Alexander Worship

Alexander De Large

Hi, hi, hi there my little droogies. I’m going to talk to you about leader worship.

Alexander was the greatest leader of all time. The tale of the Gordian Knot is one of the best known stories told about Alexander. The story recounts an episode that took place in 333 BCE during the campaigns of Alexander of Macedon against the Persian Empire. Alexander was advancing with his army across Anatolia and came to Gordion, probably because this was a natural stopping point on the road that led inland from the Aegean Coast towards Ankara (ancient Ancyra) and further east.

Jolie Alexander

While at Gordion, the Macedonian king learned about a special wagon that was situated in the Temple of Zeus. The pole of the wagon was tied to the wagon body with an intricate knot of cornel bark, and a prophecy had foretold that whoever could unfasten the knot would go on to rule over Asia (or even the whole settled world, in one version). Seized by a longing to test the prophecy, Alexander tried to unfasten the knot by unraveling it, but when he was unable to do so, he drew his sword and cut right through it. From this comes the proverbial expression “to cut the Gordian Knot”, meaning to cut right to the heart of a matter without wasting time on external details.


My name is Alex. Girls like me. I’m named after the great Macedonian leader Alexander. These girls they imitate me. It fulfills their rape fantasy. When I viddy a ptitsa i automatically rape her with my eyes. Ever since the government began experimenting on me though, my kurac has been soft. I think the minister put a microchip in my head. I shouldn’t have tested high on the standardized test in elementary skola.

Rihanna Alex

@rihanna Your pictures are not safe for work NSFW. No time for the old in and out love. I’ve just come to read the meter.


When I used to look at your guza in Maxim Magazine I used to feel real horrorshow. Now after they gave me all those vitamins at the Ludavico center I think I’m gonnna be sick.

Alex Tits

ahh, I think I’m going to be sick…i have to look away.

Adrienne Curry Clockwork Orange

This is the girl from America’s Top Model. Adrienne Curry.

Natalia Kills

This is the singer Natalia Kills. She’s very into Clockwork Orange. I’m sure she likes to watch the latest Tarantino ultra violence at the kino. I tried to watch Django Unchained but it made me sick to my stomach.

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Rihanna is Isis

Isis was one of the most powerful goddess in the ancient world, she was worshiped as the ideal mother, the mistress of mysteries and magic and the matron of Nature. The goddess Isis was the first daughter of Geb and Nut the god and goddess of the earth and sky respectively.

Myth of Isis

Isis (pronounced eye’sis), also known as Au Set (“exceeding queen”) and Isis Panthea (“Isis the All-Goddess”), was worshipped in many places including Egypt, the Roman Empire, Greece and Germany. When her beloved Osiris was killed then dismembered and scattered by her brother Set, Isis searched out the pieces and reassembled them. She found all but his penis, which she replaced with one of gold. Through use of her magic and healing arts she brought Osiris back to life then conceived, through his golden penis, the Sun God Horus. When the temples of Isis were turned into Christian churches, Isis with baby Horus on her lap became the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Message of Isis

Isis is one of the most well known and well loved of all the Goddesses. She is the image of the loving mother who would do anything to keep their child safe and secure. Isis tells you that no matter what our age that there are times when we, too need to be mothered. We may spend a great deal of time caring for others and for events in our lives. This may leave very little time and energy for ourselves. Isis tells you that it is okay to take time to mother yourself. You may need to take time from your life to nurture yourself and to love yourself. Isis says that now is the time for you to take time to mother your own spirit. She wants you to heal yourself. The best way to heal yourself is to give yourself the love and attention that can only come from the love of a mother. Isis says that no one ever outgrows the need to be mothered. No one will ever be able to say they have developed beyond the need for the cradling and the comfort of unconditional love, protection and respect.

A Short Guide to Occult Symbols:“Isis Unveiled”
By Carl Teichrib

Symbols are oracular forms–mysterious patterns creating vortices in the substances of the invisible world. They are centers of a mighty force, figures pregnant with an awful power, which, when properly fashioned, loose fiery whirlwinds upon the earth. —Manly P. Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p.356.(Manly P. Hall was one of the most influential occultists of the last century. He was recognized as a leading figure in the quest for mystical knowledge, and is considered one of the greatest Freemasons of the last one hundred years.)

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, “symbol” can be defined as “a mark or character taken as the conventional sign of some object, idea, function, or process.” The New Age movement and the occult–which, in many ways, are one and the same–have greatly employed the use of symbolism. I find it disturbing that while the historical and contemporary “marks” of occultism can be found throughout our modern culture, we no longer recognize their spiritual implications. However, just because the average person doesn’t know the meaning of occult symbols, it in no way negates their significance. As Manly P. Hall stated, “They are centers of a mighty force, figures pregnant with an awful power…” The fact remains, occult symbols have never lost their meaning. Today, New Agers and practitioners of the occult still employ their use, just as mystics have throughout the ages. Part five of this multipart series on occult symbols focuses exclusively on Isis and the cult of the goddess. The reason for this singular look at Isis is simple: throughout history, Isis and various forms of goddess worship has played a significant role in our world’s religious and cultural makeup. Today, goddess veneration is still very much alive and well, and images of the goddess–in various forms–can be identified in every state and province.

Isis: “Queen of Heaven”


Isis is the “divine mother” of ancient Egypt. She was known as the great goddess of magic and “universal nature,” and used her powers to raise her dead (and dismembered) husband Osiris back to life (Osiris was represented as the Sun, he also ruled the underworld). As “Virgin of the World,” Isis birthed Horus, the Egyptian god of the sun and moon, day and night. Metaphorically speaking, Isis is the celestial mother of the Sun (son) of god. It was her son, Horus, who eventually killed Typhon, the Egyptian devil. And, according to legend, Isis–mother of all–remains eternally virgin. She is often portrayed “as the virgin with child,” and is regularly depicted as one crowned with a lunar orb and the horns of a bull. Goddess veneration of the “virgin with child” has been a central belief for various societies throughout history, including some aspects of Christianity. Indeed, many leading occultists see striking parallels between the Mary becomes a “goddess” in the Catholic faith, just as Isis was a goddess in the pantheon of Egyptian deities. And just as Isis was (and still is) called “Mother of the World” and “Queen of Heaven,” so too Mary is now exalted with these same titles. While the Roman Catholic/Isis comparison shows a tangible link between Catholicism and the mystery religions, Mary as Biblically understood shows little connection. Yes, Mary was the virgin mother of Jesus, Son of God, but she never remained a virgin. Mark 6:3 actually lists four of Jesus’ brothers and mentions sisters as well. The Biblical Mary was also sinful. Romans 3:23 makes it clear that “all have sinned”–which would include Mary. The only exception to this rule is found in Jesus Christ (Hebrews 4:15 is one example among many that attests to Jesus’ sinless character). Nor does the Biblical Mary play a direct role in mankind’s salvation, rather, the Bible makes it clear that Christ’s death and resurrection was a completed act. As Jesus Himself said, “It is finished.” He didn’t say, “It’s finished, subject to the continuing work of Mother Mary.” So how is Isis as a symbol used today? While finding an actual statue of Isis may not be as easy as finding the “all seeing eye,” goddess symbols are prevalent throughout America. The great seal of Virginia features the Roman goddess Virtus. The Statue of Liberty is a goddess representation, with her sun-ray spikes an allusion to the headgear of the Colossus of Rhodes, a monument to the Sun-God Helios (interestingly, Auguste Bertholdi, the creator of the Statue o Liberty, was seeking a commission to construct a giant Isis statue holding a torch overlooking the Suez Canal). From the goddess atop the downtown Indianapolis circle monument to the embossed goddess figures Roman Catholic “Virgin Mary”–the “Queen of Heaven”–and the goddess Isis. And the comparison is startling. Presently, Roman Catholicism holds Mary to be eternally virgin, just as Isis was. Catholicism also contends that Mary was without sin, making her into a type of “god.” In fact, there are some who claim that Mary is the “fourth person” within the Trinity. This belief is linked to Catholicism’s claim that Mary now has a direct say in mankind’s salvation through her (Catholic) role of co-redemption and mediation.


Hence, the elevated upon state and provincial legislative buildings, goddess symbols are well rooted within modern America. And now a group of New Agers has started the “Goddess 2000 Project,” which seeks to have a goddess statue or other depiction “on every block.” Internationally, the Fellowship of Isis–an organization “dedicated to honoring the religion of the Goddess in Her many forms”–has chapters across Germany, the United Kingdom, and the US. It’s global headquarters is located in Clonegal Castle, Ireland. Presently, the Fellowship of Isis offers an entire program of correspondence studies, rites, rituals, prayers and degrees to those wishing to advance within the goddess mystery religions. The secret doctrine of Isis, her mysteries and powers are, according to Manly P. Hall, purposely hid from the average person. According to occult sages, properly understanding the spiritual depths of Isis requires initiation, study, and commitment. Hall explains in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, “…the great spiritual truths hidden from the world by the ignorance of the world, and the keys of the secret doctrines of the ancient philosophers, are all symbolized by the Virgin Isis. Veiled from head to foot, she reveals her wisdom only to the tried and initiated few who have earned the right to enter her sacred presence…” The figure of Isis can also be used to manipulate the black arts. Hall states, “The figure of Isis is sometimes used to represent the occult and magical arts, such as necromancy, invocation, sorcery…” Hall continues by linking Isis and the order of Freemasonry, “In one of the myths concerning her, Isis is said to have conjured the invincible God of Eternities, Ra, to tell her his secret and sacred name, which he did. This name is equivalent to the Lost Word of Masonry. By means of this Word, a magician can demand obedience from the invisible and superior deities.” Obviously, the importance of Isis and the accompanying symbolism of goddess adoration is vital to understanding our society’s obsession with goddess worship and the occult in general. In our attempt as Christians to comprehend the roots of the New Age movement, we must be aware that Satan has tirelessly thrust the deities of ancient Egypt upon mankind for thousands of years. Ultimately though, it doesn’t really matter if “she” is called Isis, Diana, Virtus, Cybele, Rhea, or Mother Mary, the concept is always the same–the lifting up of a pagan goddess as a replacement for the true God. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me. — Exodus 20:2-3.

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Rihanna’s Illuminati Tattoos

Rihanna shh

Tila Tequila: Rihanna Has Herpes! – The Hollywood Gossip

Rihanna believes her tattoos show how spiritual she is.

Rihanna Isis

“My tattoos are all spiritual and show how I feel about religion. I have a falcon which is an Egyptian falcon and is supposed to stand for God.”

Rihanna Horus

Rihanna previously revealed she had the Egyptian tattoo – of the goddess Isis, renowned as the ideal mother and wife – in tribute to her late grandmother Clara ‘Dolly’ Braithwaite.

She wrote on twitter: “Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart #1love. (sic)”

The 24-year-old R&B star has also claimed the tattoos are a form of rebellion, just like many other things in her life.

She added: “[I’m] rebellious through my music, through my fashion, tattoos, and my hair.”

Lord Supper

“The Christian myths were first related of Horus or Osiris, who was the embodiment of divine goodness, wisdom, truth and purity…This was the …

Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet. The opening verse of chapter 13 sets the scene for the whole of chapters 13–17. Love is one of the key terms in chapters …

Chris Brown

Did Rihanna give Chris Brown herpes, and is he going to jail for …‎ – 10 Feb 2009

You da one

Rihanna You Da One lyrics : [Intro] You the one that I dream about all day You the one that I think about always You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!

Dollar Bill

Famous People With Herpes – Derek Jeter, Rihanna, Jessica Alba Genital Herpes RumorLiving with Herpes? Join the Best Herpes Dating Site published by P..

Rihanna Reloaded

Can Selenium tablets kill the Herpes virus? – Yahoo! Answers

Matrix Reloaded

Rihanna You Da One lyrics : Ain’t no other niggas like you
No there’s just one, one, one No baby just one, one.

written and coded by Morpheus

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Illuminati Symbolism at the 2012 MTV VMAS

Was it really all that surprising to see this year’s MTV Music Video Awards open with Rhianna sitting inside a snake’s mouth? This devilish diva put on quite a performance with her in your face serpent worship. Green strobe lights shot out of snake eyes while giant illuminated snakes slithered on the background screen. It really was quite a sight, and the message I got was either Rhianna really likes snakes or she was paying tribute to you know who.

Rihanna Snake
Rihanna emerges from a serpent throne.

The word Messiah derives from word Messa (or something like that) which means Serpent. Basically Messiah = Serpent.

Pharoah Serpent
The serpent changes from a Pharoah into a snake in the background.

Numbers 21:9

And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it on a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

Brazen Serpent
John 3:14,15
And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:

Rihanna Serpent
Rihanna with her serpent crown.

The Uraeus is the stylized, upright form of an Egyptian cobra (asp, serpent, or snake), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt.

Rihanna Ank
Rihanna wearing a necklace of Egyptian Ankh’s. She’s dressed in red like the devil.

The ankh is one of the most familiar of Egyptian hieroglyphs. It resembles the Christian cross, with a loop above the transverse bar. Found widely in Egyptian art, the ankh has come to symbolize life after death.

Serpent Pole

“Then they journeyed from Mount Hor by the way of the Red Sea. To go around the land of Edom; and the soul of the people became very discouraged on the way. And the people spoke against Moshe (Moses): “Why have you brought us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and our soul loathes this worthless bread.”
So the LORD sent firey serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many of the people of Yisra’el (Israel) died.

Therefore the people came to Moshe, and said, “We have sinned, for we have spoken against the LORD and against you; pray to the LORD that He take away the serpents from us.” So Moshe prayed for the people. Then the LORD said to Moshe. “Make a firey serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live.”

So Moshe made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent he lived.” Numbers 21:4-9

Marilyn Manson
Manson as a Magician holding the bronze serpent coiled around the silver crucifix. “This is also a reference to the story of Moses fastening a bronze serpent to a pole as a cure for snake-bite when the Israelites were crossing the desert towards the Promised Land. According to tradition, the pole was a T-cross, foreshadowing the Crucifixion. ‘And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life’.

25th Degree
Knight of the Brazen Serpent. (Chevalier du Serpent d’Airain.) The Twenty-fifth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The history of this degree is founded upon the circumstances related to in Numbers ch. xxi. ver. 6-9. “And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died. Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, We have sinned; for we have spoken against the Lord, and against thee: pray unto the Lord that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people. And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it shall live. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole; and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.”

Masonic Temple MTV
If you didn’t already know, MTV has been completely infiltrated by the Illuminati/Freemasons. See it for what it is!

At the right angle the stage makes a pyramid with an eye.

Alicia Keys Satan
Alicia Keys giving the familiar Satanic sign.

Alicia Keys signals the corna Baphomet hand signal used in Satanism.


2012 MTV VMA Taylor Swift Illuminati Occult Hand Symbolism

Taylor Swift Preformed her new hit ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together‘  As she did Taylor  immediately started with the Illuminati Occult Hand Symbols that we have come to expect from these Tools. Here’s the Breakdown of  the Taylor Swift performance of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It really is a shame she turned to the dark side as millions of little girls look up to her. They come on here all the time blowing on us that it’s not true. Sorry but, it is what it is. I’m sure she could get through a performance without holding up Devil Horns but she doesn’t now does she. Bottom line is she Sold her Soul To the Devil for fortune and fame and she will have to pay for that in the near future..

taylor swift vma 2012 2012 MTV VMA Taylor Swift Illuminati Occult Hand Symbols Demon Possession

Here we have Taylor Swift rockin the Devil Horns





taylor swift illuminati1 2012 MTV VMA Taylor Swift Illuminati Occult Hand Symbols Demon Possession

Here we have Taylor Swift rockin the Devil Horns. Again..


taylor swift illuminati 11 2012 MTV VMA Taylor Swift Illuminati Occult Hand Symbols Demon Possession

In this pic shes  flashing the 6 yet again. Taylor Swift must have took hand flashing classes because she was quick which made some hard to catch.


vma2012 taylorswift1 2012 MTV VMA Taylor Swift Illuminati Occult Hand Symbols Demon Possession

Here we have Taylor Swift letting Satan know shes His girl. More Devil Horns


2012vma taylorswift1 2012 MTV VMA Taylor Swift Illuminati Occult Hand Symbols Demon Possession

And Finally we have Taylor Swift Standing in a Pyramid

written by Gokill & Truther & G.I. Joe

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Rihanna & the Illuminati Messiah

Rihanna Israel

Covered up: A demure Rihanna visits the Western Wall.

The 22-year-old singer spent two days prior to her concert touring sites in Israel – one such site was of course the Kotel where she purchased a Red-String Protection From Evil Eye Bracelet. She bought it on the steps in front of the Beit Midrash of the Aish HaTorah world center and made of it a photo opportunity.

Rihanna refused to tell the reporters what she wrote in the note she hid in the Western Wall, saying that it was between her, God and the wall.

So what else is new with Rihanna?
Her new tattoo..

Rihanna Messiah Tattoo

الحرية في المسيح (al-horriya fi al-maseeh)

Yes, it’s on arabic meaning “freedom comes with messiah”
or another translation could be “salvation comes with messiah”


The Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi–or Islamic messiah–is about to appear.

“The Mahdi, of course, is “the rightly-guided one” who, according to Islamic tradition, will come immediately before the end times to battle the evil Dajjal and make the entire world Muslim.

The idea of mashiach (messiah) is an ancient one in Judaism. The Jewish idea of mashiach is a great human leader like King David.

Christians expect him as Christ. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. The Illuminati and Freemasons expect him as Lucifer the Light bringer. Rihanna is fascinated by Lucifer and often makes the devil horns with her hands.

No doubt many, Christians and non-Christians alike will be entertained and fascinated by the special effects and drama of the end of the world.

The headlines say: The End of the World.

Rihanna is our only hope. The only girl in the world. One image…one voice…the only girl on Earth.

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Rihanna and the Aeon of Horus

Rihanna Horus

Rihanna wears a jacket with the eye of Horus on it.

She also performs on a Horus themed stage:

Horus.- He is the Sun God of Egypt of around 3000 BC. He is the sun, anthropomorphized, and his life is a series of allegorical myths involving the sun’s movement in the sky. From the ancient hieroglyphics in Egypt, we know much about this solar messiah. For instance, Horus, being the sun, or the light, had an enemy known as Set and Set was the personification of the darkness or night . And, metaphorically speaking, every morning Horus would win the battle against Set – while in the evening, Set would conquer Horus and send him into the underworld. It is important to note that “dark vs. light” or “good vs. evil” is one of the most ubiquitous mythological dualities ever known and is still expressed on many levels to this day.

Broadly speaking, the story of Horus is as follows: Horus was born on December 25thof the virgin Isis-Meri. His birth was accompanied by a star in the east, which in turn, three kings followed to locate and adorn the new-born savior At the age of 12, he was a prodigal child teacher, and at the age of 30 he was baptized by a figure known as Anup and thus began his ministry. Horus had 12 disciples he traveled about with, performing miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water. Horus was known by many gestural names such as The Truth, The Light, God’s Annointed Son, The Good Shepherd, The Lamb of God, and many others. After being betrayed by Typhon, Horus was crucified, buried for 3 days, and thus, resurrected.

These attributes of Horus, whether original or not, seem to permeate in many cultures of the world, for many other gods are found to have the same general mythological structure.

In the religion of Thelema, it is believed that the history of humanity can be divided into a series of Aeons, each of which was accompanied by its own forms of “magical and religious expression”. The concept of the Aeons was reinterpreted by the English occultist Aleister Crowley (1875–1947), the founder of Thelema, who claimed to have learned it from The Book of the Law, a sacred text he believed had been dictated to him by his Holy Guardian Angel Aiwass in 1904. The Book of the Law is divided into three sections, each of which describes a different aeon.

The first of these was the Aeon of Isis, which Thelemites believed occurred during prehistory and which saw mankind worshipping a Great Goddess, symbolised by the ancient Egyptian deity Isis. In Thelemite beliefs, this was followed by the Aeon of Osiris, a period that took place in the classical and mediaeval centuries, when humanity worshipped a singular male god, symbolised by the Egyptian god Osiris, and was therefore dominated by patriarchal values. The Book also asserted that in 1904, humanity would enter into a third aeon, the Aeon of Horus, which was controlled by the child god, symbolised by Horus. In this new aeon, Thelemites believe that humanity will enter a time of self-realization and self-actualization.

According to Aleister Crowley, an “Aeon of Horus” was soon coming in which mankind would become devoted to self-rights & liberties as we usher in a universal utopia united by a collective consciousness under one rule of law – his Law of Thelema called, “Do what thou wilt”, It is in this way that we would then become gods ourselves.

Of that age, Crowley writes:

“There is no need to develop the ethics of Thelema in detail, for everything springs with absolute logic from the singular principle, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Or, to put it another way, “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.” And, “thou hast no right but to do thy will.”

This formula itself springs ineluctably from the conception of the individual outlined in the preceding section. “The word of Sin is Restriction.” “It is a lie, this folly against self.” The theory is that every man and every woman has each definite attributes whose tendency, considered in due relation to environment, indicate a proper course of action in each case. To pursue this course of action is to do one’s true will. “Do that, and no other shall say nay.”” Aleister Crowley, Chapter – THE ADVENT OF THE AEON OF HORUS, Confessions

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Rihanna: Illuminati Slut

Rihanna Illuminati Princess

In Rihanna’s music video S&M one of the headlines says she is a “Princess of the Illuminati”.

Rihanna Illuminati Slut

One of the reporters also writes down that she is a “Princess of the Illuminati”.

Rihanna Illuminati Slut

The intrepid reporter later writes down in big letters that Rihanna is an Illuminati slut. You think Rihanna would participate in Illuminati orgies like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut? How much would the Illuminati have to pay her? Quite a bit I think. Rihanna is a bad girl. She would do it if it paid enough. Rihanna could engage in the Whore of Babylon ritual where all the elite take turns fornicating with a Hollywood star.

MK Ultra Eyes Wide Shut

REV 17:2. The kings of the earth have had intercourse with her…

The elite prefer beta alter sex slaves and drug mules in their ritualistic Illuminati parties. Rihanna was too old when she was discovered to make a decent multiple personality sex slave. The best she can achieve is a beta (sex=kitten) alter. She does like to be tied up and beaten during sex. She likes to be choked. Rihanna likes weird poop. Maybe she would like to be a monarch. But I don’t think she was young enough to be programmed. She was 16 when she met Jay Z and that is probably too old for trauma to work.

Marilyn Monroe

Mind Control is completely satanic and many Illuminati sluts die. Be careful Rihanna, Illuminati sluts like Marilyn Monroe have a way of ending up overdosed on drugs if they know too much.

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