Joan Baez, The CIA & MK Ultra

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

Quote from WHO’S NEXT?: CIA Killings of American and British Rock Musicians,1968-1998, by Alex Constantine


Richard Farina: Married Mimi Baez, sister of Joan Baez – to the national security state born. Joan Baez wrote in her autobiography, And a Voice to Sing With (Signet, 1987), that when she was a young girl, “most of the bright young Stanford scientists went off to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the atomic bomb was being developed. My father recognized the potential destructive power of the unleashed atom even in those early days. So he took a job as a research physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.” Cornell was the home base of the CIA’s mind control experiments, and Joan Baez is a self-described survivor of ritual child abuse, which employs a form of mind control, trauma-based programming, a technique perfected by the CIA.

“Soon my father was invited to become Head of Operations Research at Cornell. Exactly what the job entailed was classified information, but he was offered a three-week cruise on an aircraft carrier as an introduction to the project and promised a huge salary. As it turned out, he would be overseeing Project Portrex, a vast amphibious exercise which among other things involved testing fighter jets, then a relatively new phenomenon. Millions of dollars would be poured into the project, about which he was to know little and say less.” Farina, who had married into a CIA family, was killed in a motorcycle crash. According to the sleeve of his last record, “Goldwater was about to win the California primary and the skies were somewhat uneasy.”


Joan Baez
The 33rd of August Lyrics:

Today, there’s no salvation, the band’s packed
up and gone Left me standing with my penny in my
hand there’s a big crowd at the station where
the blind man sings his song But he can see what
they cant understand.

(CHORUS) Its the thirty-third of August and I’m
finally touching down Eight days from Sunday finds
me Saturday bound.

Once I stumbled through the darkness, tumbled to
my knees A thousand voices screaming in my brain
Woke up in a squad car, busted down for vagrancy
Outside my cell as sure as hell, it looked like

But now I’ve got my dangerous feelings under
lock and chain Guess I killed my violent nature
with a smile Though the demons danced and sang
their song within my fevered brain Not all my
God-like thoughts, Lord, were defiled

Why 33rd of August? Was Joan Baez’ father a 33rd degree Freemason?

Joan Baez

You don’t have to play me backwards
To get the meaning of my verse
You don’t have to die and go to hell
To feel the devil’s curse

Well I thought my life was a photograph
On the family Christmas card
Kids all dressed in buttons and bows
And lined up in the yard
Were the golden days of childhood
So lyrical and warm
Or did the picture start to fade
On the day that I was born

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
And I’ve cried Mama, I’m cold as ice!
And I got no place to run

Let the night begin there’s a pop of skin
And the sudden rush of scarlet
There’s a little boy riding on a goat’s head
And a little girl playing the harlot
There’s a sacrifice in an empty church
Of sweet lil’ baby Rose
And a man in a mask from Mexico
Is peeling off my clothes

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
And I’ve cried Mama, I’m cold as ice!
And I got no place to run

So I’m paying for protection
Smoking out the truth
Chasing recollections
Nailing down the proof

You don’t have to play me backwards
To get the meaning of my verse
You don’t have to die and go to hell
To feel the devil’s curse
I’ll stand before your altar
And tell everything I know
I’ve come to claim my childhood
At the chapel of baby Rose

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum

This song seems to be about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Baez has been through.

Joan Baez

Phil Ochs developed a multiple personality. He was a part of a group I called the “Baez Contras” who surrounded Joan Baez. It’s known that Joan was used in C.I.A. mind control experimentation at a very early age. She was subjected to trauma-based programming, which is still in use today in the creation of multiple personalities. If you look at the latest record by Joan Baez, she thanks her multiple personalities on the back of the record. Then you have her friend Phil Ochs, who was equally adamant in his opposition to the U.S. government and covert operations ó and he developed a multiple personality by the name of John Train. It wasn’t until ten years later that the name “John Train” surfaced as a C.I.A. operative working on Wall Street. As a matter of fact, Lyndon LaRouche complained about an agent named John Train who supposedly led him to his present jail sentence. During the 1960s and Seventies, John Train of the C.I.A. had the job of disrupting the Left, which was the sole purpose of Operation Chaos. So how was it that Phil Ochs came to have a multiple personality with the name of an actual C.I.A. agent? We know Phil Ochs was found hung in 1976 and it was his alternate personality that did the hanging that actually assassinated the host personality.

The F.B.I. and C.I.A. came together in Operation Chaos; it was an inter-agency program that drew upon the entire intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government. As I say, it was the largest covert project in American history. She’s admitted in private letters to two organizations for mind control victims that she had been submitted to trauma-based programming as a child. Her father was the head of Operations Research at Cornell University, which is known today as being the home base for all MK-Ultra contracts during the 1950s. [1998] Secret & Suppressed: Alex Constantine by Adam Parfrey

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The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Illuminati Mind Control

by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Here is a remarkable and powerful book. Save it. Copy it., Give it to friends and therapists for compassionate work. You now have in your hands the very tools that can deprogram the dream. Once you know this, and you absorb its implications, you can no longer be blind folded. By reading this, you may be helping millions of monarch slaves . These techniques only work by our ignorance of knowing them. Herein, let us apply the Heart to the mind, and awaken a Middle Way, by infiltrating another piece of the cancer of sleep, as All Is God in Action.


This book is dedicated to the two million Americans and counting who have been programmed with Monarch-type trauma-based mind control. This book is written to destroy trauma-based mind control before it destroys the human race. It’s time for this horrendous secret to end.

Blood, sweat and tears are associated with this book. The blood of the innocent victims of this mind-control cries out in a single unison, along with the pungent sweat of those who have tried to minister help to the shattered humanity left by the sadistic programmers, and the pools of tears shed as this book was written, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, do you not judge and avenge our blood on earth?”


IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE you the reader have had mind-control done to you, you must consider the following book to be DANGEROUS. If you are consulting a therapist for DID (also known as MPD), it is recommended that you consult your therapist before reading this book. The complications that could result for those under mind control learning the truth–could be fatal. The co-authors take no responsibility for those who read or misuse this information.

The reader’s mind is like a garden. It may not be time to plant the truth in your mind. Perhaps you need some weeding or ground preparation, before the garden of your mind is ready. Perhaps the weather is too stormy to plant the truth.

The blessings that flow from planting the information of this book in your mind, will require the presence of living waters of love. If you do not have love in your heart, this book is not for you. The information contained in this book is the biggest news-story of the 20th century, and still the biggest secret. It will challenge you, shock you, horrify you and hopefully motivate you to redouble your efforts to humble yourself and seek strength from God.

The programming procedures which are described in this book are based on research and consultation with deprogrammers, ex-programmers, therapists, counselors and pertinent literature. To the best of our knowledge the statements made in this book are factual, although they may not reflect the latest or currently accepted methodology among each and every faction of the New World Order which carries out Monarch-type programming. This book tends to devote more emphasis to Illuminati programming, which is the highest level of programming.

For individual application in understanding a survivor of Monarch programming, therapists are admonished to use this material with consideration for the Monarch victim’s personal case and situation.

The authors disclaim any responsibility for therapeutic work based upon this material.

Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What They Do, An Illustrated Guidebook To Monarch Mind Control. Both Fritz and Cisco bring years of experience in dealing with Monarch programming to bear on the writing of this book. Fritz has researched the Illuminati, while he has worked with victims of its programming. He has authored The Top 13 Illuminati Families, and several other books.

You can download a soft copy PDF version HERE.

You can buy a hard copy for your library HERE.

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Vicki Polin: Jewish Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor

The following is an excerpt of the May 1, 1989 Oprah Show. Vicki Polin confirms that she was “Rachel.” Yori Yanover sent me this first (5/10/05).

OPRAH: As a child, my next guest was used also in worshipping the devil, participated in human sacrifice rituals and cannibalism. She says her family has been involved in rituals for generations. She is currently in extensive therapy, suffers from multiple personality disorder, meaning she’s blocked out many of the terrifying and painful memories of her childhood. Meet “Rachel,” who is also in disguise to protect her identity. You come from generations of ritualistic abuse?

“RACHEL”, Was Used In Satan Worship Rituals: Yes, my family has an extensive family tree, and they keep track of who’s been involved and who hasn’t been involved, and it’s gone back to like 1700.

OPRAH: And so you were ritually abused.

“RACHEL”: Right. I was born into a family that believes in this.

OPRAH: Does everyone else think it’s a nice Jewish family? From the outside, you appear to be a nice Jewish girl?

“RACHEL”: Definitely.

OPRAH: And you all are worshipping the devil inside the home?

“RACHEL”: Right. There’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my own family.

OPRAH: Really? And so who knows about it? Lots of people now.

“RACHEL”: Well, I talked to a police detective in the Chicago area, and several of my friends know, and I’ve spoke publicly before, and…

OPRAH: So when you were brought up in this kind of evilness, did you just think it was normal?

“RACHEL’: I blocked out a lot of the memories I had because of my multiple personality disorder, but, yes. I mean, it’s like if you grow up with something, you think it’s normal. I always thought something…

OPRAH: So what kinds of things? You don’t have to give us the gory details, but what kinds of things went on in the family?

“RACHEL”: Well, there would be rituals in which babies would be sacrificed, and you would have to, you know…

OPRAH: Whose babies?

“RACHEL”: There were people who bred babies in our family. No one would know about it. A lot of people were overweight, so you couldn’t tell if they were pregnant or not, or they would supposedly go away for awhile and then come back…

“RACHEL”: The other thing I want to point out not all Jewish people sacrifice babies. I mean, it’s not a very typical thing.

OPRAH: I think we kind of know that.

“RACHEL”: I just want to point that out.

OPRAH: This is the first time I heard of any Jewish people sacrificing babies, but anyway–so you witnessed the sacrifice.

“RACHEL”: Right. When I was very young, I was forced to participate in that– in which I had to sacrifice an infant.

OPRAH: And the purpose of sacrifice is to what? Is to bring you what? What are you sacrificing for?

“RACHEL”: For power…

OPRAH: Power. And so were you ever used? Were you ever used yourself?

“RACHEL”: I was molested. I was raped several times.

OPRAH: What’s your mother doing in all of this? What’s her role in all of this?

“RACHEL”: What is– I’m not exactly- -what her role is– I haven’t, you know, recovered all of my memories, but her family was extremely involved. You know, she brought me to it. Both of my parents brought me to it.

OPRAH: And where is she now?

“RACHEL”: She lives in the Chicago metropolitan area. She’s on the human relations commission of the town that she lives in, and she’s an upstanding citizen. Nobody would suspect her. Nobody would suspect anybody involved in it. There’s police officers involved in it. There’s, you know, doctors, lawyers, Indiana chiefs involved in it.

OPRAH: Are you kidding?

“RACHEL”: I mean, it’s not the person, you know, who looks scummy that’s involved in it. It’s someone who looks normal.…

OPRAH: Were you raised with a sense of right and wrong, “Rachel?”

“RACHEL: Yes. I mean, it’s like we, I had both. I mean, to the outside world, everything we did was proper and right, and then there were the nights that things changed, that things just got turned around. What was wrong was right, and what was right was wrong. That’s what helps to create some of theto develop MPD.

OPRAH: Multiple personality disorder.

“RACHEL”: Right, right.

OPRAH: I know a lot of people are shaking their heads here, and I’m sure that when you go back home, I mean, everyone’s going to try to make you look like you’re crazy.

“RACHEL”: Oh, definitely.

OPRAH: Absolutely.

“RACHEL”: They do that all the time.

OPRAH: It’s very difficult to believe, so how is it that you come to believe these people, Tina?

Ms. GROSSMAN: Well, I’ve treated over 40 survivors of ritual abuse. Adult patients with multiple personality disorder, and from many states in this country as well as Canada. What we’ve seen and heard and gone through in the abreactions which is the remembered experiences of that- we are hearing the identical same things from these adults. Okay. These are not children that are three years old, and you can, as an adult, perhaps rationalize that this is fantasy material. These adults are saying things. They have never met each other before. They are describing identical rituals, just the same as, since I’m Jewish, you could go to New York or California and describe a seder in one state or another and, as a Jew, you would recognize it. This is the belief system in evil and the power that evil gives you, and so it has these certain rituals, so they are very similar with all of the survivors.

OPRAH: See, but I am very surprised because the Jewish faith is the Jewish faith. and worshipping the devil is not a part of the Jewish faith. I mean, Jewish people do not worship the devil.

Ms. GROSSMAN: But before there was Christ and before there was a system of one God, there was Paganism- and it still exists in the world, and in many cultures, you still find the belief that there is strength and power in the actual consumption of human flesh or animals’ flesh.

OPRAH: Now in your family. did you all call it worshipping the devil, “Rachel?”


OPRAH: Or did you…

“RACHEL”: I don’t know.

OPRAH: It was just evil. these things you did.

“RACHEL”: It was– right.

OPRAH: Right.

“RACHEL”: Well, I said it was evil, and they said it was good. There’s a book that I had just come across called [Lilith’s Cave: Jewish Tales of the Supernatural by Howard Schwartz, New York, Oxford University Press, 1988] which is a book of Jewish mysticism and supernatural, and there’s a lot in that book that relates to what I endured when I was a child.

OPRAH: I want to stop right here, though. because you know how people build prejudices. I want to make it very clear this is one Jewish person, so don’t go around now saying to people, you know, “Those Jewish people, they’re worshipping–‘. This is just one person. Okay.

“RACHEL”: Most Jewish people do not do what my family did.

OPRAH: Okay. Thank you very much.

“RACHEL”: I mean, I don’t know very many other Jewish people who would do what I did.

OPRAH: But you know how people hear one thing, and then go off and they say, “I heard on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ today that…”

To this day, Vicki stands behind what she said on Oprah (she intentionally twisted some minor details on Oprah to disguise herself and her family.) She now says she can only trace her family back to the 1800s.

If you Google “”ritual abuse” Oprah,” you will see how many anti-semitic websites used Vicki’s appearance as fodder to perpetuate the myth that Jews sacrifice children.

On May 11, 2005, I speak by phone to someone close to Vicki Polin’s family.

This source is someone Vicki likes and respects.

My source says: This is my opinion, but it is the opinion of her family. That the claims were unfounded. I think she was led to make those claims through the investigator she had worked with (Jerry Simendl) who wanted to prove a theory of suppressed memory syndrome. And her therapist Tina Grossman. They had a theory they wanted her to prove and they found her to be a susceptible person to suggestion.

A lot of us have questions we want to answer about our lives. They had a theory that repressed memory is a big thing. As most people of Jewish background would attest, most people who survived the Holocaust saw horrible atrocities too, but they don’t have these repressed memories in the same fashion.

Luke: Vicki claims she had five abortions as a result of being impregnated by her father.

Source: I’ve known Vicki since she was about ten years old. I can’t say that in those early years, I was a best friend of the family, but I’ve been around for a while. Neither I, nor her sisters, saw evidence for that. I don’t think that something like that would be hush-hush.

Luke: She claims her family is part of a cult that goes back to the 1700s of ritual abuse.

Source: Honestly, I think it is all bulls—. She makes accusations about her aunts and uncles as well. I’ve known them for as long as I’ve known her. I never had an inkling that anything like that could’ve been happening. It’s possible that it happened and I was oblivious but [members of Vicki’s family] were they completely oblivious? If they had any clue that something like that could’ve been happening, could they stand idly by? I don’t think so.

We saw the show. There was no mistaking who that person was. I got in the car and went down to talk with her. I said we need to have a cup of coffee. We had a cup of coffee. She completely denied being on the show. I said, I know it was you. I watched the show. She told me all these stories. I don’t understand where that came from. Has she ever given us any kind of proof or validation that it was true? Not one bit.

Luke: Was she a stable girl as a teenager?

Source: As stable as any other teenager.

A sexual predator is obviously a horrible person. A person who sacrifices baby is a whole other animal. She’s made claims in the past that go way beyond sexual predators. I don’t doubt that she believes this.

[Vicki is not a responsible person. A member of her family] said to her pointblank — ‘Give me some evidence. Give me some idea why you said all these things.’ To the best of my knowledge, Vicki never came forward to say this or that. She basically said, ‘This is what I believe. You’ve got to believe it or don’t believe it.’

Luke: Did Vicki confess that was her on the Oprah show?

Source: I don’t know if she ever said yes, but it was an accepted fact that it was.

After that, [her sister] was really pissed off at her. They couldn’t talk without ending up screaming at each other.

I questioned everything. Maybe they are all part of this cult and I was suckered in to provide whatever they need. I did meet with Vicki, Jerry and Tina to find out… In those meetings, they said, we have accounts of this and that. But nothing hard and concrete ever came out. I said, ‘Give me something that I can latch on to.’ Nothing was presented. That’s why I had to dismiss it as not true.

When I was a little kid, I would lie in my bed and stare at my closet door, which was open two-or-three inches. The more I’d stare at it, the more I was convinced that the door would open and the bogey man would come out. Those were the types of answers that I got too — that she feels this way or that way.

Feelings are one thing. They may be right or wrong. We have to go beyond just feelings.

If there was any validity to any of these things, the whole world should know about it. Back in 1989 and 1990, I did all the research I could do and I found that it wasn’t true.

If you talk to leaders of most of the major religions, few of them would condone some of the things she has said as a policy of religion. There are always going to be the goofballs here and there…

Vicki’s definitely a brilliant woman. She knows how to use the system. She knows how to do what she needs to do. She’s not just a flake. She knew how to turn some heads.

Over the past ten years, I’ve had little contact with Vicki. She doesn’t have much contact with [her family].

I told Vicki that if anything she told me was true, I’d divorce my wife and take my kids to the other side of the world. There is nothing more disgusting than that possibility. I pleaded with Vicki – help me save these kids. But she wouldn’t give me anything beyond what we had already heard. She would not elaborate. Just to say that these people are horrible. Did she ever contact me again to say that she was worried about the kids? Not one time.

Unfortunately, I had to keep a close eye for years. I never saw any evidence of that. To the contrary.

But she’s become a watchdog for the community, huh?

Maybe someone who made those claims, got her name out there, got her publicity, be it bad or good, made their place in life, has to live that story, and stay with that story to maintain her credibility. We all do things at an earlier age that we regret…

Luke: Vicki often says she’s on the edge of death with her [health] problems.

Source: She’s been dying for the last ten years. She’s been on the verge of one surgery or another. She’s been about to kick the bucket for a long time. Her claims are always followed up a couple of days later with a request for cash.

Luke: She complains that she needs money for surgery and her family won’t help her.

Source: When was the last time she had a paying job?

Luke: She’s been on disability for ten years?

Source: Forever. If you research Illinois’s public aid and her past record, she is no stranger to the system.

Luke: She knows how to work the system.

Source: She really knows how to work the system. That’s why in our eyes she lost credibility because she knows how to work the system.

On the day she went on Oprah, she got a lot of attention. Was it credible? I don’t know. I asked her specifically. I asked Tina, Jerry. Give me something. They were giving generalities. ‘We’ve done research and we know that these things do occur.’ Well, is it something she experienced or something she fabricated? ‘This is the way she feels.’

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Was Michael Jackson Molested By His Father?

Joe Jackson


Yes, the family talked about it on a talk show


Yes, I saw the show with his family talking about how their father would whore him out to strangers. For the people who flat out say no he wasn’t molested how do you know.

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Mind Controlled Slave Brice Taylor on Michael Jackson

Chapter Twenty-one: The Hollywood Connection

Thanks for the Memories - Brice Taylor

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming up-and- coming talent for television. Bob told me he supported and sponsored the Jacksons, getting them a professional foot in the door. Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room where bright lights were on.

They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each one of them in a lineup. Then they were taken to a different room and dressed in little suits and sent onto the stage to perform. Due to the mind control I was under, I’m not sure exactly where we were, but feel that it was the early days of the Ed Sullivan Show. I watched as Bob, dressed in a grey pinstripe suit and bow tie, with white shoes, shook hands with Ed; and then the Jackson boys went on. They were made into a sensation and famous, on purpose, so that they could be used in the future to influence large audiences.

Bob and his connections knew that all they needed was some talent, make- up, costumes, lights, glitter and lots of publicity. He said publicity was the most important ingredient.

I was just a teenager and Bob said that he wanted me to be present so I could learn the ropes to being a “starlet.” He wanted me to see how it was done and feel comfortable around the stage. I think he just said that as a cover to other people to hide the real reason I was with him – for his and others sexual pleasure.

Bob explained to me how important clothes are to one with a public image to uphold. I had on a short, small, tight-fitting, low-cut, yellow, sheath dress. I did as I was told and wore it along with the gold high heels I was provided.

Bob was often the connection for new entertainment. The Council used his connections for their own interest and got ‘key’ entertainers in place for future use. Many were robots like me. I saw many of them get hurt. I never saw Bob get hurt though.

The Jacksons were hurt; I was witness to their abuse. That first time when they performed, Bob got them onto the show and then we left in the limo and watched from the television inside. He told the driver to drive around until the show was over. Then Bob told me, “See how easy it is to be a star?” And he laughed and pushed my head into his lap for oral sex.

I think most would agree that the inherent love that is part of Michael Jackson’s soul essence shines through for the world to see. In spite of the programming themes in some of the songs he sings, as I was recovering I often held onto the words he sang, the lyrics reminding me, “You are not alone,” when I felt so very alone.

To Michael, I extend a hand and say you also are not alone. Now there is a way out of this insanity.

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Jon Voight calls Roseanne Barr “sick of mind”

Jon Voight Roseanne Barr

Jon Voight’s Answer to Roseanne Barr’s Rant:

We can never be surprised at what vile evil comes from the mouth of a confessed victim of child abuse at the hands of her own parents.

Her parents responded to the accusations by going on the air and stating she is a psychopathic liar and her sister agreed.

Her defaming of our National Anthem in 1990 gave us insight into who she is and what she is capable of saying and doing.

My allegiance to Senator McCain becomes stronger with any assault that tries to deter my loyalty to him.

I can only pray that good people see her for what she is (sick of mind)

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Whistleblowers, Experts & Roseanne Barr to Speak Against Torture & Mind Control

Roseanne Barr

You are invited to a special public presentation from two of the most successful U.S. government whistleblowers, Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips.

Mark and Cathy managed to circumvent the national news media’s blackout on their case with the greatest true life love story of extraction and recovery from the CIA ‘s MK-Ultra mind control project ever told.

The event begins at 7PM at Hollywood United Methodist Church. For more info call [masked] or visit

$20 at the Door

$15 Pre Sale Ticket at the above website

As the issue of torturing individuals held in detention facilities plays out in the news media, two of the most successful whistleblowers are speaking out on how CIA programs such as MK-ULTRA actually involved torturing U.S. citizens, our allies citizens and how these heinous atrocities were allowed to continue under the 1947 National Security Act.

Cathy O’Brien was a White House/Pentagon level MK-ULTRA mind control victim, who claims torture was used on her to fragment her personality to make her forget secrets and criminal covert operations she had been forced to participate in over a thirty year period. “Many of the same criminals in control of the government today were in control of me,” Cathy says. “And they are acutely aware that torture and trauma causes humankind to forget.”

Cathy adds, “Now that torture is finally a predominant political issue, the reality of how it’s actually being used continues to be kept from the public by those in control of the government and corporate media. Those who control information control knowledge, which in turn controls the thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and actions of those they inform.”

What about the argument that torture is justified as a means to extract information? Cathy says, “Considering today’s technological advancements, pharmaceuticals, computerization, and classified mind manipulating weaponry, it’s clear to see that torture is not only archaic, but is actually a diversionary issue from more prevalent forms of mass mind manipulation being used on the human population.”

Cathy was rescued in 1988 by Mark Phillips, a U.S. Intelligence insider knowledgeable on CIA mind-control techniques who acted after he was told by a Chinese Intelligence officer that Cathy and her then eight-year-old daughter, Kelly, were mind-controlled slaves of the U.S. government. Mark says that the super secret technology used on Cathy, Kelly and others is an, “evolved system of remote human physical and psychological manipulation that has only recently been officially recognized by accredited mental health physicians for what it is – absolute mind control.”

Cathy and Mark circumvented the news media’s blackout on their case with the greatest true life love story of extraction and recovery from the CIA ‘s mind control project ever told.

Joining Cathy and Mark will be Dr. Colin Ross, a globally recognized expert on trauma related disorders and author of “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists.” Dr. Ross provides proof, based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained from the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act, that there have been pervasive, systematic violations of human rights by American psychiatrists over the last 65 years. As well, he proves that the Manchurian Candidate “super spy” is fact, not fiction. He describes CIA documented experiments by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and implanting new memories in the minds of experimental subjects. Also scheduled to appear is comedian Roseanne Barr. In addition to being a champion for the rights of abused children everywhere, she was treated by Dr. Colin Ross for DID recovery.

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