General Bethlehem Tells it Like it is

THE YEAR IS 2013 AND WE SEE A WASTELAND where walks a bearded Kevin Costner, while a news broadcast from the past is playing in his mind. You can hear the announcer saying, “a rise in hate crimes and racially motivated attacks.” He also mentioned the “Holnist army” and then fades away. We are told that we are looking at the Salt Lake Flats, as dead land is all around.

1. You will obey orders without question.

2. Punishment shall be swift.

3. Mercy is for the weak.

4. Terror will defeat reason.

5. Your allegiance is to the Klan.

6. Justice can be dictated.

7. Any Klansman may challenge for leadership of the Klan.

8. There is only one penalty – DEATH

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Famous Freemasons: Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner Freemason

It was claimed on Freemasonry BC’s website that Kevin Costner is a Freemason. I recently found a webpage that confirms this. This could explain why Kevin Costner makes apocalyptic movies like The Postman and Waterworld. Freemasons are obsessed with the eschaton and do all they can to fulfill apocalyptic prophecy. Here is an interview from the previous webpage with Kevin Costner’s wife:

ME: Hello, Cindy, it’s so great to interview you.

CINDY: Thanks.

ME: I am just going to ask you a few questions, if at anytime you feel you don’t want to answer one, just tell me, and we’ll skip it.

CINDY: Will do.

ME: Great. Let’s start. This is mostly about any suspicios behavior you have encountered with Kevin Costner.

CINDY: Hmmm…

ME: Do you feel he ever was involved in something more then just show buisness.

CINDY: Whoa. Well, yes. I remember we always had important people calling our house. And I don’t mean important as in Steven Spielberg, I mean the current Secretary of State. I believe he could have very well had some relationship with Ronald Reagon.

ME: Why do you think that?

CINDY: Well, just little stuff. I remember one time, when we were seperated for a bit, we were at our son’s birthday party. And we were watching TV, and Ronald Reagon came on the screen. My son blurted out that he wanted to meet the president for his birthday. Kevin looked at him and said “can do”. I sort of felt it was him trying to be a better parent then me, and getting our son what he wanted the most for his birthday. But, later, my son told he actually met Ronald Reagon. I thought he was joking. Havn’t thought too much about it since now.

ME: Did he ever take you on any meetings, or told you about any involvment in “The Free Masons?”

CINDY: No… The Free Masons? Isn’t that a men’s club or something?

ME: Sort of.

CINDY: I don’t think so. I remember him coming home late a lot. Or going back out around 12 at night. I just thoughT, life of an actor, ya know?

ME: Yep. Do you know what religion he practiced?

CINDY: Um…. I am sorry, I just can’t answer that, can I go?

ME: Sure. Thanks for all your help.

CINDY: No problem


Judgement Tarot

In Field of Dreams Kevin Costner has an encounter with baseball playing ghosts. This is a movie Freemasons must love because it gives an idea of what the Masonic resurrection will be like.

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