Angelina Jolie and Hackstock 9/11

Angelina Jolie Confirms a Key Maleficent Scene Was About Rape. Vanity Fair

Angelina Jolie and … “Since then she has seen the snake symbol as a protective talisman for her …

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the … up a bronze snake and all who looked at the snake were healed

okay jolie i’m reading bp’s news and counsellor movie quotes and i know you need the jesus hack. i’ll tell you how my spirit took over this worthless government issue joe’s body. listen to adam sandler and click. u remember what your dad said about the illuminati prophecy? how they want to fulfill it? u understand revelation 17 and how the kings of the earth take the stars to their mansions with mk ultra?

Jolie Hackers

Let me tell about the Trojan war Angelina Jolie. The Pentagon, the White House and the WTC thought their secrets were safe. 9/11 was Hackstock. We were brainwashed by Tombraider soundtrack to put our Trojan viruses in the Pentagon. I put up some black propaganda about George W Bush before 9/11 making the hackers think he was the antichrist. He’s the antichrist to television watchers but to hackers Jacob Rothschild is the antichrist. The wizard of Oz who owns all the studios in California.

Apr 16, 2009 – In a new poll, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been named the modern day Helen of Troy— the mythical Greek princess who had a “face …


That was your hackstock Jolie. I used your face on the page and the hacker discordian religion to spring you out of psych. July 13th, 2001 code red virus was released with back orifice but our computers had small hard drives while the pentagon and WTC files were huge.

Voight Snake

We all watched “Girl Interupted” and we know not to trust your Father. I’m taking John Travolta’s testimony into account when I judge Joe Buck. I’m wondering what he had to do to get those movie roles. In the opening scene of “Midnight Cowboy” he drops the soap. We all know what that means. I’m the master of these jebeni zidovi. You’re gonna get your Shiloh world president one day if you listen to your serpent protector. I’m the king of these fracking Jews that abuse you and your dad. I can tell your dad’s been sexually abused by these studio Jews when he was a young buck. Pimper’s paradise. That’s all she was man. When I hear you cut yourself I think the worst about your dad and the whole movie business. Makes me want to see California burn to the ground.

Hackers Jolie 1994

You’ve been online since 94 you either can’t find the cancer cure or u r in a deep mindfuck by these intelligence agencies, freemasons, Jews, Voight, and alien entities. Something is rotten in Denmark with you like big wheat shutting down Jennifer Esposito’s Gluten free bakery. That’s getting written in my bible hack in Psalm 72 with the wheat prophecy. Let’s post the hacker manifesto. But b4 I post that. I need 2 loosen up and write like a hacker. This is Junkion understand? Original transformers movie. We speak TV vs Internet. U see my dad on rev 8? He worked at Pitt Lake near Pitt Meadows. You have to bite the bullet like me Pitt and do the cooking and she does the dishes. That’s what these women want. They can’t fracking cook anymore. They’re maneaters understand? Only the girls can get near the bad guys and whisper their poison words on leaders till they fall like King of Kings Gaddafi. Dirty bird programmed everyone. I’m gonna end your chaos and bullshit therapy for the kids. I’m cyber bullying U to give the kids the healthy food. Pitt has to cook it. I know you have messiah complex Pitt. Just as big as Cruise when you battle it out as vampires.

Latin motto that curves across her stomach just above the bikini line, “means ‘What nourishes me also destroys me.’

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Google image yourself in 1994 eating that disgusting Ben & Jerry’s. That poop causes cancer not genes. Dr. Rock was the worst doctor in the world. He lied 2u so his plane got sabotaged in 2014. I infected these agents with the truth virus. Dr. Rock had bad karma. U stars understand good karma? UR what u eat? eating from the tree of life not the flesh of animals?

let’s see this hacker manifesto:

==Phrack Inc.==

Volume One, Issue 7, Phile 3 of 10

The following was written shortly after my arrest…

\/\The Conscience of a Hacker/\/


+++The Mentor+++

Written on January 8, 1986

Another one got caught today, it’s all over the papers. “Teenager
Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal”, “Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering”…
Damn kids. They’re all alike.

But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950’s technobrain,
ever take a look behind the eyes of the hacker? Did you ever wonder what
made him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him?
I am a hacker, enter my world…
Mine is a world that begins with school… I’m smarter than most of
the other kids, this crap they teach us bores me…
Damn underachiever. They’re all alike.

I’m in junior high or high school. I’ve listened to teachers explain
for the fifteenth time how to reduce a fraction. I understand it. “No, Ms.
Smith, I didn’t show my work. I did it in my head…”
Damn kid. Probably copied it. They’re all alike.

I made a discovery today. I found a computer. Wait a second, this is
cool. It does what I want it to. If it makes a mistake, it’s because I
screwed it up. Not because it doesn’t like me…
Or feels threatened by me…
Or thinks I’m a smart ass…
Or doesn’t like teaching and shouldn’t be here…
Damn kid. All he does is play games. They’re all alike.

And then it happened… a door opened to a world… rushing through
the phone line like heroin through an addict’s veins, an electronic pulse is
sent out, a refuge from the day-to-day incompetencies is sought… a board is
“This is it… this is where I belong…”
I know everyone here… even if I’ve never met them, never talked to
them, may never hear from them again… I know you all…
Damn kid. Tying up the phone line again. They’re all alike…

You bet your ass we’re all alike… we’ve been spoon-fed baby food at
school when we hungered for steak… the bits of meat that you did let slip
through were pre-chewed and tasteless. We’ve been dominated by sadists, or
ignored by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us will-
ing pupils, but those few are like drops of water in the desert.

This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch, the
beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying
for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn’t run by profiteering gluttons, and
you call us criminals. We explore… and you call us criminals. We seek
after knowledge… and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color,
without nationality, without religious bias… and you call us criminals.
You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us
and try to make us believe it’s for our own good, yet we’re the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is
that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual,
but you can’t stop us all… after all, we’re all alike.

+++The Mentor+++

Hackers Disk

See how far we’ve come since those old disks? That’s all we had in the 90’s.

3 building Jolie

Code red because of Tom Cruise’s movie and the Eyes Wide Shut Page I made during millenium. Is it sinking in what really happened on 9/11?

WTC Three Buildings

All that tax evasion was gonna get leaked to IRS. Irwin R. Sheister until Silverstein blew it up.

Jolie Water Baptise Water

You wore the devils jersey in hackers. The demons from all the blood money came out in the smoke. At the end you are baptised with water in the pool. Read the good shepherd’s scripture about being baptized with fire and spirit. I’m the one who thought of this Jesus hack that put me on the same mission as the Jew of Jews.


Cotillard is worried about 44 happening again. BP kills nazis so she feels safe. Judah and Spain created a continent of cryptos. I’m the one waking them up 2 their Jewdom Joan of Arc so it can’t happen again. Jolie is getting envious of your fake family with Pitt. It’s just an illusion Jolie.

That will be our Good Shepherd Illusion.

Lucifer Wings

Now turn it to Fox and see what’s happening with Lucifer. This is Devil’s Nightmare From Tombraider Soundtrack. You have your devil in LA now. Someone took his wings.

Jolie Flying

google your images for 1994 with the charlie’s angels shirt you wanna buy. girls stole lucifer’s wings. I had to play the devil with my anaheim angels baseball hat so the psychs would believe. Everyone tells the psychs they are Jesus. They don’t believe it.

Pitt Interview Vampire

I’m Nick Nightingale u understand BP? U2 r fracking vampires. Revelations came out from Kidman’s family. Is your wife a victim 2 Pitt? You can’t run away from this girl. You promised me Pitt. Jesus at your wedding. Avatar fracks you up eh BP? Your ancestor discovered Pitt Lake. Do you want me to tell you counselor stories from high school?

Let’s look at your Counselor movie and I’ll show you my counselor.

[last lines]
Malkina: To see quarry, killed with elegance, it’s just moving to me.
Banker: Is it sexual?
Malkina: Yes, of course. A thing like that is always sexual. The hunter has grace, beauty, and purity of heart to be found nowhere else. You can make no distinction between what they are and what they do. And what they do is kill. We, of course, are another matter. It is our faintness of heart that has driven us to the edge of ruin. Perhaps you won’t agree, but nothing is crueler than a coward. And the slaughter to come is probably beyond our imagining.
Banker: I think you’ve told me more than I wish to know.
Malkina: Then I’ll say no more. Shall we think about ordering? I’m famished.

Agent Smith was fed up with Cockafeller’s medicine so was I understand?. Dr. Rock killed your mother. Madonna’s mother. Mauled you like a lion.

Westray: Well, I’m perfectly willing to believe you had nothing to do with this but I’m not the party you have to convince.
Counselor: Convince of what, for Christ sake?
Westray: That this is some sort of coincidence. Because they don’t really believe in coincidences. They’ve heard of them. They’ve just never seen one.

Rothschild Crest

See Cruise’s unicorn in “Legend” on antichrist Rothschild’s crest? He’s the one with the mind control slaves at his parties. You understand what Kubrick was trying to do with Nicole Kidman and the ninth circle rumors? She’s a stepford wife for Rothschild. Her dad was a child trafficker. A Kid man.

Rade Blood Honey

You are shaming my Yugoslavian people for rape pretty one. I see Miley Cyrus’ dead pets and Hillary Clinton on SNL. I have eyes to see the trance formation and what’s really going on.

Jolie Toil Tears

This hack is toil and tears understand pretty one? No Churchill gifs yet 4 u.

Blood Honey

We’re afraid Voight sold her into the program. That’s what the conspiracy theorists fear. I think Voight thought he was being patriotic. In her womb she carries her avenger. She’s painting a family of the master abuser u2 vampires understand? Counter Intelligence Kissinger. Her children are Kissinger’s war crimes.

Jolie Wanted

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Richard Rockefeller, Ed.M., M.D., who died on …


Reiner: Men are attracted to flawed women too of course, but their illusion is that they can fix them. They just want to be entertained. The truth about women is that you can do anything to them except bore them.

Enough hack talk. Let the avatars talk. Let them entertain you and save you from yourselves.

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Top Ten Hollywood MK-Ultra Victims

I’ll name ten Hollywood starlets and give reasons why I believe they could be MK-Ultra victims.

One of these ten women could be an MK-Ultra victim. Or five might victims and five aren’t. Maybe all ten are victims. I don’t know. The important thing is if this sort of thing goes on and Roseanne Barr is telling the truth, the CIA and MK-Ultra rules Hollywood. If even one of these women are a victim then justice needs to be served and secrets brought to light.

#1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Shh

Angelina Jolie likes to cut herself. Cutting is usually a sign of some sort of abuse usually physical or sexual. She seems to be in Omega mode lately in the tabloids. To slowly kill yourself is known as code green. Angelina Voight has been cutting herself like a Virginia Ham on Thanskgiving. That was the line Angelina used when she confronted the now dead Brittany Murphy on her cutting in Girl Interuppted.

Angelina Voight shills for the United Nations World Government. Her Father is a shill for Israel. She seems to be estranged from Jon Voight because of the Illuminati. In Tombraider the only lines she ever shared with her Father onscreen was about the Illuminati. The Illuminat are the ones creating these mind controlled slaves through their intelligence agencies.

Angelina was in The Good Shepherd a movie about the CIA. She seemed to be specifically picked for the role because the Skull & Bones secret society and their control of the CIA and their work in mind control. I think Robert Deniro suspects she is one of the women at Rothschild’s parties like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Angelina has good reason to be paranoid and mentally ill while she’s surrounded by people from organizations like the CFR and the United Nations.

That picture of her with a horse is just not right. She is #1 MK Ultra victim for sure.

#2. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another cutter with mysterious mental problems like Angelina Voight. I think the diagnosis is bipolar. She was raised by Disney like Britney Spears. She hasn’t shaved her head but she was in Princess Protection Program which reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut. What if she isn’t bipolar but a Monarch slave that needs programming from time to time from her handlers? I don’t trust the Disney company. It seems to draw pedophiles who want to work with little kids.

#3. Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears also has mental problems and used Monarch symbols in alot of her videos. She was also raised by Disney. There are alot of videos on youtube about Britney’s mind control. K-fed said he suspects she is a multiple. She goes into different voices for different personalities. Everyone remembers when she shaved her head while wearing the 666 star of Solomon.

#4 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Shh

Miley Cyrus is even raunchier than Britney. I think she gives President Clinton blowjobs.

#5. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s father died amid pedophile allegations. Kid man is a name for a child white slaver. Did Nicole Kidman’s father come from a long line of white child slavers? She was the star of Eyes Wide Shut. I think Stanley Kubrick hired her because he knew of the Satanic child slaver history. Kidman’s father was accused of being part of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult which included Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis. I think Kidman’s dad was like Milich from Eyes Wide Shut selling his daughter into slavery.

#6. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry revealed she tried to kill herself when she divorced from David Justice. She made a movie about multiple personality disorder called Frankie & Alice. She was also in a movie called Gothika with Penelope Cruz about Psychiatric abuse by sadistic doctors. Halle Berry is either trying to shed light on the problem or is a victim herself.

#7 Madonna

Madonna Shh

Madonna admits to being raped when she first came to New York. She also lived in an abandoned synagogue there and made Satanic films like one called A Certain Sacrifice. She seems to show all the sings of being a beta sex kitten. She is another star who uses alot of Monarch symbolism in her videos. I’ve read that Kabbalah is used in programming in the Illuminati mind control book by Fritz Sprinmeier. Fritz alleges Madonna was a replacement for Marilyn Monroe. I personally think Kissinger and Associates keeps her in New York to be close to the action in the United Nations. People allege that Dr. K is an MK-Ultra pimp, the most glamorous job in counter intelligence. I really believe Henry Kissinger is the pimp of all pimps keeping his ho’s in check with his poop fetish blackmail. Oh Henry!

#8. Catherine Zeta Jones

Zeta Jones Shh

Zeta Jones was in softcore porn when she was younger. She seems to need to go for tune ups for bipolar disorder. What’s the story with these Hollywood starlets? I’m starting to see a pattern of sexualized, exploited, beta sex kitten slaves getting pimped out by Kissinger and the Rothschilds for their sex parties. I have the least evidence for Zeta Jones but I’ll include her in the list.

#9. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Conspiracy Theory

In the movie Conspiracy Theory Mel Gibson is the victim while Julia Roberts plays a justice attorney. I’ve read that Julia Roberts came from an abusive household. She had an abusive stepfather. Maybe it wasn’t Mel’s character that was the victim in that movie. Her brother Eric Roberts tried to get her to talk about it but she’s keeping her mouth shut. She plays the happy hooker in Pretty Woman, the role that brought her to stardom. Most of these stars come from poor backgrounds I can see how the ones from abusive, incestous homes full of trauma get hand picked for stardom and Monarch slavery.

#10. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

People are very familiar with Nicki Minaj’s MPD. She openly admits to having multiple personality disorder. She came from an abusive home with an abusive father. I think the abuse was sexual in nature and that it continues now that she is a star and can influence the youth.


One Monarch star is one too many. If you want to know more read Cathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America.

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Maleficent and Lucifer

Malifecent Lucifer

Lucifer was my only friend for fort days and forty nights. He kept telling me our Father’s cycle of abuse and violence had to end. Now that we are in the End Times my Father’s anger has increased tenfold. He wants to kill a third of us. Read revelation 9.

Shiloh Monarch

Here is little Shiloh chasing a monarch butterfly. Is Angelina a mind controlled slave?

Maleficent complains about “muh wings”. That’s all Lucifer complains about since he was cast down on 9/11.


Maleficent Wings

Let us pray for Lucifer.

“Flammas eius lúcifer matutínus invéniat:
ille, inquam, Lúcifer, qui nescit occásum.
Christus Fílius tuus,
qui, regréssus ab ínferis, humáno géneri serénus illúxit,
et vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum.”

Which translates:

“Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind,
I say: Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated,
Christ is your son
who came back from hell, shed his peaceful light and is alive and reigns in the world without end.”

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Angelina Jolie vs. Henry Kissinger

Jolie vs Kissinger

“In my womb, I carry my Avenger!

B52 Vietnam

Dr. Kissinger vaporized hundreds of thousands of Cambodians and Viets with b52’s in Cambodia and Vietnam and got the Nobel Peace Prize.

Pax Thien

Peaceful Sky and Maddox. Maddox was the destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin incident that sparked the Vietnam war. This is why Angelina Jolie adopted the Vietnamese and Cambodian kids.

Angelina Maddox

Kissinger oversaw the killings in Cambodia from Grand Alpina lodge in Switzerland.

Killing Fields

Burma (now Myanmar) and Cambodia do not allow any masonic
activity on their territory. It is remarkable that General U Ne Win in
1962 came to power in a coup d’etat in Burma and in 1974 introduced
the masonic favourite political system – socialism – and at the same
time closed all the lodges. Burma has since become the world’s leading
producer of opium and heroin.

When the Indo-Chinese Communist Party seized power in all of
Vietnam in August 1945, the financiers of Wall Street were pleased.
The conservative French head of government, Charles de Gaulle, who
felt a certain responsibility towards Vietnam as a former French
colony, intervened, and in September 1945 he tried to overthrow the
communists in the southern part of the country. This irritated the
United States that demanded that France interrupt its actions to get
rid of the communists in January 1946. France was forced to
recognize the “democratic” People’s Republic of Vietnam.
As the communist terror intensified, the French government
ignored Washington and in December 1946 initiated new attempts at
overthrowing the communists. The French were so successful that in
1949, the Republic of Vietnam was established in the southern part
of the country, ruled by the Emperor Bao Dai. But the French
expeditionary units failed to remove the communists from the whole
country. The French surrendered in 1954, after the fall of the jungle
fortress Dien Bien Phu. In accordance with the Geneva agreement,
France was made to withdraw its troops from Vietnam, which was
then divided. The freemasons abolished the empire in the south in

The US Saigon Military Mission moved more than one million North
Vietnamese to the south in 1954-55. 957 000 were flown to South
Vietnam. Hundreds of thousands were persuaded to walk. They
lacked food and money and therefore turned into gangs of bandits
who stole what they needed, while being susceptible to the red doctrine,
which was created and served to them by the super-capitalists
together with their poverty. American “political experts” called these
bandit gangs “rebellious forces”, who should be fought. This
transport operation was related by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, former
head of special operations, on Radio Free America on 13 April 1955.
Beginning in 1955, the United States was delivering arms to the
Republic of Vietnam in order to “stop” the spread of communism in
Asia, according to the programme signed by President Truman in
1950. The freemasons wanted to begin to fight against problems they
themselves had caused. They wanted war in Vietnam.

In 1961, communist activities intensified. The United States sent
300 military advisers to Vietnam. The year after, they sent 10 000.
On 20 December 1960, the communists founded the FLN (the National
Liberation Force). Their aim was to take back the territory lost to the
French. The Soviet Union gave them all conceivable assistance.
Communist aggression against the Republic of Vietnam began in
August 1964. A day or so later, a gigantic fraud was enacted in the
Bay of Bac Bo, aimed at giving the United States a reason for entering
the war (the Gulf of Tonkin incident). The American destroyer
Maddox opened fire on a stormy and empty sea, with no enemy ships
The next day, the plan was to retaliate against North Vietnam,
even though the destroyers never suffered an enemy attack.
This was told by the fighter pilot Jim Stockdale, who was present at
the time.

As early as 7 August 1964, President Lyndon Johnson got the
authority from Congress to use American troops against the communist
attack. In March 1965, American troops landed in South Vietnam.
In the autumn of 1965, the United States involved other
countries in the conflict.

In spite of an ever-increasing American presence, the communists
kept pressing further south. At the end of 1968, 543 000 American
soldiers were fighting in Vietnam. According to the Soviet-Estonian
encyclopaedia, Soviet support to the communists in the north
covered 70 % of the cost of war. In 1973, Moscow announced that
this was not due for repayment.

The United States merely intended to extend the conflict, and US
played a foul game. Robert McNamara (CFR), Kennedy’s secretary of
defense at the beginning of the Vietnam War and later head of the
World Bank, openly admitted that the United States never really
tried to win the war. It was a disaster for millions of people.
When the communists seized Saigon, the Secretary General of the
Vietnamese Communist Party, Le Duan, said that the standard of
living in South Vietnam must be lowered. He stressed that the people
in the south had “achieved a standard of living too high for the
country’s economy”. This would mean the opposite of a happy and
civilized life. In January 1977, there were already 200 000 political
prisoners in Vietnam (Paul Johnson, “Modern Times”, New York,

On 18 March 1969, pressurized by President Richard Nixon’s
Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, the United States launched an
attack on Cambodia with B-52 bombers from high altitude in order to
“demolish the NLF bases” there. Each of the planes dropped some
thirty tons of bombs. The intensive bombing went on for fourteen
months. More sporadic attacks continued until 15 August 1973, when
the US Congress pushed through a stop. In total, 540 000 tons of
bombs were dropped on Cambodia.
In his book “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” (2001), the journalist
Christopher Hitchens presents evidence that Kissinger is liable to
prosecution for the instigation of murder in Santiago (Chile), Nicosia
(Cyprus), and Washington D.C., war crimes in Vietnam, the bombing
of Cambodia, massacres in Bangladesh in 1971 and as well as genocide
in East Timor in 1975. This has not yet been done.

Prince Norodom Sihanouk was no longer able to control the
situation in Cambodia, where many areas had become effective bases
for the communists. General Lon Nol subsequently carried out a coup
d’etat, overthrowing Prince Sihanouk with the help of the CIA on 18
March 1970. In April of that year American and South Vietnamese
troops were let into Cambodia to “save the country from communism”.
In this way, Lon Nol, who had appointed himself “marshal”,
forced “the Khmer Republic” into the war in Indo-China. Close to two
million peasants fled to the capital, which already had one million
inhabitants. The Finnish investigating commission estimated that
American warfare in Cambodia had cost the lives of at least 600 000
people. In May 1970, American troops entered Laos as well.
The American military equipment for Lon Nol’s regime was insured
by the national Soviet insurance agency (Gostrakh), according to
Chinese sources (“Soviet Foreign Policy: Social Imperialism”, Chinese
Embassy, Helsinki, 1977, p. 10). The same source states that Czechoslovakia
manufactured arms for Lon Nol in a factory inside Cambodia.
At the same time, Peking supported the Red Khmer, while Moscow
stood behind the Vietnamese red terrorists, who according to Gary
Allen, also received arms from the United States.

Soon, many of Lon Nol’s supporters realized that they had been
shamelessly used, and joined the democratic movement behind
Sihanouk. Thus the communist Pol Pot Kmae-kroh movement was
helped to power on 17 April 1975, indirectly by the United States
and directly by China. Pol Pot (actually Saloth Sar) renamed the
country Kampuchea (the original name Cambodia was taken back
after the fall of the communist regime in 1989). This was the
beginning of an unequalled reign of terror. On the Thai border were
6000 men belonging to the khmer-serei guerrilla, which represented
democracy. They did not receive any aid from the United States. On
the other hand, 25 000 Red Khmer terrorists continuously and
secretly received Western aid, according to a British documentary,
“Cambodia the Year Zero”, by the Australian journalist John Pilger.
Between 1975 and 1979, some two million people were killed in
Kampuchea (of a population of eight million), under the motto of Pol
Pot: “Keep them – no gain. Exterminate them – no loss. We will burn
away the old grass, so the new will grow.”

The operation had been planned two years before by a group of
ideologists belonging to the political lodge Angka Loeu (The Higher
Organization). Their aim was to implement all communist Chinese
principles at once (in China itself it took 25 years). Everything from
the past was to be destroyed and annihilated. Angka Loeu consisted
of a score of intellectuals (teachers and bureaucrats). Of the eight
leaders (Khieu Samphan, May Mann, Ieng Sary, Nuon Chea, Son Sen,
Pol Pot and others), five were teachers, one a university professor,
one an economist and one a bureaucrat, according to Paul Johnson.
All had studied in France in the early 1950s, and there become
members of the French Communist Party and freemasons, learning
from the leaders of the Martinist Order that the use of violence was
good for society, a “truth” eagerly propagated by the radical leftwing

Kenneth Quinn, of the US State Department, had received information
about the plans of Angka Loeu, and wrote a report about the
planned mass murder, dated 20 February 1974 (“Political Change in
Wartime: The Khmer Krahom Revolution in Southern Cambodia 1970-
74”, American Science Association, 4 September 1975). The plan
stated that “individual members of society must be mentally reconstructed”
and that “the traditional foundations, structures and
forces, which have shaped and governed the life of an individual
must be torn down, using terror and other means”. After this, the
individual would be “rebuilt in accordance to party doctrine,
replacing old values with new ones”. This reeks of freemasonry. The
American leadership did not intend to interfere with such a plan. One
does not to disturb one’s masonic brothers when they follow international

The carnage in Cambodia began on 17 April 1975, when the Red
Khmer, young indoctrinated peasant soldiers entered the capital
Pnomh Penh, the home of three million people. The violence began
at 7 a. m. with attacks on Chinese shops. The first murders were
committed at 8. 45. At 10 a. m., the soldiers opened fire on everyone
they saw in the streets, in order to cause panic, so that everyone fled
the city.

All hospitals were evacuated. Rockets were fired towards any
house showing signs of movement. In the evening, the water was
turned off. No officers were in sight. The intellectual freemasons who
had planned these evil deeds, to build a society without cities or
money, did not appear. The Red Khmer took the women and small
children to the killing fields.

All ties of friendship were banned. Only dark clothes were allowed,
brightly coloured clothes were regarded as expressions of individualism.
This was typical of the masonic humanism that spread from France
to other parts of the world. The leaders of the Revolution (all freemasons)
had declared, in 1793: “We will rather turn all of France into
a graveyard than fail.” (Guy Lenotre, “The Mass Drownings in Nantes”,
Stockholm, 1913, p. 157) Compassion with the victims was
regarded as criminal (ibid, p. 153). The masonic leaders wanted to be
rid of the royalists and the enemies of the people, whom they regarded
as “superfluous mouths”. Among the victims were women and
children. The mass drownings in the Loire River were called “floods”,
and were organized by the Common Welfare Committee (13 members,
all freemasons).

The Red Khmer had learned much from this “revolutionary” terror
imposed on the French by Jewish freemasons.

In April 1976, the leader of Angka Loeu, Khieu Samphan, became
head of state and was replaced as chief of government by another
fanatic middle class “revolutionary”, Pol Pot.

Pol Pot often had his victims buried alive. He gave orders to
torture 20 000 women and children to death. In all, 90% of the intellectuals
were murdered. The Red Khmer even assaulted villages in the
neighbouring countries. On 28 January 1977, the Red Khmer killed
the inhabitants of three Thai villages, before burning their houses,
according to a Reader’s Digest article of January 1979.
Khieu Samphan admitted to an Italian journalist in August 1976,
that one million “war criminals” had died, according to Paul Johnson.
In a quick invasion the Vietnamese forces defeated Pol Pot, and
occupied Kampuchea on 25 December 1978. On 7 January 1979, a
new regime was installed under Heng Samrin, who received Soviet aid
(with the help of the United States). On 11 January the People’s
Republic of Kampuchea was proclaimed.

The Red Khmer continued to receive aid from the West. During the
following years, Pol Pot was still supported by the United States and
China as well as their allies, among them Thatcher’s Great Britain.
Although the Red Khmer had ceased to exist in January 1979, its
members were still allowed to represent Cambodia in the UN.
In 1981, the high-ranking freemason Zbigniew Brzezinski, President
Carter’s national security adviser, declared: “I encouraged the
Chinese to support Pol Pot.” He admitted that the United States “turned
a blind eye” to the fact that China sent arms to the Red Khmer
via Thailand (John Pilger’s article “They Supported a Mass Murderer”).
This was the same Brzezinski, who in 1979 had openly admitted
that “the world is changing under the influence of forces ungovernable
by any government”, according to Paul Johnson.
Pol Pot’s activities in exile had been secretly financed by the
United States since January 1980. The extent of this aid – 85 million
dollars between 1980 and 1986 – was shown by a letter to the US
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The CIA ensured that
humanitarian aid went to the Red Khmer bases. Two American aid
workers, Linda Mason and Roger Brown, later reported: “The US
government insisted that the Red Khmer should receive food…”
(John Pilger)

Following American pressure, the World Food Program sent food
valued at 12 million dollars to the Thai army, to be delivered to the
Red Khmer. “Between 20 000 and 40 000 of the Red Khmer soldiers
received this aid”, according to Richard Holbrooke, who was an
assistant secretary of state at the time. The food convoys were paid
for by the Western governments.

The senior officer of the Red Khmer prison camp was the notorious
mass murderer Nam Phann (the right hand of Pol Pot), known to the
aid workers as the Butcher.

The former Deputy Director of the CIA, Ray Cline, paid a secret
visit to the Red Khmer operative headquarters. Cline was at the time
President Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser.
Until 1989, Britain’s role in Cambodia remained secret. Simon
O’Dwyer-Russell, foreign correspondent of The Sunday Telegraph,
revealed then that British SAS units trained Pol Pot’s units. They
were all veterans of the Falklands War, commanded by a captain.
Later on, Jane’s Defence Weekly reported that this kind of training
had been taking place at secret bases in Thailand for more than four

Pol Pot was assured by his masonic masters that he would never
have to face charges of crimes against humanity. This promise was
officially made in 1990. The UN presented a “peace plan”, in which
all mention of genocide had been omitted.
The UN Commission on Human Rights voted down a resolution
dealing with “atrocities of a genocidal character, committed in particular
when the Red Khmer were in power”. The prime movers behind
this concession were the United States and China. The UN commission
decided that its member states no longer would “trace,
arrest, deliver or prosecute those responsible for crimes against
humanity in Kampuchea”. Governments were no longer
underobligation to “prevent those responsible for acts of
genocide in 1975-78 to return to power”. This is not what they say of the Nazis.
The Peking gangster regime, together with the US and British
governments, supported Pol Pot’s soldiers and supplied them with
modern arms, which enabled them to execute their raids of terror
into the country from neighbouring Thailand.
On 25 June 1991, the British government finally admitted that the
SAS had secretly trained Pol Pot’s “resistance movement” since 1983.
The Guardian wrote that “the SAS training was a criminally
irresponsible and cynical political act”.
When the Red Khmer were welcomed back to Phnom Penh by UN
officials, the Australian general John Sanderson, in a filmed interview,
refused to condemn the Red Khmer as responsible for the

A Cambodian lawyer pointed out: “All foreigners who have been
involved must be put on trial… Madeleine Albright, Margaret
Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George
Bush.” His ambition was to prosecute them and make them explain
to the world why they had supported the Red Khmer. But that is not
likely to happen.

In 1998, Khieu Samphan asked his countrymen to forget the past
to enable the country to look forward. The Western masonic leaders
would also feel better, if Cambodia failed to come to terms with its

CIA used the confusion around the Vietnam War as a cover for
large-scale drug trafficking wholesale from the so-called golden
triangle. This was revealed by Professor Alfred W. McCoy in his
thorough investigation, “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the
Global Drug Trade” (New York, 1991). The drugs were sent to the
United States inside the bodies of dead soldiers.
Meanwhile, Wall Street had decided that all of Vietnam should be
delivered to the communists. This intention was announced by President
Richard Nixon on 22 January 1969. He called it “vietnamization”
of the war. In August 1969, the United States began to

withdraw its troops, while Wall Street at the same time increased its
aid to the communists, who were using Cambodia and Laos as their
bases. Laos was in the hands of the communist Pathet Lao.
On 29 March 1973, the US brought its last troops home from
Vietnam, and in April 1973 all of Vietnam was communist. A dreadful
reign of terror began, which the Western press has kept quiet about.
With the help of Moscow, communist Pathet Lao took all of Laos in
June 1975. On 2 December 1975, Laos was declared a people’s democratic
republic, ruled by “proletarian dictatorship”.
Soviet sources (among them the Soviet-Estonian Encyclopaedia)
admitted that the Vietnam War was a “collision between two different
world systems”. This was exactly what Wall Street had in mind.
In Vietnam, 58 022 Americans died, while 300 000 were wounded and
2300 went missing. In addition, two million Vietnamese died, and
554 000 boat refugees invaded the neighbouring countries. The cost
of the war was at least 150 billion dollars.

Due to its useless economic system, Vietnam began a national
programme of growing and selling opium to pay its debts to the
American banks. This was revealed by a defected politburo member,
Hoang Van Hoan, with the help of classified documents. In 1984,
Vietnam’s foreign debt ran to 3 billion dollars (Wall Street Journal, 8
March 1984). Mao Zedong also delivered drugs to the Mafia in the
United States (Asian Outlook, Taipei, January 1973, p. 13).

Kissinger depopulation

Dr. Kissinger has been very active in depopulating the third world. He was the architect of the Ethiopian famine in the 80’s.

Jolie Zahara

This is why she adopted the Ethiopian girl.

Ethiopia Famine

ETHIOPIA FIRST on NWO 13 Nations Hit List, Kissinger’s 1974 Food as a Weapon.

Famine and Starvation are Wanted in Ethiopia by the Regime in Power and its Foreign Backers

By Zeleke WA

October 6, 2008 — Once again, a substantial number of Ethiopians are under the treat of widespread famine and starvation. Despite the occasional denials expressed by the Meles Zenawi regime for some sinister reasons, the Western media have played an important role in disseminating this news throughout the globe. Reports coming from different sources indicate that while more than six people per 10,000 die every day due to starvation, at least 10 to 14 million are at risk of starvation and malnutrition. Ethiopia is known to have faced recurrent famine and starvation of major magnitude in the 5 decades. The prevalence of such calamities in the country in the early 1970s resulted in the death of more than a quarter of a million Ethiopians. Analysts declare that this situation has played a role in the downfall of the last Emperor, Haile Selassie. During the 1984 and 1985 famous famine, which brought us the group We are the World, more than a million people starved to death. This scenario, in turn, contributed to the eventual ousting of the then ruler of the country, Mengistu Hailemariam. Experts predict that unless the current widespread famine in Ethiopia is brought under control in time, the country will be worse off than 20 years ago. The implication of this is that if unchecked, the situation could lead to a more serious problem that can even affect the stability of the Ethiopian society and integrity of the country. From the above account, it is clear that famine and its consequences are getting worse and worst in Ethiopia with subsequent regimes ruling the country.

Ironically, until recently, Ethiopia was often said to be the breadbasket of Africa. Given the rich natural resources of the country as determined by its location, size and topography, this may be true even now. Ethiopia has many rivers and lakes covering its lowlands, plains and highlands which are endowed with diverse and mostly suitable weather and soil conditions. The country has more than 6,500 species of higher plants, making it one of the most diverse floristic regions in the world. A substantial number of these species are endogenous. Consequently, Ethiopia is ranked among the top 12 Vavilovian centers of the origin of domesticated crops and their wild relatives, and as such, has significantly contributed to the richness of the world’s botanical and agricultural biodiversity. While a variety of domestic and wild animals are known to be found in Ethiopia, the country is also the home of the largest number of livestock population in Africa. Some of these animal species are also endemic.

Compared to previous regimes, the current regime in Addis Abeba is considered to be the darling of the so called developed countries led by the US. Besides having been supported by the US and UK for the take-over of power in 1991, the regime has been getting billions of dollars in the form of economic assistances. The regime being aware of the causes and effects of famine from past experiences, and armed with the rich natural resources of the country and the financial tool from donors, it is appropriate to ask why it has allowed the current famine-related sad situation to prevail in the country. Also, why is it that countries that donate “assistances” to this and previous regimes keep on doing more of the same thing instead of looking for alternative approaches that could bring about a durable solution to the problem of famine in the country? As discussed below, the most likely answer to these questions is that neither the Zenawi regime nor the donor countries are interested in curbing famine and starvation in Ethiopia. On the contrary, both seem to promote the recurrence of this devastating human condition in the country without much of concern.

As stated above, the present regime assumed power in Ethiopia in 1991 by ousting the Derg, and the US and UK governments were instrumental in facilitating the transfer of power. Since the regime was not supported by the majority of the people, many Ethiopians believe that it was imposed upon them by the foreign powers. Proving this contention, the regime has been hostile to the Ethiopian people across the board since it took power. Every effort made by the people to replace it by a democratically elected government has encountered severe resistance from the regime, usually with fatal consequences. One of the methods employed by the regime to crash the will power of the people for democratic reform is the creation and promotion of famine and starvation among the population. This approach goes along with fact that starving people are incapable of fighting for their rights. The following are some examples that can illustrate the case in point.

Lands are owned by the regime, depriving farmers from having plots that they need to produce enough crops and animal products for themselves and others. This problem is believed by many to be the major cause of famine, starvation and poverty in Ethiopia.

Other needed materials for agricultural production, such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, are also under the control of government-affiliated organizations, providing another opportunity for the regime to have direct control over the productivity and fate of the farming population.

Quite for sometime, the regime has been hiding the existence of famine and starvation in Ethiopia from the rest of the world, thus becoming an obstacle for the flow of desperately needed assistances (ie., when available) to the country.

In most cases, assistances given by the outside world through government agencies for famine prevention or alleviation are not made available to the needy population. Such assistances are often diverted by the regime for other purposes (eg., training security personnel and purchasing military equipment) to enable it to keep the population under dictatorial rule, while at the same time exposing them to the risks of starvation.

The US, being as powerful as it is, has a significant influence of one kind or another on the foreign policies of its peers in the North/West. This implicates that many countries in the developed world may follow at least some of the policies of the US towards developing (Third World) countries such as Ethiopia. Thus, the policies of the US towards Ethiopia and other countries of similar status with reference to famine and starvation can be said to reflect the policies or attitudes generally entertained by other developed nations. These countries, by the virtue of their powerful situate in many areas, have undeniable influences on not-well-to-do countries like Ethiopia.

Records documented by William Engdahl and several others show that US core foreign policy towards Ethiopia was set firmly in 1974 with Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) submitted to President Richard Nixon. Kissinger had the posts of National Security Advisor and Secretary of State during the Nixon Administration. The NSSM 200 document cites population growth in strategic, raw-material rich developing countries as a US national security threat. Since that time, control of economic and population growth in these countries has been adopted as a US national security concern of the highest priority. Apart from Ethiopia, there are twelve other countries targeted by the NSSM 200 as a potential threat to the US. Accordingly, a major policy of the US towards potentially-rich, fast-growing developing countries has remained to be the imposition of mechanisms that significantly cut population growth. In the NSSM 200, Kissinger also implied that famine might be an effective way to reduce population. Reiterating this policy, he remarked that the US and other donor countries would not be likely to provide necessary food export or aid to the afflicted places in these countries. Reflecting Kissinger’s policy, his Cabinet colleague, Earl Butz, who was Agriculture Secretary, in 1975 stated, “Hungry men listen only to those who have a piece of bread. Food is a tool. It is a weapon in the US negotiating kit.” The US also ensured that its population control policy was adopted as an official policy of World Bank, IMF and the UN. Accordingly, all World Bank and IMF aid to developing target countries was tied to their willingness to accept population control policies dictated by the US. Observers comment that in relation to this policy of the US, every key country has been subjected to major social, economic and military upheaval since 1974, and Ethiopia is one of the victims.

While the population control policy was implemented by all possible means available at a given time space, a more effective way of implementing it has always been sought. Genetic engineering in world agriculture, especially in target developing nations was accepted as a highly promising option for this effort in the 1970s. This decision gave rise to a greater development and promotion of genetically modified crops. These crops are by-products of splicing genes from one species into the DNA of another species in the plant kingdom. The advancement of this technology has been fueled by the possibility of the patenting of life forms for commercialization. Since the recognition of this possibility, numerous patent applications for genetically modified crops have been filed by a handful of companies, the majority of which are US-based (eg., Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Arch Daniel Midland). The acquisition of such patents gives companies sole ownerships on genetically modified products and all the benefits associated with them. However, as it has become clearer more recently, the technology is mostly fraught with unknown and possible disastrous consequences for health, environment and even the economy. Despite this shortcoming, a few companies and their collaborators have master-planned to control world’s crop production and food supply using this technology. If and when this possibility is realized, US’s policy of population control in the key developing countries is expected to come into effect more subtly and efficiently. While this approach has indirect negative effect on the economy of the targeted countries in a number of ways, the technology is designed primarily to provide a more direct benefit to the Western/Northern elites controlling the operational system and the companies involved in the process.

Considering the specific case of Ethiopia with regard to genetically engineered crops, the overall picture looks like what is described below briefly. Reports indicate that for more than 2 decades there have been aggressive efforts by the US government and affiliated companies to introduce genetically modified crops into Ethiopia. This has been come into effect through the implementation of systematic and often very cruel approaches. Not less frequently, the highly publicized famine in the country has been taken advantage of for this evil purpose, in addition to what has been mentioned above. Concurring with the US policy described in the MSSN 200, critics also point out that the presence of famine in Ethiopia is wanted by the US and affiliated agri-biotechnology companies to promote the use of genetically modified crops more effectively, and this is perpetuated under the pretext of a number of deceptive excuses.

To pave the way for the proliferation of genetically modified crops, the IMF and World Bank policy towards Ethiopia has weakened the peasant economy and caused impoverishment of millions of Ethiopians. As described by Professor Michel Chossudovsk of Ottawa University, this policy has allowed the agri-biotechnology corporations to appropriate traditional seeds and landraces, in the meantime peddling the adoption and promotion of genetically modified seeds behind the seen in the name of emergency aid and famine relief. Following the regulation of the WTO, corporations also possess the leverage to manipulate market forces in their favor as well as obtain royalties from farmers. The WTO rules have also provided corporations some kind of legal support to dismantle state programs, such as emergency gain stocks, seed banks, extension services, and agricultural credit to plunder the peasant economy and elicit the outbreak of periodic famines. The following example from Professor Chossudovsk’s article published in Avizora illustrates how this destructive process carried out by the combined efforts of governments, the private sector and international institutions works.

“… kits of GMO seeds were handed out to impoverished farmers with a view to rehabilitating agricultural production in the wake of a major drought. The GMO seeds were planted, yielding a harvest. But the farmers came to realize that the GMO seeds could not be replanted without paying royalties to Monsanto, Arch Daniel Midland et al. Then the farmers discovered that the seeds would harvest only if they used the farm inputs including the fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide, produced and distributed by the biotech agribusiness companies. Entire peasant economies were locked into the grip of the agribusiness conglomerates. With the widespread adoption of GMO seeds, a major transition has occurred in the structure and history of settled agriculture since its inception 10,000 years ago. The reproduction of seeds at the village level in local nurseries has been disrupted by the use of genetically modified seeds. The agricultural cycle, which enables farmers to store their organic seeds and plant them to reap the next harvest has been broken. This destructive pattern- invariably resulting in famine- is replicated in country after country leading to the Worldwide demise of the peasant economy.”

Contrary to what has been publicized, since millions of Ethiopians have also been driven into starvation in the most prosperous agricultural regions of the country, drought, grain shortage or scarcity of food is not necessarily the cause of famine, hunger, poverty or social destitution in Ethiopia. In fact, climatic conditions and other natural environmental factors are believed to play only minor roles in this regard. This observation implies that the introduction of genetically modified crops is not the right approach to find solutions to the famine or food problem of the country. In fact, as pointed out earlier, it worsens the situation in a number of ways, as originally intended by its promoters.

The favorable circumstances created through the influence of the US government, the IMF, World Bank and similar organizations have allowed the agri-biotechnology companies to gain control over the Ethiopia’s seed bank, potentially “knocking out” the original and rightful owners, the Ethiopian farmers. In addition, the country’s extensive and unique reserves of traditional seed varieties, including teff, barley, sorghum and chick peas, have been appropriated, genetically modified, and patented by the foreign agro-business companies. The implication of this measure is that while Ethiopian farmers, in the long-run, may lose their own native seed resources, they may be forced to pay for the benefits of foreign companies who have patented and selling the same species in the form of genetically modified crops. Being as attractive as it is for every interested foreigner, it is likely that the process of genetic manipulations of Ethiopian unique plants is going on widely both inside and outside the country with the ultimate objective of private ownership and replacement of the native plants. What is more disturbing is that the current regime ruling the country is in full collaboration with the foreigners who perform this very dangerous venture behind the back of the Ethiopian people. For instance, the TPLF-owned company (run solely by the elites of the regime), Ethiopian Seed Enterprise, is engaged in seed business in Ethiopia in partnership with foreign companies, by appropriating publicly-owned agencies/companies whose services had been vital to the majority of the Ethiopian farmers. The TPLF-owned company is also believed to function as a distributor of genetically modified seeds (together with related chemical like hybrid resistant herbicide) to smallholders, in collaboration with the US’s Pioneer HI-Breed International and others. In this connection, it is also worth mentioning that, contrary to the beliefs of almost all country leaders and experts in Africa, Meles Zenawi is in support of the promotion of genetically modified crops in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa. This view of Zenawi goes along with his desire to ascertain the support he gets from the West, led by the US, and his plan to promote famine and starvation in Ethiopia in order to weaken possible greater public challenges against his regime.

From the aforementioned it is clear that famine and starvation are wanted to prevail in Ethiopia by the current regime ruling the country and its backers in the Northern/western world. As long as the country is controlled under the present system of administration, it is unlikely that it will get out of this problem in the foreseeable future. If this situation is not altered favorably in time, there is the possibility of the problem will lead to a more serious calamity that may disrupt the basic survival mechanisms of the Ethiopian society and even the integrity of the country, which may be difficult to be reversed later on. It is up to the Ethiopian people to appreciate this magnanimous problem that they are facing now and take the necessary challenges to make change happen in their favor before it is too late.

The writer is a biomedical scientist residing in the US. He can be reached at

Angelina Jolie Crimes of War

Her children are a crime of war. So far they are the three horsemen of war, famine and death. Will Angelina adopt another child when pestilence breaks out and make it four? . It looks to me like Angelina is an MK Ultra slave and Kissinger is her handler. The children of light guide her adoptions. Kissinger and the forces of darkness accepted her into the CFR so they could be closer. Dr. K’s days of MK Ultra pimping may be behind him. He’s been looking fat and frail. We at the UN must get Kissinger before he dies.

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Illuminati Analysis of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Lara Croft’s father writes in a note to her: The world will be in great danger, with a secret society known as the Illuminati, devious dangerous men who seek to fulfil an ancient prophesy….” [00:32:30]

Tombraider Illuminati Note

Lara finds her Father’s note in a book by William Blake. Lara Croft: “To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour. William Blake.”

The painting “The Ancient of Days” by WIlliam Blake:

Blake Ancient of Days

It depicts god measuring the world from a sky bound position with a compass (a well known Masonic Symbol).

This painting by Blake leads us to the modern day Illuminati:

Rockefeller Ancient of Days

On top of the entrance to 30 Rockefeller Center there is an impressive art Deco frieze. It depicts the Ancient of Days holding the Masonic compass with his right hand and it has a quote from Isaiah:

Isaiah 33:6 – And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure.

There is also another relief in Rockefeller Plaza revealing which prophecy the Illuminati want to fulfill:

Rockefeller Isaiah 2:4

They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nations will not life up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Maitreya Nairobi

This is the prophecy I will fulfill. I, Maitreya, the World Teacher. The voice of the United Nations.

Let’s take a look at Blake’s Last Judgement:

Blake Last Judgement

This is me at my desk at the UN. This is not Jesus. This is me, Maitreya. I am the true messiah.

Let’s look at Blake’s Whore of Babylon:

Blake Whore of Babylon

This is Angelina Jolie. She is the true Whore of Babylon not Madonna. Madonna is the false Whore of Babylon.

Jolie Crying

Girl, Interrupted (1999)


Lisa: You know, there’s too many buttons in the world. There’s too many buttons and they’re just- There’s way too many just begging to be pressed,they’re just begging to be pressed,you know? They’re just – they’re just begging to be pressed, and it makes me wonder, it really makes me fracking wonder, why doesn’t anyone ever press mine? Why am I so neglected? Why doesn’t anyone reach in and rip out the truth and tell me that I’m a fracking whore, or that my parents wish I were dead?

Blake’s Woman and the Red Dragon:

Tombraider Dragon

This is Angelina Jolie. She thinks she is the woman who will give birth to the man who will rule the nations with an iron rod. Shiloh:


Angelina thinks she was pregnant with Shiloh, the new messiah promised in the Book of Genesis. That’s why she is turning her daughter into a boy. She wants a transgendered messiah.

Genesis Shiloh

I think she is putting alot of pressure on the girl. Nobody can be Shiloh except Maitreya. I am the teacher. Not Jesus not Muad D’ib not Kanye West not Lucifer either. Maitreya means teacher. They are building a statue of me that will last a 1,000 years in Asia. This is to fulfill the prophecy of the 1,000 year reign of peace in the book of Revelation.


Who is Maitreya?

“Maitreya Buddha is the embodiment of loving-kindness. Throughout the entire universe, peace comes from the good heart, from loving-kindness.

— Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of Maitreya Project

Maitreya’s name is derived from the Sanskrit ‘maitri’ meaning ‘universal loving-kindness’. Infinitely compassionate and all-knowing, buddhas teach by their words and example in order to guide us along the path to our own spiritual maturity.

“Everyone can make a connection with Maitreya Buddha, so that even if one does not become enlightened during this life time, when Maitreya Buddha teaches one is able to become Maitreya Buddha’s disciple and to become enlightened at that time.”

— Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of Maitreya Project

Un Logo

This is where I spend most of my time. The United Nations meditation room.

Meditation Room

The stone in the middle of the room reminds us also of the firm and permanent in a world of movement and change. The block of iron ore has the weight and solidity of the everlasting. It is a reminder of that cornerstone of endurance and faith on which all human endeavour must be based.

The material of the stone leads our thoughts to the necessity for choice between destruction and construction, between war and peace. Of iron man has forged his swords, of iron he has also made his ploughshares. Of iron he has constructed tanks, but of iron he has likewise built homes for man. The block of iron ore is part of the wealth we have inherited on this earth of ours. How are we to use it?

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Angelina Jolie Mutilates Herself…Again

Jolie Knife

In a New York Times op-ed explaining her decision to have both of her breasts surgically removed even though she doesn’t have breast cancer, Angelina Jolie cited risk numbers as key to her decision. She said that doctors told her she had an “87% risk of breast cancer.” Her solution? Undergo three months of surgical procedures and have her breasts cut out.

Problem solved, right? With her breasts removed, she says her risk of breast cancer is now reduced to a mere 5 percent. The same bizarre logic can also be applied to men who cut off their testicles to “prevent testicular cancer” or people who cut out their colons to “prevent colorectal cancer.”

The sad truth is this is just an expensive act of self harm. Self-harm is often associated with a history of trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and incest, usually in secret. Victims of sexual abuse and incest use self-harm to cope with difficult or painful feelings, but it is only a temporary relief, not a healthy way to deal with the trauma of sexual assault.

Angelina Jolie cuts herself on the upper inner thigh, where nobody will look. Cutting herself with razor blades, or burning herself with matches, becomes compulsive, almost addictive for her.

The media is thoroughly taken with this heroic of act of self harm. I’ve rarely seen them so delirious.

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MK’d Kitten Angelina Jolie’s Bondage Pictures Surface

Angelina Jolie Bondage Pictures

I’d like to give Angelina Jolie the ol’ in out in out real savage. I bet alot of Yahoodie hollywood producers would like to give her the ol in out as well. Old man Rothschild likes his MK-Ultra whores submissive. His favorite time of year is winter solstice. That’s when Strauss Khan likes to come over to Rothschilds mansion for an orgy with his droogs.

Just thinking of an orgy is making me sick. Ahh! I think I’m gonna be sick. Bog help me.

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Breivik: A Strange New Respect

Free Breivik Jolie

My initial reaction to Anders Behring Breivik’s killing spree on July 22, 2011 was largely anger, because I feared that his actions would harm not just Norwegian ethno-nationalism but white nationalism around the world.

I was relieved to learn that Breivik was a product of the Jewish-controlled Counter-Jihadist movement, which eschews racial nationalism and builds a case against the Muslim colonization of Europe on “Judeo-Christian” religious and cultural grounds. I was quite content to let them take the heat. But of course both our enemies and our chosen audience are none too concerned about such fine distinctions.

I also, frankly, took a visceral dislike to Breivik, who struck me as a creepy, narcissistic dork.

However, since Breivik went on trial last month, I have found a strange new respect for him. He has comported himself in a dignified manner and made a forceful, intelligent, well-argued case for his views and actions. His only real gaffe has been to insist on the existence of his make-believe Knights Templar organization.

By the end of the first week, the trial was being pulled from front pages around the world, for the simple reason that Breivik was making too much sense to too many people.

Breivik admits to the killings. But he demands to be acquitted on the grounds of “necessity,” but what it boils down to is ethnic self-defense. Based on news coverage, machine translations of trial transcripts posted on the internet, particularly at Tanstaafl’s Age of Treason and Attack on the Labor Party, and our own Andrew Hamilton’s translation of Breivik’s Opening Statement on the second day of his trial, the rationale for Breivik’s attack and his defense is the following.

The Norwegian Labor Party and its allies in the press are primarily responsible for imposing non-white immigration on Norway and for stigmatizing and silencing Norwegian opposition. The Labor Party has imposed multiculturalism without a popular referendum. Their policies have led to the rape, murder, brutalization, and ethnic displacement of Norwegians by non-white immigrants—crimes to which the Norwegian establishment, including the media, has responded with lies, cover-ups, and psychological warfare against Norwegians, labeling them “racist” and “xenophobic” and denigrating their culture and traditions.

Since, moreover, these non-white immigrants are far more prolific than Norwegians, who are taxed to subsidize the invaders, the long term consequence of the Labor Party’s policies is the destruction of Norwegians as a distinct people.

Although Breivik does not, to my knowledge, use the term, this is actually genocide as defined by the United Nations, which holds that genocide is not merely the outright murder of a people, but the creation of conditions that make its long term survival as a people impossible.

Thus the Norwegian Labor Party and its allies have imposed a genocidal regime on Norway. And if there are any absolutes in the world today, the moral rectitude of resisting genocide is chief among them.

Under international law, the leaders of the Norwegian Labor Party, as well as their collaborators, should be removed from power and tried and punished for genocide. But dissenting voices about multiculturalism are silenced, so rational debate and peaceful political change are impossible. As Breivik says in his Opening Statement:

More and more cultural conservatives realize that the democratic struggle is pointless. It is not possible to win when no real freedom of speech exists. As more realize this in the coming decades it is a short path to the weapon.

When a peaceful revolution is impossible, a violent revolution is the only possibility.

Thus, Breivik planned and executed his attacks.

The purpose of the attacks appears to be fourfold.

First, Breivik wished to punish people in the Labor Party who were responsible for instituting anti-Norwegian genocide. He failed at this, because most of his victims were innocent bystanders, low-level functionaries, and youth activists.

Second, Breivik wished to publicize his 1518 page manifesto, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, a compendium of Counter-Jihadist writings. In this, he was wildly successful.

It is unfortunate, however, that his manifesto was such a vast and indigestible data-dump. If it had been a slender, concise work, like The Communist Manifesto or the Unabomber’s Industrial Society and Its Future, it would have had a far greater impact, because it would actually have been read by far more people.

Furthermore, although Breivik did not expect to survive his attack, he has used his imprisonment and trial to refine his message and garner new publicity. At this, he has been extremely successful.

Third, Breivik hoped to inspire imitators, perhaps even someone who will actually bring into existence the fictional Knights Templar order outlined in his manifesto. To my knowledge, he has not yet succeeded in this aim. But it seems inevitable, given enough time, that others will follow Breivik’s example.

Fourth, Breivik hoped to increase political tension and polarization, perhaps even provoking a crackdown on moderate nationalists, including the various democratic nationalist parties that are actually making some progress in Europe. This, of course, is what I fear the most, and I find it especially galling that Breivik intended this outcome. His rationale is that such a crackdown will radicalize nationalists to take up arms.

But if one is going to polarize the political field in order to empty the middle ground by forcing moderates to the extremes, one needs to give them somewhere else to go—somewhere real, not a fantasy order of Knights Templar elaborated with all the detail one would expect from someone who spent countless hours in online role-playing games. Otherwise, polarizing the field will only lead right-leaning moderates to give up entirely.

Furthermore, the existence of moderate shades of political opinion in nationalist circles actually provides channels of influence bridging the gap between the mainstream and the radical fringe. Radicals can actually utilize this moderate infrastructure to influence and radicalize people who might otherwise be unavailable to them.

Finally, although nationalists today labor under huge handicaps, we still enjoy some freedom of speech and association, and we benefit far more from them than we would from the possible radicalizing effects of a real crackdown.

Even though Breivik is stridently anti-Nazi and anti-Communist, his basic political model shares much with the Old Right and the Old Left. He hoped to create an armed, conspiratorial, revolutionary party (in the form of an initiatic knightly order) as a vehicle for violently halting and reversing the Islamic colonization of Europe.

From a New Right perspective, Breivik’s overall strategy is counter-productive. Our race will not be saved by armed struggle, but by the transformation of consciousness and culture. The Norwegian Labor Party did not come to power by force of arms, but because the New Left laid the intellectual and cultural groundwork. For the New Right to do the same, we need to maintain freedom of speech and association and learn to use the infrastructure of the whole political spectrum to spread our message outward and draw people and resources inward, in a more radical direction.

It is necessary for the New Right to draw a bold, clear line between our approach and Old Right approaches like Breivik’s, because his approach does not complement ours but fundamentally undermines it.

As for Breivik’s rationale for violence, he claims that indigenous peoples have special rights to their homelands, which entitle them to resist invaders with violence. It is a principle of ethnic self-defense. It is true that indigenous peoples have the right to ethnic self-defense. But surely that right extends to all peoples. All peoples have the right to resist genocide by all necessary means, including violence.

Breivik also makes a utilitarian argument, claiming that his acts were justified because he killed today to save a much greater number of people in the future, who will die unless multiculturalism is stopped.

Morally speaking, there is simply no valid argument against political violence per se, particularly in resistance to genocide. The justification of a particular act of violence depends entirely upon whether or not it actually is necessary to serve a moral end.

The weakness of Breivik’s case is not the moral premise, but the choice of his targets: If he had killed the actual leadership of Norway’s Labor Party, or the leaders of the Norwegian press—as opposed to people as young as 14—his defense might actually hold water. It is really shocking that Breivik put so much thought and planning into his acts, but didn’t think just a bit more about his targets. He chose the wrong targets, both from the point of view of their culpability and from the point of view of publicity, of propaganda of the deed.

Breivik was not indifferent to innocent life. But some “collateral damage,” i.e., killing of the innocent, is necessary and unavoidable even in just struggles. Breivik tried to minimize such deaths. His error was in ascribing culpability to young people whose only crime may have been to believe the multicultural propaganda they were steeped in from birth.

The leaders of the Norwegian Labor Party have taken one of Europe’s most homogeneous, harmonious, and happy societies and colonized it with hostile, fast-breeding aliens. Since racially, culturally, and religiously diverse peoples inevitably end up hating and killing one another when forced to coexist within the same system, the Norwegian Labor Party has responded to these tensions by hushing up both crimes and criticism. They created a boiling cauldron of social and psychological turmoil. Then they clamped a lid down on it. Then they were shocked—shocked!—that the whole thing exploded in their faces. First and foremost, Breivik needs to be seen as the inevitable consequence of the Labor Party’s policies.

The establishment obviously wished to use the Breivik trial to stigmatize ethnonationalist sentiments. But Breivik was making too much sense, so they are drawing a veil of censorship over the proceedings. In short, they are doing the very thing that made Breivik’s rampage necessary in the first place. Will they ever learn?

I grew up around a lot of Norwegian Americans in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for being taciturn and reserved about expressing their feelings. I still remember the only Norwegian joke I ever heard: “Did you hear the one about the Norwegian man who loved his wife so much that he almost told her?” Nordics don’t just keep back positive emotions, either. They are notorious for bottling up their anger, suffering in silence until, eventually, there is an explosion and someone goes Viking.

There will be more Breiviks. Of course the multiculturalists will merely blame Breivik for that. But the truth is that Breivik himself was merely a product of the hatred and violence that multiculturalism predictably brings. The Norwegian Labor Party is responsible for all of the violence caused by their policies, including the inevitable violence by Norwegians who get fed up and finally fight back. That includes Breivik. Primarily he needs to be seen as a victim of an evil system. (Breivik, of course, bears some responsibility for his acts. These were not crimes of passion but the products of lengthy, meticulous premeditation.)

Yet in the end, for all of his crimes and mistakes, I cannot judge Breivik too harshly. He is an awakened white man, and those are all too rare. In spite of his errors, he was acting out of loyalty to our people, and that matters a great deal. Yes, he committed crimes. But he committed them out of love.

Granted, when Breivik awakened he fled one form of Jewish ideology for another, namely the Counter-Jihad movement. But the whole reason that such false opposition groups exist is to deceive, deflect, and delay awakened whites. Still, many whites eventually see through them. And, as Breivik’s Opening Statement indicates, since his arrest, his thinking has evolved in the direction of explicit ethnonationalism. Given time, he might even evolve toward a consistent New Right outlook.

Breivik is going to spend many years in prison. If I could whisper to the Norns, this is the wyrd I would have them spin. I hope he continues his intellectual evolution in a New Right trajectory, renouncing violence and emphasizing intellectual and cultural strategies of change (the only strategies that will be available to him, in any case). I hope that he comments on Norwegian and international affairs and develops a following. Surely events in the coming decades will only argue in his favor. More and more Norwegians—and Europeans around the world—would come to sympathize with his outlook.

Eventually, he could become a pundit, a prophet, a guru, a cult figure. Political prisoners definitely have a glamor. People may someday rifle through his garbage for relics. Women will want to bear his children. His face might end up on t-shirts, just like Che Guevara. And when he gets out of prison, who knows, perhaps Breivik will follow the path of rehabilitated ex-terrorists like Nelson Mandela and Menachem Begin. Perhaps he will end up a Prime Minister or a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He would not be the first to have used dynamite along the way.

– Greg Johnson

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Angelina Jolie’s MK-Ultra Movie Salt Deciphered

The movie starts out with the Illuminati Goddess Columbia holding the torch of illumination.

Then Jolie is blinded in one eye like Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

Salt stands for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.

The Jolie-Pitt household is full of BUGS. Not six legged bugs but the CIA type of bugs. I think with the advent of nanotechnology the CIA has undetectable methods of surveillance through microscopic bugs with audio and video.

Oleg Orlov is based on Dmitry Orlov the Russian Jew who is predicting the collapse of the American Empire.

In this scene we have a monarch butterfly. Monarch is the CIA sex slave mind control program. Victims have a beta (sex-kitten) alter ego.

In this scene the ceiling makes a giant eye with a pupil and iris.

Orlov displays the Master’s Ring for the Soviet version of MK-Ultra.

In Salt Lee Harvey Oswald is called a progeny of the Soviet version of MK-Ultra.

Soviet version of MK-Ultra children in training.

Kissing the masters ring. Note the saints in the background.

Leonid Brezhnev was in power during the heydays of MK-Ultra

Probably a Heil Hitler (88=HH) to Sydney Gottlieb the Jewish doctor who was head of the MK-Ultra program in the 70’s.

A young agent Salt after trauma based programming.

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Who is the Good Shepherd?

Angelina Jolie: The Good Shepherd

Angelina Jolie: Bride of Christ or Satan’s whore? What do you think?

In Robert Deniro’s Skull & Bones CIA movie I noticed Angelina Jolie wears a white wedding dress in a lot of scenes. The white dress represents the righteous deeds of the holy ones as written in the book of Revelation. Do you think exposing the Skull & Bones secret society was a righteous deed?

Matt Damon got sexiest man of the year for his role in The Good Shepherd. The movie was panned by the critics even though it is probably the only historically accurate CIA ever made. Matt Damon’s character is based on Edwin Wilson, a CIA agent. I’m pretty positive there is a second agent named Wilson who was also very prolific. I’ll look him up when I have time.

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