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  1. Person to PersonThe only way to rid our nation of OB and Communist, Socialist, Godless, and so forth is to put more boots on the gonurd ! – That requires 10 s of thousands of individuals to WALK their wards and precincts and Talk to people with the facts Person to person contact has a much greater impact than all of the political ads put together The vast majority of people DO NOT TRUST ANY INDIVIDUALS RUNNING FOR POLITICAL OFFICE and/or already elected Fifteen to 60 second ads say nothing after the 1st two times, then they become boaring! HOWEVER, Most people will trust and/or at least listen to their neighbors, the common man Many years ago, (45), I was a Precinct Captain in an area that was primarialy Democratic I walked my entire district, which was 80+ % Dem’s It voted 65% Rep. – (Unfortunatly I was the only Precinct that had person to person contact – So we lost) Two boots have a hard time winning Moral Take Part

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