Who gives a poop. There must be someone who gives a poop about these shiny happy people on Rockefeller’s plantation.

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29 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sir,
    Welcome to the huge arena of conspiracy websites and as I behold,this is a great start! I am writing this from -guess!- Iran, Tehran! However I am not Iranian.
    Your views are generally perfect and the descriptions of movie/music stars are eye-opening for those who WANT to learn.
    I want to add an extremely important aspect that is not seen at all in conspiracy websites. This time when you watch these ( as you say “recently Satanic”) music videos/movies look for these signs:
    1- whirling and twisting vortex like things with special music tempo that induces alpha brain waves and ultimately trance so you are ready for…
    2- Every type of OBJECTS THAT ARE THROWN INTO THE CAMERA, and now you are in trance and since subconscious mind does not discriminate real or simulated objects, these things that are thrown right into the camera , (i.e. to your face) create a big trauma because they impact your bare soul without conscious defense mechanisms ( as you are now in trance).
    3- Check how many times in ALL MOVIES, the women are SHUTTING the door/curtain in a man’s face, THROW objects towards a man, SHOUT at men, REJECT men, use GUNS against men.etc. In all movies SINCE THE START OF Hollywood (I have seen this even in Mary Poppins made 70 years ago) the men are miserably begging women for sex or otherwise, and the women are rejecting them continuously. If you find a movie that shows a woman respecting a man’s feelings or desire towards her please tell me!
    I have many other things to say but it is already a large comment!
    Thank you and keep up with the good job.

  2. Thanks for the comment Peter. U will win the war over the Zargos Oil belt. Just like 300 there is a choke point in the strait of Hormuz.

  3. I came across the whole thing about free masonery of which i am interested in so much.There was a time when i was beaten and molested in an argument between the isrealites and the phalestanians, i was for isreal and so i was sacked by my employer

  4. Well done. I am a fan. May I suggest a section for those of us who are not fooled by the illuminati saturated media and culture, perhaps something like “I get it, we’re all fracked – what to do now”.. eh?

  5. KP: there’s not much to be done until things come to a head. Financially, though, do yourself a favour and get out of savings backed by American dollars. The globe is going to dump them as the reserve currency pretty soon. And North Americans without savings in gold, silver or another world currency is f-u-c-ked.

  6. God bless you.this site was very useful for me.I’ve seen ”the arrival” series which can help us to realize what is going on.
    I highly suggest it for you all.but before making any decision just make your mind free from intolerance.good luck

  7. I’m a Zionist and am outraged at the ignorance and closed mindedness of this websites anti-Zionism.

    Can you imagine what America would be like, if all the Jews packed up and moved to Israel? Less frivolous lawsuits, less bias in the media, less political corruption, more business opportunities, more education opportunities, lower rents and better looking celebrities. Hundreds of millions of Amerians would benefit!

    We should encourage Zionism, subsidize one way plane tickets to Israel AND even defend Israel against its hostile neighbors; because the more they resist having to deal with them, the longer we have to deal with them. European society has been burdened with Jewry for too long. Its time for the Arab world to pick up the Jew-tending slack.

  8. please burn up those crap. god is alive in every one of us, luci is a liar a theif a purvert
    btw yall do to church on sundays

  9. I’m gonna bring this site down like Samson brought down the house pushing on those pillars. Then I’m gonna beat you with the jawbone of a donkey until you scream like a woman.

    Down with anti-semites!

  10. How can you move to Israel when it was never yours?…the maps do not lie…Palestine was always there…You guys need to move back to wherever you came from in Eastern Europe.

  11. “We should encourage Zionism and relocate the Jews to Israel which is their home. ”

    according to who? lmao. i love the information put forward by this site, but if thats how you really feel, I guess you still have a lot of learning to do.

  12. Jews need a one way ticket to a real gas chamber. Not the fake ones the communists built after the war to fool gullible goyim.

  13. I have to agree with Visinequeen. Do some deeper study. Khazar Judaism is a good place to start. Otherwise keep up the good work.

  14. I am illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so what the ‘El? It doesn’t matter what you know about ya brother but just yourself!
    You think am joking? Then get your pace! Coz L will be full and you’ll miss a place!
    Think u will b welcomed in Heaven? forget and suite yourself!
    Oh, no heaven no ‘ell die and meet ya fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DOG SI NATAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hope ‘Max Gold’ and his side-kick are satires, because if their not your lot are as good as dead…

  16. In the name of God (Allah)
    We are Muslim
    I am a descendant of Cyrus the Persian Iran
    We look forward to welcoming nothing Nmytrsym even death to go
    We are all ready to fight the enemies of Islam and Iran and the oppressed (the Palestinians)
    We are waiting for Imam Mahdi (AS) recruiting

  17. Damn, why must so many be SO ignorant???

    Look, jews do NOT = israelites and Israelites do NOT = jews…the jews were but ONE tribe of Israel…aka, the TRIBE of JUDAH…that’s just ONE tribe see? there were ELEVEN OTHER TRIBES…get it? So by singling out the “jews” as “special”…well, you completely miss the boat kiddo…do me a favor, read EZEKIEL 38 which talks about the TWO “houses” of Israel which make up ALL the12 tribes…the northern kingdom of Israel (the 10 northern tribes of Israel that went NORTH over the caucassus mountains and basically were known as ANGLO SAXSONS….a derivativeterm for for “Isaac’s sons” …get it? SAXsons = Isaac’s son…so these were Israelites ALSO…not “just’ the jews..

    So, then you have the remaining two SOUTHERN tribes , Judah, and Benjamin who DID return to the physical land of what is presently known as ISRAEL…in the very last days, God will return ALL the tribes , NOT JUST the “jews” (the tribe of Judah) to the land of Israel

    But my MAIN point is, you CANNOT single out the “jews” as “special”!!!!! because ALL of the tribes are “special”!!!…..and that means MOST of the Europe, Britain, US, New Zealand,Australia etc. etc. are true “ethnic “israelites”….but here’s the kicker….

    NO ONE is getting any special seal of approval from God UNLESS you become “born again” of God’s Holy Spirit….in other words, He gives “birth” to you via His Holy Spirit…and I’m not talking about an “illuminated” fake “born again” experience but a REAL “born from the loins of God” born of God’s Holy Spirit experience which is genuine and REAL….not pseudo bulls***t like the illuminati so called “enlightened ones have…nah, more like UNenlightened, they are…they are of the EARTH but God’s TRUE born again children are from above from HEAVEN…Lucy, like he always does, just tried to copy and plagirise the truth of God.

    Anyways…you want to be in God’s good graces?? Get ‘born from above” the REAL way….humble yourself, repent, turn away from your selfishness go thru Christ Jesus and REALLY secure your place in the heavenly kingdom and leave the loser luciferian earth dwellers behind who reject the truth of God for a LIE and worship the creature RATHER than the Creator who is to be forever praised! What LOSERS! Those luciferian ass worshippers!That’s what THEIR “L” stands for. LOSER..NOT chosen, not special but damned!!

    Unless of course they REALLY come into the TRUE light of Jesus Christ…then they will be accepted by God…but they gotta do it His way…He set the example, now ya gotta follow if you want His blessing..

    Eh, maybe SOME will “get” what I write because they have been “chosen” by the Spirit to have “eyes” ( not a single eye but “eyes” plural) to really SEE the Truth. Who is Jesus Christ, as He honestly and humbly told us.


  19. with the fast and transient look in history of humankind we find out that there are 2 groups of people
    which are always against and in war with each other

    Group 1 _ people who stand for – justice – freedom – Equality for ALL humanity – clarity – principle – ethics – DIGNITY
    and this group ALWAYS FIGHTING against
    slavery (new & old ) – fascism – tyranny -communism – anarchism – apartheid – imperialism – Zionism – dictatorship – arrogance …………….

    Group 2 _ blood thirsty – cruel – authoritarian -SALACIOUS – SELFISH and tyranny ……………..

    we are naming some people in groups 1 & 2 . please help me by adding some famous name in history of your
    country and pass this letter to others .

    Group 1 – all prophets like – ADAM – Noah – Abraham – Ishmael – SOLOMON – job – Isaac – Jacob – Lot – Joseph – Job – Jethro – Elijah –
    – Jonah – Zechariah – John – Aaron -Moses – David – Mary – Jesus – Muhammad

    and people like –

    01 – PHARAOH wife
    02- princess Diana
    2- Barabbas
    3 – William Wilberforce
    4 -John Lennon –
    5-Saint Telemachus –
    6- William Wallace –
    7- Geronimo –
    8- Robin hood –
    9- chief Joseph –
    10- Babak Khorramdin –
    11- Mohandas Gandhi
    12- Abraham Lincoln
    13 – John.f.Kennedy –
    14 – Salvador Allende
    15 – Martin Luther King
    16 – Malkom X –
    17- Ho Chi Minh
    18 – Che Guevara
    19 – Ahmad Shah Massoud
    20 – Muhammad Iqbal –
    21- Florence Nightingale
    22 – Khomaini
    23 – Emiliano Zapata
    24 – Pancho Villa
    25 – french & UK national resistance movement –
    26 – palestin resistance movement
    27 – Gamal Abdel Nasser
    28 – Rachel Corrie
    29 – Bobby Sands ( Irish Republican Army )
    30 – Simon Bolivar and ………………………………………

    millions of millions people who got killed for this cause. (independence or revolution or freedom or justice ).

    it is GOD willing that 99% or OPPRESSED people to INHERIT the EARTH .
    and the 1% or OPPRESSIVES are convict to fail . so we dont have to be worry just do our job waking up some more people .

    Group 2 – most of king & emperor in history like

    – nemrut
    – Lot’s wife (disambiguation)
    – nero
    – claudius caesar
    – Julius Caesar
    – king Herod –
    – king Edwards
    – Emperor Tiberius
    -genghis khan
    – Winston Churchill
    – Adolf Hitler
    – mussolini
    -bosh- and………………………………..

    Group 2 ……………………………………………..create a lot of wars not RELIGION .
    please note war is for MONEY or land or SELFISH or DOPEY or INSANITY or………………………………not RELIGION .

    england 400 yers war – english german war – english scotish war – native americans war(100 million indians killed USA HOLOCAUST ) -World War I & 2 –
    mexican war – korean – japanes (hiroshima atomic ) – vietnam – falk land island – philipine – El salvador – Cuban War -venezuela –
    colombia – chile – Argentina – Sudan – Grenada – Somalia – Nicaragua – Iraq -Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland – Palestinian -…..and……………………………………

    please help group 1 in your life time .

    I BELIEVE we should kiss our mom FOOT and our dads hands and be good to our sister and BROTHER & be good to
    our family like aunt , uncle , HUSBAND , wife , BABY , NEIGHBOUR , & all PEOPLE THESE are the most IMPORTANT
    THING in our life and not be CHEATed by POLITICIAN . & love all prophets and GOD that is all .

    ——————wars made by 1% in passed years ——–

    001 NATIVE INDIAN MILLION of them killed by USA army in 300 years ago.
    002 Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    1. WW1 (1917-1918)
    2. WW2 (1941-1945)
    3. Korea War (1950-1953)
    4. Vietnam War (1961-1975)
    5. Operation Urgent Fury-Grenada (1983)
    6. Operation Just Cause-Panama (1989)
    7. Operation Desert Storm-Iraq (January/February 1991)
    8. Operation Restore Hope-Somalia (1993)
    9. Operations in Europe-Kosovo/Bosnia (1995)
    10. Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan (2001-present)
    11. Operation Iraqi Freedom-Iraq (2003-present)
    12. the 1999 bombing Serbia (Yugoslavia). NATO bombing!


    all news and PROPAGANDA is in USA ( 1% ) hands cnn bbc foxnews nbc cbs ……………..

    Friendly DICTATORS backed by USA (1%) in passed years

    These DICTATORS think people as a COCKROACH & MOSQUITO and they should be WIPE from the EARTH
    even THEIR own people .

    1 – Abacha, General Sani —————Nigeria
    2 – Amin, Idi ———-Uganda
    3 – Banzer, Colonel Hugo ————-Bolivia
    4 – Batista, Fulgencio ——-Cuba
    5 – Bolkiah, Sir Hassanal ———Brunei
    6 – Botha, P.W. ———South Africa
    7- Branco, General Humberto ———-Brazil
    8 – Cedras, Raoul ———–Haiti
    9 – Cerezo, Vinicio ————–Guatemala
    10 – Chiang Kai-Shek ——-Taiwan
    11- Cordova, Roberto Suazo ——-Honduras
    12 – Christiani, Alfredo ———El Salvador
    13 – Diem, Ngo Dihn —————-Vietnam
    14 – Doe, General Samuel —–Liberia
    15 -Duvalier, Francois ——————Haiti
    16 – Duvalier, Jean Claude——————Haiti
    17 – Fahd bin’Abdul-‘Aziz, King —–Saudi Arabia
    18 – Franco, General Francisco ——-Spain
    19 – Hitler, Adolf ——————Germany
    20- Hassan II———-Morocco
    21 – Marcos, Ferdinand ——–Philippines
    22 – Martinez, General Maximiliano Hernandez —El Salvador
    23 – Mobutu Sese Seko ———–Zaire
    24 – Noriega, General Manuel ——–Panama
    25 – Ozal, Turgut —————-Turkey
    26 – Pahlevi, Shah Mohammed Reza ——-Iran
    27 – Papadopoulos, George ———-Greece
    28 – Park Chung Hee ———-South Korea
    29 – Pinochet, General Augusto ———Chile
    30 – Pol Pot—————Cambodia
    31 – Rabuka, General Sitiveni —–Fiji
    32 -Montt, General Efrain Rios ——Guatemala
    33 – Salassie, Halie ———Ethiopia
    34 – Salazar, Antonio de Oliveira –Portugal
    35 -Somoza, Anastasio Jr. ——-Nicaragua
    36 – Somoza, Anastasio, Sr. —–Nicaragua
    37 – Smith, Ian ———-Rhodesia
    38 – Stroessner, Alfredo ——–Paraguay
    39 – Suharto, General ————-Indonesiatyranny
    40 – Trujillo, Rafael Leonidas ———Dominican Republic
    41 – Videla, General Jorge Rafael —–Argentina
    42 – Zia Ul-Haq, Mohammed ——–Pakistan
    43 – Zine El Abidine Ben Ali —– Tunisia


    SO LETS DO THE REAL THING THESE ARE ALL POLITIC I BELIEVE we should kiss our mom FOOT and our dads hands and
    be good to our sister and BROTHER & be good to
    our family like COUSIN , aunt , uncle , HUSBAND , wife , BABY , NEIGHBOUR , & all PEOPLE THESE are the most IMPORTANT
    THING in our life and not be CHEATed by POLITICIAN . & love all prophets and GOD that is all .


  20. Heeeey an idea!lets keep what we think in our mind and dont care what satan or islam or..says.u only have at least 70 years to live so use it.frack RELIGIONS it makes humas to fight to each other and u dont even think that we r BROTHERS AND SISTERS
    if u still wanna hate other religins then wait for the third world war-____-

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