Jim Corr’s Controversial Views

Jim Corr 9/11

Jim Corr holds controversial views on many subjects. On May 30, 2008 Corr appeared as a guest on The Last Word, the flagship current affairs program of Irish radio station Today FM. During the interview, Corr went to great lengths to spell out his opposition to the Lisbon treaty, much of which centres on his contention that the sole purpose of the treaty is to hasten the formation of a new world order, and the eventual subjugation of all free-thinking people by the “cabal of Jewry at the heart of the Illuminati.” Corr proceeded to outline several other controversial opinions which he holds dear, including his “absolute support,” based on “years of selfless, dedicated study of various documents on the internet,” of the false flag conspiracy theory of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

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