Mad Max tries to go His Own Way

Max Furiosa MGTOW

Mad Max tries to go his own way in Fury Road but fails when Furiosa uses a kill switch to shut off the war rig. I wanted Max to take the red pill and MGTOW and get out of there but the women kept forcing him to white knight. Max could of made it to the green place on his own but there was no green place. The green place got swallowed up by the desert, which is what is about to happen to California.

Max is crucified to a car and used as a blood bank. The War Boys follow Furiosa into a storm and Max escapes. After the storm he finds Furiosa and Immortan Joe’s harem. Furiosa only has one arm but she can still out wrestle Max. She calls Max a fool. You know what Furiousa? Max went MGTOW after he turned on the water. That’s what I believe. Max is fracked up like that. He had a wife once. He doesn’t want to be tied down again when he could be exploring desert vistas. Max is crazy. He likes the apocalyptic wasteland. He has fun just wandering around.

Immortan Joe is a beleaguered civil servant rationing out water to a thirsty public. An apex alpha male. Furiosa sees him as a symbol of the oppressive patriarchy. She takes Immortan Joe’s harem to the green place of many mothers much to Immortan Joe’s chagrin. They run from Joe only to find wasteland so they turn back with Max looking to take out Joe and find redemption. I’m looking for the Jewish redemption. Only “The One” can give us water without price. The burden of being “The One” has been put on the male child. Women will never understand the pressure put on men because of old prophecies of a male child who will redeem God’s chosen people.

Take your daily dose of red pills and go your own way. Don’t be a disposable War Boy used as cannon fodder for a gyno-centric society. Wait for “The One”. “The One” will free us all.

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