domain with compassion, peace, and righteousness. However, things were about to take a turn for the worse because his brother, Scar, wanted to be king. This of course reminds us of Lucifer who wanted God’s throne (Isa. 14:13-14).

Scar is represented as an egotistical, eccentric, conniving maniac, who is willing to enforce his diabolical authority on all those who object to his ways of thinking. Scar devises a scheme to assassinate King Mufasa and young Prince Simba (the heir to the throne). Prince Simba escapes the assassination attempt but King Mufasa does not. Prince Simba then goes into exile. This may remind us of King Herod, who sought to kill the young baby Jesus who would be king of the Jews; fortunately as well, Jesus escapes to Egypt (St. Matt. Chapter 2).

Prince Simba’s uncle, Scar, takes rulership of the African animal kingdom. He creates gloom, doom, darkness, and chaos in the animal world. This is symbolic to Satan who is called the God (or King) of this world (II Cor. 4:4). Satan has created lies, calamities, havoc, destruction, and wickedness. While in exile, Prince Simba learns his true identity, purpose, and destiny who later returns to take his rightful place as king in his father’s kingdom. Jesus, at the age of 12, understood his purpose for coming into this world, tells his earthly mother, “I must be about my father’s business” (St. Luke 2:49).

After Jesus’ crucifixion, he goes down into Hades where he conquers and spoils all principalities and powers of the enemy, including, hell and the grave (Col. 2:15). Thus, Satan’s power and authority in this world has been spoiled and conquered by Jesus Christ, who is called the Lion of the Tribe of Juda (Rev. 5:5). At the conclusion of the movie, Prince Simba takes rulership of his kingdom. Jesus, the Prince of Peace and the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, rises from the dead and declares that all power in heaven and earth is in his hands (St. Matt. 28:18).

We have all heard the phrase the lion is the king of the forest or the king of the jungle. Jesus is called the Lion of Juda, the King of kings and Lord of lords. In the Hebrew tongue, Juda means praise. Therefore, Jesus deserves our praise because he is King and Lord. All praise and worship, honor, and glory belongs to him.

When Jesus entered into the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday before his crucifixion, the people cried out “Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven and glory in the highest.” Some of the Pharisees told Jesus to make them hold their peace, Jesus answered, if they hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out. (St. Luke 19:38-40). In other words, Jesus was saying praises, honor and glory belongs to me. Jesus, the Lion of Juda’s very name, is to be praised.

When Prince Simba took his rightful place as King of the Serengeti, all the animals in the animal kingdom bowed before him, recognizing him as king and ruler. The animal kingdom once again was restored back to its original beauty, harmony, and tranquility. When we praise the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords whose name is Jesus Christ; we too are changed into vessels of honor to be used for the glory of God.

One of the greatest praiser’s of God, known to man, was David. As a Shepard boy, David sung love songs of praise to God on the mountain sides and in the valleys low. He serenaded God with poems, poetry, songs, melodies, and ballets until God lifted him up above every person in Israel.God even took the kingdom and throne of Israel from King Saul and anointed David as king while he was still a shepard boy.

As a matter of fact, David is credited to writing about one half of the Book of Psalms. When you humble yourself and sing songs of praise and glorify the King of Praise, God will lift you up! When you lift God up, he will lift you up. When you magnify God, he will magnify you. When you promote God, God will promote you. The Bible says in I Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time.” David was so admired by God that Jesus himself is called the Son of David. God has promised that the throne of David would last forever (St. Luke 1:32-33).

David is called a man after God’s own heart (I Sam 13:14) because he fell in love with God. When God becomes your delight, heart, and soul; you have undeniably fallen in love with him. God already loves us. The Bible makes it clear that God so loved the world that he gave his only son (St. John 3:16) and while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).

True worship denotes total allegiance and devotion to God; pleasing God becomes your passion of life. St. Luke 12:34 says “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Do you treasure God enough to worship and praise him all the days of your life? Every person worships something. Whom do you worship? The Bible says in St. John 4:23 that God seeks out a worshipper. Why does God have to seek such to worship him? Because there are not many true worshippers; there are not many who will worship the Lion of Juda, King of Juda …the Lion King.

One of the greatest attributes of a lion is their strength. Their sheer bodily strength can bring down prey twice its size. They are a formidable foe and nothing in this world can compare to it. The lion with its majestic look, is one of the most powerful and fearless animals in the animal kingdom. God said in Isa. 40:18 & 25, and Isa. 42: 8 “Who can compare to him? Who is like him? He is the lord and his glory will he not give to another”.

God is to be praised because there is none like him. He has all power, all strength and all might. He is the creator and ruler over all things, He created all things and all things are subjected unto him. Recognizing his deity, kingship, authority and sovereignty should prompt every man, woman, and child to praise the name of Jesus, our Lord. His name is above every name. His name can heal the sick, raise the dead, calm the turbulent and raging seas and saves all men from the hands of the enemy.

The Bible says in II Chronicle 20:21-24 that King Johoshaphat appointed singers before the army and to say praise the lord for his mercy endureth forever; and when they began to sing and the praise the lord, God set an ambush against the enemy and they destroyed each other and no one escaped. God fought the battle for the Nation of Judah (Praise). When you begin to praise God in the midst of adversity, you are in essence, inviting God to intervene in your situation and circumstance. The Bible says in Ps. 22:3, “Thou inhabit the praises of his people.” Your praise lifts the name of the lord up and bring him down to do battle for you. Therefore when you begin to praise God, God himself shows up; and thus every adversity, illness, disease, and problem must bow, fall down, and submit to the authority of God.

Praise is an act of worship that we use the least. The Bible says in Ps. 33:1 “Praises is comely to the upright.” In other words, praise, for a child of God, should be as natural as breathing. Praise must be done not only in good times but at all times. As a matter of fact, the best times to praise God is during moments and times of adversity.

Remember Jesus, the Lord God, is the Lion of Juda (Praise). We should be glad he is called the Lion King because not only is he king but he fights viciously as a lion in the heat of battle; devouring up everything that comes against His people and His kingdom. Who doesn’t admire a warrior king? Not only does he rule from his throne on high, but he will fight beside you in every battle of life.

God has promised never to leave you or forsake you (Heb.13:5). A lion is at his best during battle and during the engagement of war. The more you praise God, the more powerful, magnified, and fierce he becomes in your life. God is not to be toyed with! He is always victorious in battle.

God, the Righteous King, has also given us a position of honor next to him. The Bible says in Eph. 2:6 that God has raised us together and made us sit together in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Who in their right mind would not worship the Lion of Judah – The Lion King? Disney may have come up with a movie entitled “The Lion King” but the true Lion King existed long before the movie appeared in theaters.

— World-Awakening.com

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The Rebellion of Britney Spears

Britney Spears Head Shaved

Britney Spears likes smoking cigarettes and drinking red bull. Then her doctors wonder why she is bipolar. Britney is more than bipolar though, she’s been horribly raped by Illuminati Disney Jews all her life. She’s even been raped by her own father who later took control of her entire estate. In 1999, when Hit me Baby was released, she was the guest of honor at Rothschild’s annual orgy. These days it is common knowledge that Britney is a multiple personality sex slave.

Poor Britney. She’s a good old rebel that’s just what she is and for this Jewish media circus she don’t give a damn. She wore the Zionist 666 star when she had her famous head shaving incident. She was letting the viewers know who her tormentors are; pedophiles like Disney CEO Michael Eisner and his Freemason friends.

@britneyspears If Fishman doesn’t cure your MPD I’m gonna take his kike face and make it part of the pavement. Keep rebelling Britney.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Monarch Tattoo

Vanessa Hudgens Monarch Tattoo

Disney’s Vanessa Hudgens gets a butterfly tattoo on her neck. Victims of monarch programming like to get butterfly tattoos.

Since the 1970s most Monarch victims have no longer been tattooed but wear butterfly barrettes, large butterfly ear rings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, or embroidered insignias. Illuminati Monarch slaves often do not have any tattoos because their bodies have to be blemish free to be qualified for the higher ranks within the Illuminati.

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Monarch Miley

Miley Monarch

Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus – Monarch Butterfly Songs

You tuck me in,
Turn out the light
Kept me safe and sound at night
Little girls depend on things like that.

Brush my teeth and comb my hair
Had to drive me everywhere
You were always there when I looked back.

You had to do it all alone
Make a living, make a home
Must have been as hard as it could be.

And when I couldn’t sleep at night
Scared things wouldn’t turn out right
You would hold my hand and sing to me.

Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you’ll be
Can’t go far but you can always dream
Wish you may and wish you might
Don’t you worry hold on tight.
I promise you there will come a day
Butterfly Fly Away
Butterfly Fly Away (butterfly fly away.)

Flap your wing now you cant stay
Take those dreams and make them all come true
Butterfly Fly Away (butterfly fly away)
We been waiting for this day
All along and know just what to do
Butterfly Fly Away.

(Butterfly Fly Away.)

(Butterfly Fly Away…)

So……Is this Monarch mind control? Is Miley a mind controlled sex slave? or is this just an endearing song Miley wanted to sing about her Father’s deep sincere love?

Miley’s website has a lot of monarch butterflies. The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity ), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.

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Muse: Invincible Song Interpretation

I believe that this is a love song, but not in the traditional sense. The love is that he has for his fellow man, and specifically the individual listener who cares to truly listen and understand his somewhat cryptic message.

The song starts off as a dedication of sorts, to the moment that we have all been in when it seems like all is lost and there is no hope. The last line in this verse reminds the listener to remember that he/she is unique and that this reason alone is enough to fight and live on.

“Follow through
Make your dreams come true
Don’t give up the fight
You will be alright
‘Cause there’s no one like you in the universe ”

The next verse is almost akin to speech at a political rally, or a mass populist uprising. The music video for this song is basically a parody of Disney “It’s a small world” ride. Think of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” which tells a less censored view of what has really been going on all these years. At the end of the day, most people do not want to fight, but people seem to be constantly compelled for some reason or another.

Don’t be afraid
What your mind conceives
You should make a stand
Stand up for what you believe
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we’re invincible

Now, what is the struggle and who is “they” that will pull us down? Muse openly refers to conspiracy theories and the New world order, especially in connection with the B&R album. A little research into conspiracy theories will give you an idea of what the writer is referring to. I believe the “chance: we have to “turn things around” as a common people is the fact that there is a mass awakening occurring right now and that with so many people in “the know” now, we may be able to resist our tyrannical controllers.

During the struggle
They will pull us down
But please, please
Let’s use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we’re invincible

It is widely known that the traditional methods of resistance, that of organizing and having a leader has been self defeating. The only way to beat the system is to go it alone, be your own leader, trust yourself. He’s basically saying to the listener, just because I’m asking you to take a stand doesn’t mean I want you to think of me as your leader, just like any leader, he can’t possibly care about you more than you do. And finally, there is no reason to fear death because the soul lives on.

Do it on your own
It makes no difference to me
What you leave behind
What you choose to be
And whatever they say
Your souls unbreakable

If you want to know about “the struggle” and who “they” may be, check out prisonplanet.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you tube stuff like NWO, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, Fema Death Camps, etc…

– AllSeeingD

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Christina Aguilera: Illuminati Supergirl

Christina Aguilera Illuminati Disney

If you think the Vatican is a haven for pedophiles, what about Disney? At least one of the Disney kids has been molested. I think Annette Funicello was the first to get pimped out by Mickey.

Christina was a Disney girl and might be an MK-Ultra sex slave. There has to be at least one sex slave in the Mickey Mouse club. It could be Justin, Christina or Britney. It might be one of them or all of them. Nobody knows. Xtina is also married to a rich Jew music executive named Jordan Bratman. Maybe the Illuminati Jews gave her to young Jordan as a gift.

In the Supergirl video she often uses the Satan hand gesture to move the screens around. The lyrics also talk about multiple personalities:

Step back, gonna come at you fast
I’m driving out of control
And getting ready to crash
Won’t stop shaking up what I can
I serve it up in a shot
So suck it down like a man

So baby yes I know what I am
And no I don’t give a damn
And you’ll be loving it

Some days I’m a super broad
Up to my old tricks
But it won’t last forever
Next day I’m your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps getting better

Kiss kiss gonna tell you right now
I make it sweet on the lips
And simply knock you out
And shut up I don’t care what you say
Cause when we’re both in the ring
You’re gonna like it my way

Yeah baby there’s a villain in me
So sexy sour and sweet
And you’ll be loving it

Hold on
It keeps getting better
Hold on
It keeps getting better

In the blink of an eye
In the speed of light
I’ll hold the universe up
And make your planets collide

When I strap on my boots
And I slip on my suit
You see the vixen in me
Becomes an angel for you

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Jonas Brothers and Aleister Crowley

Jonas Brothers Aleister Crowley

Here is Kevin Jonas wearing a T-shirt with Aleister Crowley the master occultist who said he has sacrificed 150 children in one year. Why is a supposed conservative Christian glorifying that man by wearing that kind of apparel? Second, why do some of the Jonas Brothers songs have lyrics that sound like, when you play them backwards, ”Our Sweet Forsaken Satan?’ Also, if you look closely at the Jonas Brothers logo it looks like the number 13.

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