Illuminati Alien

Alien Music by DJ Demurrage in mp3 form. Brother of obsolete husband demo job. She can do it all herself now. Doesn’t need anyone to make beautiful music not even me. Her Xenu MDNA husband. I’m so glad you can’t make Port album with out me. without the avatar. I can make the music without you Christa Balder. I’ll put up my ORIGINAL pieces. I’m not gonna A+ your husband if he reveals his secrets to kissarnu music class. This ain’t Brad Shitt in Tree of Life where we white knight and DDT each other on the concrete while Cobra Commander laughs right Alex?

We need Shitt. Shitt makes the trees grow.

isn’t that right special snowflakes? Or all singing, all dancing crap of the world? BP and AJ sitting in a tree. ki ss i n g. *spoken aloud* kissaruni say it right in kazakhstan. i’m trying to build it bird. i found alex jones in x com. i’m gonna make more nelly eugenics experiments. Maybe they did some Ellen Riply, Sigourney Weaver poop to us.

Alien UFO Research


Reptilian News

UFO Chick

UFO Evidence

UFO Hunter Orguk

UFO Knowledge

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5 thoughts on “Aliens

  1. I think there is plenty of evidence that UFO’s are man made, and come to that so are supposed E.T’s (genetic engineering). We all know that science & technology are many years ahead of what we’re allowed to know. Why is that? Well, when the business & political elite have done the dirty work of wiping out most of us, some top scientists will top them. After all, why would such scientists want them? They don’t even want all other scientists, let alone troublemaking bankers & politicians. So, if the NWO can’t be stopped then at least we can enjoy knowing the ‘elite’ will get theirs – just when they’ll think they’ve got it made. The more they succeed in their plans the quicker they’re digging their own graves. Some sort of justice in that.

  2. Ok this site is absolutely ridiculous and full of stupidity. Ignorant assholes with no lives, and who’s hands are glued to the keyboard.


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