Slater is a Chicano

This is my favorite episode of Saved by the Bell. When I go to college I’m going to take Chicano Studies just like AC Slater (Sanchez). Slater is proud to be a member of La Raza. Zach is too white bread to understand Slater.

Zach and Slater almost get into a fight because Slater is a Chicano. Screech acts harmless and zany to try and trick the gentiles, but he is secretly a Jewish vampire ready to suck the blood out of La Raza with his financial pyramid schemes. Soon Chicanos will finish their reconquista of California. Viva Aztlan!

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6 thoughts on “Slater is a Chicano

  1. I would love to take Eva to the tropics with me. I know I’m young Eva but I am the main man in the Bario.

  2. Chicano studies is a poor substitute for classicism. You beaners are even bigger victims of the Jew than whites:

    THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. PROTOCOL XVI. Emasculation of the universities. Substitute for classicism.

  3. I drew a picture of u Eva:


    @evalongoria i’m going to be President of Aztlan when we secede from the United States. U can b my first lady.

  4. Hey Paco you stupid beaner, She only has one eyebrow. You think you are Pablo Picasso you orange selling maggot?


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