Famous Freemasons: Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner Freemason

It was claimed on Freemasonry BC’s website that Kevin Costner is a Freemason. I recently found a webpage that confirms this. This could explain why Kevin Costner makes apocalyptic movies like The Postman and Waterworld. Freemasons are obsessed with the eschaton and do all they can to fulfill apocalyptic prophecy. Here is an interview from the previous webpage with Kevin Costner’s wife:

ME: Hello, Cindy, it’s so great to interview you.

CINDY: Thanks.

ME: I am just going to ask you a few questions, if at anytime you feel you don’t want to answer one, just tell me, and we’ll skip it.

CINDY: Will do.

ME: Great. Let’s start. This is mostly about any suspicios behavior you have encountered with Kevin Costner.

CINDY: Hmmm…

ME: Do you feel he ever was involved in something more then just show buisness.

CINDY: Whoa. Well, yes. I remember we always had important people calling our house. And I don’t mean important as in Steven Spielberg, I mean the current Secretary of State. I believe he could have very well had some relationship with Ronald Reagon.

ME: Why do you think that?

CINDY: Well, just little stuff. I remember one time, when we were seperated for a bit, we were at our son’s birthday party. And we were watching TV, and Ronald Reagon came on the screen. My son blurted out that he wanted to meet the president for his birthday. Kevin looked at him and said “can do”. I sort of felt it was him trying to be a better parent then me, and getting our son what he wanted the most for his birthday. But, later, my son told he actually met Ronald Reagon. I thought he was joking. Havn’t thought too much about it since now.

ME: Did he ever take you on any meetings, or told you about any involvment in “The Free Masons?”

CINDY: No… The Free Masons? Isn’t that a men’s club or something?

ME: Sort of.

CINDY: I don’t think so. I remember him coming home late a lot. Or going back out around 12 at night. I just thoughT, life of an actor, ya know?

ME: Yep. Do you know what religion he practiced?

CINDY: Um…. I am sorry, I just can’t answer that, can I go?

ME: Sure. Thanks for all your help.

CINDY: No problem


Judgement Tarot

In Field of Dreams Kevin Costner has an encounter with baseball playing ghosts. This is a movie Freemasons must love because it gives an idea of what the Masonic resurrection will be like.

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How does Hugh Hefner get the Girls?

Masonic Steps Hugh Hefner

How does Hugh Hefner get the girls? How does Meryl Streep win all those academy awards? What is their secret? Well, they belong to allied organizations of Freemasonry. Hef belongs to a an organization called Grotto. Streep is a rainbow girl. A masonic organization for girls.

The famous civil rights icon Rosa Parks was one of Job’s daughters. The former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, is part of the Order of Demolay. Famous golfer Tiger Woods is rumored to be a member of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon as was golfer Arnold Palmer. Femme FATAL Lil’ Kim is a member of Eastern Star.

In the words of Prince Hall freemason Biggie Smalls, if you don’t know, now you know.

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Clint Eastwood a Freemason?

Clint Eastwood Freemason

Clint Eastwood gives the sign of the second veil before he dies at the end of Gran Torino. Clint is a confirmed member of Bohemian Grove. I think it’s elementary that he would be a member of the brotherhood.

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Tom Delonge a Freemason?

Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves (AVA) front man Tom DeLonge is a Freemason. He uses the Freemason symbol on his guitar and in a pair of his signature shoes.

Most of his lyrics as of late have been pretty crazy and seem very symbolic. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he frequented this site. I’ve heard countless things about him being into conspiracies. In his recent venture with AVA there are tons of lyrics that point to a very hidden message.

Forget the things that you own
And travel almost anywhere you can go
Dance across the tree-tips, set them ablaze
Soaking in her pleasant warm summer haze
And reaping on her streets and school city blocks
And finding strings on her while you’re skipping rocks
And feeding on her touch, as it will barely keep you alive

Epic Holiday-
Lets start a riot
Nobody’s right
Nobody’s wrong
Life’s just a game it’s just one epic holiday
However far this
Takes us along
Take us away
it’s just one epic holiday.

Hallucinations-And you look real close
Cross the lines and the roads
It is there to decode
What you thought was a ghost
Or a spark to explode
It’s the start of the show
It’s the part you love the most
When your heart will implode within

The Moon-Atomic (…Fragments and Fictions)
I see the crowds their giving way
For some, they’re better off that way
The bombs blew off the shells
Their glowing red at burst
The less there is to feel each night upon the earth


The moon you’ve felt, it has no side
That’s dark like hell, or safe from light
Just blown apart, by wind from stars
With white dust tides to pull on ours..

Soul Survivor (…2012)

So sadly soul survivors
Lost and lonely in open water
Yeah oh

Help Im losing, help Im falling
Life is silent, the earth is calling
Every reason, every nighttime
And every day starts and ends in sunlight
But Im not okay with this vicious cycle
Somethings broken, it seems unnatural

Letters to God Pt.2
And dear God, I found out the same things we learn when We die
I found out the truth is its all a big lie
I find that the words are hard to describe
I tell you Im lost here, awaiting reply
I found out whats wrong, and its not you or i
Or anyone else that you chose tonight
It seems like the madness of choice in the life
Has made it all clear if we run or we hide

Some Origins of Fire

Cars crash through the streets
The west end waves break city heats
The east coast storms fill in the sky
Winter weekends
Cold, unbearable
Lifes so terrible
Shots ring out in blind stellar night time
Town lights come alive like a land mine
Eyes wide up in five second intervals
Unpredictable, lifes a miracle

It’s only the cycle
It’s deafening though
This age old recital is king of all sounds
There is no release, free, we are silently numb
A sole, lonely wave with the weight that’s yet to come

– Ryno@Godlikeproductions

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Famous Freemasons: Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. Knight of Malta

Sammy Davis Jr. is famous for being a member of the Church of Satan. Interestingly enough long after Sammy Davis JR renounced his Satanic worship, he was accepted into the Knights of Malta.

The York Rite

In North America, after completing the three basic ‘blue’ or Craft degrees, a mason can broadly take one of two paths -or both if time and finance allows. One is the York Rite, the other is the Ancient and Accepted or Scottish Rite -the equivalent to England’s ‘Rose Croix’. We are concerned here with the York Rite.

The York Rite comprises three broad groups after the basic Craft degrees. The first is the Royal Arch Chapter and consists of, in ascending order: Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Holy Royal Arch Mason. The next group is the Cryptic or Royal and Select Masters. This starts with Royal Master, then moves on to Select Master and finally Super Excellent Master -which is the 10th degree in the York Rite.

The crowning glory of the York Rite is the group known as the Commandery of Knights Templar. This starts with the Order of the Red Cross, moves on to the Order of the Knights of Malta, then Order of the Knight Templar Commandery. Once you are a Knight Templar, you gain entrance to the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine -if you have the right connections.

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Jesse James: Knight of the Golden Circle

Jesse James Freemason

No, not that Jesse James. Along with Jesse James other members included Jefferson Davis, Bedford Forrest, and William Quantrill (leader of the Confederate guerilla outfit Quantrill’s Raiders, with whom James rode). Some believe the society was created by the notorious Albert Pike, the subject of many a Masonic conspiracy theory. The South did in fact have an extensive intelligence infrastructure and Albert Pike was a key figure in that intelligence network. The only real news here is the claim that Jesse James was a key figure within that intelligence community as well and of course, the business about The Knights of the Golden Circle.

The James Gang’s train and bank robberies, it is claimed, were fundraising operations to finance the activities of the Knights of the Golden Circle, as well as to wreak general havoc with the plans of the Northern reconstructionists. James is also said to have been involved in supplying weapons and training to the Plains Indians, as a means of waging proxy war against the Union Army.

The Knights of the Golden Circle was “the most powerful subversive organization ever to operate within the United States.” (Getler & Brewer, op. cit.) First, they schemed to have Abraham Lincoln elected president, so as to inflame the South and cause secession. Later, their subordinate, John Wilkes Booth, assassinated Abraham Lincoln and with KGC assistance, Booth escaped. (what was behind that?) The KGC did not officially disband until 1908.

According to Norma Cox, in her book, The New Spoilers, she has the 12 charter members of the Golden Circle as including Jefferson Davis, Bedford Forrest, Jesse James, and William Quantrill. Some say Albert Pike was the creator of the Knights of the Golden Circle, but Cox doubts it. “Important to remember about such secret organizations is the fact that only the men at the top know the truth…”
Unfortunately for our tale, The Knights of the Golden Circle are linked to the infamous Ku Klux Klan, an organization responsible for many hateful acts over the years.

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