Yeezus Illuminates Students

Yeezus Jesus

Kanye gave a class at school to students about the Illuminati. I am writing your good deed in the Book of Life. God bless you my son.

Let us pray:

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son Our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.

He descended into Hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven, and seated at the right hand of God, the Father almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Amen.

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Yeezus Calls Out New World Order


In a guerilla media style production, rapper Kanye West released his new song New Slaves, by projecting a video on the side of 66 buildings worldwide. The method of release is what is making the most news but West more explicitly called attention to the “New World Order” in his song.

This might seem strange to some because the illuminati moniker has been associated with him as well as Jay-Z, but others have thought for years that both were covertly against it.
This is the same person that had the courage to state the obvious about the Hurricane Katrina “rescue”, that “George Bush does not care about black people” live on international television. He stunned Mike Myers, the guy that played the unflappable Austin Powers, Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard.

Of course he is still a jerk to most for the Taylor Swift thing but that doesn’t mean he is wrong. As he says “But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower”, he holds the line.

[Verse 1]
My mama was raised in an era when/Clean water was only served to the fairer skin
Doing clothes you would have thought I had help/But they wouldn’t be satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself
You see its broke nigga racism/That’s that “don’t touch anything in the store”
And there’s rich nigga racism/That’s that “come in and buy more”
What you want a Bentley, fur coat and diamond chain?/All you blacks want all the same things
Used to only be niggas /Now everybody play me
Spending everything on that Alexander Wang/New Slaves

You see it’s leaders and it’s followers/But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower
You see it’s leaders and it’s followers/But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower

[Verse 2]
I throw these Maybach keys/I wear my heart on my sleeve
I know that we the new slaves/I see the blood on the leaves
I see the blood on the leaves/I see the blood on the leaves
I know that we the new slaves/I see the blood on the leaves
They throwing hate at me/Want me to stay at ease
frack you and your corporation/Y’all niggas can’t control me
I know that we the new slaves/I know that we the new slaves
I’m about to wild the frack out/I’m going Bobby Boucher
I know that flower ain’t free/You niggas flower, ain’t me
Y’all throwing contracts at me/You know that niggas can’t read
Throw him some Maybach keys/frack it, c’est la vie
I know that we the new slaves/Y’all niggas can’t frack with me
Y’all niggas can’t frack with Ye/Y’all niggas can’t frack with Ye
I move my family out the country /So you can’t see where I stay
So go and grab the reporters/So I can smash their recorders
Yeah they confuse us with bullshit/Like the New World Order
Meanwhile the DEA/Teamed up with the CCA
They tryna lock niggas up/They tryna make new slaves
See that’s that private-owned prison/Get your piece today
They prolly all in the Hamptons/Braggin’ ’bout they maid
frack you and your Hampton house/I’ll frack your Hampton spouse
Came on her Hampton blouse/And in her Hampton mouth
Y’all ’bout to turn poop up/I’m ’bout to tear poop down
I’m ’bout to air poop out/Now what the frack they gon’ say now?

West said quite a lot while only touching a few facets of the corporate prison system taking over the world.
West is also speaking out against the dark side of the music industry which, whatever label one chooses, exists and that extends to Hollywood as well. The entertainment industry is a tool that powerful interest control because it is used to distract the masses from the grind of a working American life. The apathetic and/or or ignorant mental state of the public allows the shadow governments, criminal syndicates and lone wolves to prey on humanity at large and the criminality is defended by the press that does not cover it.
Hopefully this is a statement of disapproval and non-compliance with the New World Order takeover.
CCA refers to Corrections Corporation of America which may play a role in a jail near you soon. Search the internet for the “Prison Industrial Complex” to learn more. This is a future that will be a result of the coming economic collapse.
There are many articles detailing the litany of cash crops that can be harvested from prisoners. The CIA is a continuous presence in the global drug trade not to mention the corruption in federal and local law enforcement.
For the critics, just don’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

George Bush Sr




Recently, Joe Bidenat at the Export-Import Bank conference in Washington on April 5, 2013.

If you are completely new, this is ultimately the discussion of a technological class system that rules the world that is almost complete. This system may or may not require the death of a billion or 2 people.

Then there’s the big ass granite monument in Georgia that suggests the death of over 6 billion people would be a good thing.
The Georgia Guidestones.

A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

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Additions over the years

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Wow, that thing must have cost more than many Americans take home in annual salary. That’s an expensive joke.
Listen to billionaire Ted Turner discuss depopulation.

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Kanye West is Hell Bent

Kanye West Fire Eyes

Revelation 19:12 His eyes were like a fiery flame, and on his head were many diadems. He had a name inscribed that no one knows except himself.

Kanye West, the messiah, the savior of hip hop, has released a new video for 25 Magazine. He also bought Kim Kardashian Illuminated Jewelry.

Kanye recently performed in a straight jacket. Kim is giving birth to a male baby named “Khrist”. Has Kanye West failed as the new messiah? Is he passing on the crown to his unborn child? Or is he just passing on a form of schizophrenia? Kanye is a 21st century schizoid man. He is having a freeform delusion from a schizoid embolism. Kanye’s mother was killed by the Illuminati and now Kanye is having auditory hallucinations of his mother’s voice. Kanye believes his mother is talking to him from heaven. He believes she visits him in his dreams.

A Short Introduction to Schizophrenia

Adam “was a wonderfully, sweet young man,” his mother said. He was a high school athlete and captain of his team, active in his college fraternity, a good student. He had graduated from college and started working while studying for a professional certification exam when something inside him changed. . . Adam stopped being careful about his personal appearance. He told his parents he suspected them of communicating with each other in secret ways, such as in sign language which he couldn’t understand. He began to hear his mother’s voice in his head and he asked her why she was sending him messages. . . he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Another rapper hearing voices and seeing ghosts is Young Jeezy. In Young Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind” song’s lyrics: “I’m hearing voices in my head/ Think I’m schizophrenic,” he raps.

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Eyes Wide Shut Party Thrown at Sundance Festival

Eyes Wide Shut

With A-list clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Camron Diaz, Tom Hanks, Vanessa Hudgens, Will Smith, Meryl Street, Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spears, Kanye West and many, many others, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is well known as Hollywood’s leading talent agency. Literally dealing with billions of dollars and the most influential people in film, music, television and sports, CAA is a powerful entity in the entertainment industry.

This year, the agency threw one hell of a party during the Sundance festival – one that managed to even shock the Hollywood crowd that was present. The party featured “lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.” According to guests, the party was overtly lewd, pornographic and debaucherous and was described as a mash-up of “Cirque du Soleil and the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.”

While all of this fake sex and drugs is a good indication of the moral standards that are upheld at Hollywood’s higher instances, this is surprisingly not the most disturbing fact about the party. The theme and the symbolism of this event, based on a perverted version of Alice in Wonderland + an Eyes Wide Shut type orgy is nothing less than a celebration of the industry’s Mind Control and sex rituals. As stated in numerous articles Alice in Wonderland is a staple in Mind Control
programming, where slaves are told to “follow the White Rabbit” and “go through the looking glass”. Having an Alice look-a-like (who is a child by the way) performing sex acts on the White Rabbit is the type of sick perversion MK handlers attach to the story. Furthermore, satanic sex rituals à-la Eyes Wide Shut are also used on MK slaves to traumatize them.

In short, CAA’s party is one big celebration of the Illuminati’s entertainment industry, one that is about exploitation, prostitution, drugs, mind control and rituals. Even if everything there was fake, it was an accurate reflection of what truly happens behind the scenes in Hollywood. Here’s an article about CAA’s party from the LA Times.

A bawdy CAA party at Sundance shocks guests, including clients

Creative Artists Agency’s party at the Sundance Film Festival, featuring scantily clad performers and sex toys, provokes a public relations backlash.

PARK CITY, Utah — Parties at the Sundance Film Festival typically feature maverick filmmakers, the best in nouvelle cowboy cuisine and plentiful pours of high-end spirits and Utah microbrews.
But the bash thrown by Hollywood’s powerful Creative Artists Agency on Sunday night took festival revelry in an unexpectedly bawdy direction, as Sundance guests mingled with lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.

For decades, CAA has carefully maintained a reputation as Hollywood’s most meticulous talent firm, but CAA’s leave-nothing-to-chance attention to decorum vanished in that Bacchanalian blizzard on the snowy streets of this mountain resort.
Some CAA clients found the party so shocking that they said it made them embarrassed to be associated with the agency.

“I said to my agent, ‘Is this how you want to brand yourself? Pole dancers? Really?’” said Oscar-nominated writer-director Naomi Foner, who was at the festival with her film, “Very Good Girls.”

And Foner, who is the mother of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, said she didn’t see the sex toys.

“I would have been much more verbal if I had seen that,” said the 66-year-old screenwriter of “Running on Empty.”

The performers were part of a Las Vegas troupe, the Act LV, which was hired by the Mint Agency, CAA’s party planner for the evening.
“The performance by Simon Hammerstein’s The Act LV was more explicit than intended,” CAA said in a statement. “We regret if this created an uncomfortable setting for any of our guests.”

The party planners and CAA had wanted to “wow the crowd,” said Jordan Fogle, the chief executive of the Mint Agency, a Toronto-based marketing and events firm.
The Act LV is known for delivering lewd thrills that toe the line between performance art and impropriety.

“They [CAA executives] were a little bit concerned,” Fogle said following the public relations backlash to the party. “It’s not the image they want to portray — a slutty, trashy image. It’s the antithesis of what they are as a brand.”

CAA’s client roster includes A-list stars such as Will Smith, Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg. It also negotiates deals for Coca-Cola, Dell, Mattel and other top corporations. Its licensing division represents the Sundance Institute, which presents the film festival every January. (Sundance declined to comment about the party.)
The CAA executives on hand included managing partner Kevin Huvane and agents Chris Andrews, Micah Green and Roeg Sutherland.

One ranking agent at a rival firm said the event, first described in a Hollywood Reporter story, was unlikely to trigger a mass client exodus for CAA, although it could compel the defection of clients who were already unhappy with the agency’s work.
In addition to its renown as North America’s preeminent indie movie festival, Sundance long has enjoyed a reputation for scenes of epic partying — a kind of bottoms-up free-for-all for celebrities and movie executives alike that functions something like Hollywood’s annual spring break, albeit in a skiing hamlet where you can’t rent a keg without a temporary beer permit.

The capacity-filled CAA party, held on Park City’s Main Street in the Claim Jumper restaurant, coincided with two other major events thrown by its main Hollywood rivals down the block: William Morris Endeavor and United Talent Agency.
“I thought it would be a tamer burlesque show integrating live art,” Fogle said. “Instead, it was like going down the rabbit hole. It was like an acid trip the whole night.”

Indeed, witnesses described an NC-17 mash-up of Cirque du Soleil and the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” Some 500 guests included an industry crowd of film executives, festival attendees and such marquee CAA clients as Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Evan Rachel Wood and Danny McBride as well as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

One attendee said she was particularly put off by the man in a rabbit costume on stilts.
“He was very creepy, walking very slowly,” recalled party-goer Stephanie Cregger. “He was wearing a strap-on sex toy and a woman dressed as Alice in Wonderland was playing with him.”

CAA client and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Nat Faxon said it was hard to talk about his new movie, “The Way, Way Back,” while two women simulated a sex act on a bed nearby.

“It was difficult,” said Faxon, “to have a conversation about my movie while that was going on right next to you.”

– Source: LA Times
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Menace II Secret Society

Secret Society

By Miranda Johnson

Looks like a few of our favorite artists are giving up a little of the rapping and dancing for some lights, camera, and action. Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, ?uestlove, and are set to star on an episode of “The Cleveland Show” on Fox this fall. The all-star musical bunch will appear in the season premiere “Menace II Secret Society” on October 7.

Whisperings about this episode were first heard last summer when Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland on the show told reporters, “We have an episode where Kanye and, playing himself, and Nicki Minaj, playing herself, and Bruno Mars, playing himself, and ?uestlove—they’re all part of the rap Illuminati, the secret group that controls pop culture.”

The series’ executive producer Rich Appel explained more about the episode’s plot stating, “Cleveland inadvertently breaks into it and then it’s how he will either bring them down or they’ll bring him down,” he said. “We have a couple of original songs with Kanye and Will and Bruno, I mean, all of them, it was great.”

Unlike the rest of the bunch, this is not Kanye’s first time appearing on the series. The rap star, who rocked out Atlantic City’s Revel Resort this past weekend has been featured on several episodes of “The Cleveland Show” playing the voice of an aspiring young rapper named Kenny West. In West’s past episodes he covers everything from battling over his attractive girlfriend to helping rescue a timid little girl from a well.

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Watch the Throne Decoded

Watch the throne cover

The cover of Watch the Throne is a golden pattern not unlike what you would see if you turned on your winamp visualization as you listen to the music. This is because you are sitting on the throne at your desk on your computer. The book of revelation states:

Revelation 4:6 In front of the throne was something that resembled a sea of glass like crystal.

The sea of glass is the computer moniters in front of the millions of thrones all over the world.

Watch the Throne Cross

When the CD cover for Watch the Throne is opened it makes a large golden cross. This reflects Kanye West’s Christian upbringing and loyalty to Christ in Jesus Walks.

Kanye Jay Z Panthers

Jay Z and Kanye are pictured on the inside cover as half man, half panther. This is similar to the video Niggas in Paris with features a panther. Kanye and Jay are niggaz torn between their loyalty to the United States and black nationalist revolution. The inside cover features the angel Lucifer with a communist star on his forehead.

Watch the Throne back

The back cover features another visualization. Using your third eye you can see patterns like this one while meditating. It is the gateway into the fifth dimension. The Illuminati put fluoride in the water supply to stop people from ascending into this higher state of consciousness.

Niggas in Paris Masonic

At the end of Niggas in Paris there is a blue masonic square and compass. This symbolizes Jay Z & Kanye’s acceptance into the craft’s third degree. If Jay Z and Kanye are Freemasons which they deny.

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Kanye West Jokes About Devil Worship, Illuminati Rumors

‘Question … can you devil worship on the new iphone?’ MC quips on Twitter.

By Mawuse Ziegbe, with reporting by Sway Calloway (@realsway)

Kanye West’s latest artistic endeavor, the musically-driven, short film “Runaway,”has been a hot topic among his fans, with #runaway and #askkanye becoming Twitter trending topics after the film’s Saturday night premiere on MTV. Apparently, some viewers felt the project invoked symbolism of the Illuminati, an ancient secret society that has been linked to contemporary conspiracy theories suggesting an elite group of leaders control the world unbeknownst to the general public.On Sunday (October 24), ‘Ye took to his Twitter page to humorously address rumors that he’s a member of the purported society and worships the devil. Apparently, Yeezy has no clue what the society even is.

“I’ve got question about “the illuminati” … what is it exactly ??? … and why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!! LOL,” he tweeted. “Is illuminati and devil worshipping like the same thing … do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for?”

The MC also joked about which new tech gadgets and social media outlets would work for his so-called satanic lifestyle.

“Question… can you devil worship on the new iphone??? LOL!!!” he typed. “What’s better for devil worshipping Iphone or the Droid… Does lucifer return text… is he or she on Skype? Don’t wanna be sexist.”

‘Ye even took a crack at sparking a devil-friendly trending topic.

“#DoyouthinkLucifer uses in in ear monitors or signature Beats by Dre headphones???!!!” Yeezy wrote.

The MC did say he was cool with legendary hip-hop spinner and producer DJ Clue, who’s known for lacing many of his projects with a chant that sounds similar to Illuminati.

“I am down with Cluemanotti though,” he wrote. “That’s my boy.”

Yeezy joked about claims that he’s down with the devil on Twitter, but he has also recently addressed one of his lyrics that may have riled up fans. In a sit-down with MTV News after the premiere of “Runaway,” broke down the meaning of a rhyme from a freestyle he kicked last year that lit up the blogosphere.

“There’s this line where I say, ‘I sold my soul to the devil, that’s a crappy deal,’ and all these people said, ‘What you mean you sold your soul to the devil?’ But when I say it, I’m saying, when I allow other people’s ideals to interfere with what I know is true to myself, that’s the devil,” West explained. “So, it’s like, people talking mess on the blogs is the devil or …trying to call me names, that’s what the devil is. And me thinking twice about what it is that’s really in my heart because of what people’s reaction would be is me selling my soul to the devil.”

The lyricist maintained that he will no longer let others’ opinions stifle his creative expression.

“You’re on earth for only 80, 90 a hundred years,” he said. “I have to create from my dreams, from the dreams I had as a 5-year-old, and use everything — all the greatest people and all the tools I have around me — and ask as many questions as I can to help facilitate and bring this out. And this [film] is one of the first examples of a dream coming true.”

Yeezy isn’t the only hip-hop star to catch heat about a visual supposedly packed with satanic imagery. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz batted away rumors, earlier this year, that the slick video for their collabo “On to the Next One” was riddled with demonic references.

What do you think about the rumors about Kanye West? Let us know in the comments!


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Does Kanye Have His Illuminati Clubs Confused?

Kanye West Eyes Wide Shut

Animal New York / 12th Mar 2010

While some rappers subtly use Illuminati references, Kanye West is taking a bolder approach. Yesterday, the rap diva updated his blog with a clip from Eyes Wide Shut, photos of nude ladies, and the cryptic Skull and Bones logo. Since he didn’t graduate from Yale, he’s probably better suited to push these cats, their secret sex rituals are probably more his (and Amber Rose’s) speed.

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Kanye West’s “Power” and the Aquarian Age

“[The video depicts] an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence and corruption.” – Kanye West

Reference to the Sword Of Damocles

Damocles exclaimed that, as a great man of power and authority, Dionysius was truly fortunate. Dionysius offered to switch places with him for a day, so that Damocles could taste first hand that fortune. In the evening a banquet was held where Damocles very much enjoyed being waited upon like a king. Only at the end of the meal did he look up and notice a sharpened sword hanging directly above his head by a single horse-hair. Immediately, he lost all taste for the fine foods and beautiful companions and asked leave of the tyrant, saying he no longer wanted to be so fortunate

The Sword of Damocles is frequently used in allusion to this tale, epitomizing the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power

Reference To The Age Of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius:

“A man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he goes in” (Luke 22:10; Mark 14:13.) The gospel described the beginning of the Aquarian Age (the one that bears the pitcher of water) as follows: “And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk across an arc of heaven. The sign and signet of the Son of man stands forth in the eastern sky. The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near” (157.29,30.) And the accompanying footnote (within the French edition; our translation) explained: “From the beginning of this age, i.e. from this moment on, more and more people will try to understand the spirit of the Gospel instead of merely following its text. ” (Dan Costian (Ph.D), Bible Enlightened, 1995, p. 254-61).

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