Suspicious Deaths: Rowdy Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper Blackface

Rowdy Roddy Piper died two days after defending Hulk Hogan’s racist accusations.

CIA Heart Attack Gun

He was in the movie “They live” which many people said was about Jews.

They Live Jews

He appeared on Alex Jones saying “They Live” was a documentary.

Roddy Piper Satan Hand Sign

Did the Synagogue of Satan kill Piper with the CIA’s heart attack gun? The Ultimate Warrior had a heart attack after he became political. Did they kill Hot Rod? We may never know.

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Peaches Geldof’s Tattoos

Peaches Geldof

Here are some of Peaches Geldof’s tattoos. This is one of an upside down crucifix on her neck.

Peaches Oto

This is a tattoo of the Satanic cult peaches belonged to. The Ordo Templi Orientis.

Peaches Geldof Book Noose Tattoo

This is a tattoo of a book containing occult knowledge. I notice there is a noose in front of it. Maybe Peaches shouldn’t of been messing around with the occult. Now she’s dead at 25.

I’m listening to: ♫Peaches – Presidents of the USA

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Suspicious Deaths: Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings

Was the investigative journalist’s car hacked before he died in a fiery car accident?

UNCONFIRMED: Though one prominent man thinks it might have been

The death of journalist Michael Hastings has been a boon for conspiracy theorists. The Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed writer, who wrote the piece that forced Gen. Stanley McChrystal to resign, died last Tuesday in a fiery car accident in Los Angeles. Even though police have said they suspect no foul play, that hasn’t stopped the typically wild-eyed types from espousing all sorts of crazy ideas about who might have wanted Hastings dead.

Richard Clarke is not wild-eyed. He’s the former U.S. national coordinator for security, infrastructure protection and counter-terrorism. But he’s just thrown a huge chunk of raw meat to those who wish to see conspiracy in every newsworthy event.

Could your connected car get hacked?

Clarke recently told The Huffington Post that Hastings’ single-car crash is “consistent with a car cyberattack.” According to Clarke, “It’s relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car.” Once in, he said, “you can do some highly destructive things,” like brake when the driver doesn’t want to or release an air bag.

He went on to say that a car cyberattack would be nearly untraceable, even if Hasting’s Mercedes hadn’t nearly melted because of the fire’s extreme heat.

Clarke also said that the Los Angeles police weren’t sophisticated enough to determine if Hastings’ car had been hacked. MSN News reached out to the department for comment but has so far not heard back.

In his interview with the Post, Clarke was quick to point out that he wasn’t a conspiracy theorist. “I’ve spent most of my life knocking down conspiracy theories,” he said. Even so, his remarks are no doubt going to add fuel to the fires that are already burning online.

UPDATE: Staff Sergeant Joseph Biggs, who befriended Hastings when the reporter was embedded in Afghanistan in 2008, does not seem convinced that the journalist’s death was an accident. Biggs told Fox News that Hastings, who died in a fiery single-car accident, drove “like a grandma.” He said that Hastings’ latest story was his biggest yet, and involved the CIA. And Biggs also said that Hastings’ fiancée, fellow journalist Elise Jordan, vowed to “take down whoever did this.”

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The Untimely Death of Lamya

The World Tarot

Lamya, #1 on the World Music Charts!

Lamya Al-Mugheiry was a Kenyan-born, British female R&B and dance music singer. She is of Omani descent. She sang back up for Duran Duran. She had a hit single called Empires.

Lamya World Music

I remember watching her on the television during the Bush administration. The song was really subversive for the time. It spoke of a new age without the American empire.

Lamya died under strange circumstances. She died from a heart attack. She was only 35 years old. The album she was developing was called Hidden in Plain Sight. Anyone familiar with occult and masonic symbols knows this phrase. The heart is a masonic symbol.

Masonic Symbols

I really thought her death was suspicious when I first heard the name of her album and her age. Who dies of a heart attack at 35? Imagine if a muslim singer reached super stardom in the West during the war on terror? I don’t think the powers that be could have such a subversive singer in the media. Maybe she had a rare disease or maybe she had a CIA induced heart attack. Anyways, it is suspicious so I’m filing this under Suspicious Deaths.

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