Sade Soldier of Love Interpretation by Judah

When I saw that Sade was coming back out, I was suspicious but I decided to wait because she is a very sublime artist both lyrically and visually. People have to understand that the top artists in music coordinate album releases and video imagery based on their belief in esoteric and pagan theologies, predominantly Hindu and Buddhist worship of the “heavenly bodies”. Therefore they re-emerge based on planetary alignments and times that bear astrological significance. This is why their albums MUST come out on dates like “9/11″, “3/1/10″, etc. In this video there is more of the “Saturn” theme that has been so popular with artists since Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” video. Even her name, “Sade”, denotes the planet Saturn because Saturn’s ominous planetary movement through the constellations of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces is known as the “SADE sati” in Hindu astrology. Her fans and those without understanding will say that “Sade” is an abbreviation of her African name, but it is what it is lol. The video has the same theme as many of Rihanna’s recent videos, which is having the artist play the “drill seargeant” i.e. prepare the easily duped for spiritual war and revolution to restore their “king” to his throne, Saturn a.k.a. Satan. She is a “Soldier of Love”, meaning that she fervently believes in the god of this world, because in esoteric teachings, the belief is that Satan “loved” mankind, which is why they believe he taught mankind of the tree of knowledge thus “liberating” mankind from God’s Laws. Notice that Sade’s first big hit was the single “Your LOVE is KING”. The still image used to represent that song was her dressed in all-black, holding a “King of Spades” (the “spade” represents death) playing card.

The start of the video has someone shining a light in the darkness (illuminating the masses), and then Sade speaks about how she has lost the use of her “heart” (meaning she has lost the full knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that she had when her god, Saturn, was in power). As someone else already noted, the “pale horse” of Revelation the 6th. chapter makes a cameo, as it did in the Beyonce “Sweet Dreams video”. In the scriptures, the “pale horse” represents the so-called white man given the power to rule for a dispensation of time under the authority of Satan. This is why the “pale horse” is the emblem of the elite group, the “Lucis Trust”, but that is another topic. In this video; the pale horse represents her lover, her King, Saturn a.k.a. Satan. She attempts to lasso the horse (re-consummate the relationship they had) until she can ride the horse, meaning rule as a queen in his kingdom i.e. the New World Order. She reiterates the phrase “wild wild west” because in the eyes of the illuminated, they are in a dark age in which they are surrounded by the masses of people that have no understanding. In other words, this land is a barren wasteland due to the lack of knowledge. They must “shine the light”, which is subliminally teach the people of the tree of knowledge. At 2:40 of the video, the white man approaches her (representing Satan, as the white man should lol), she refuses his advances until he takes off her veil, and then they come together i.e. she “dances with the devil”. After her dance, she is transfigured and her outfit changes to a shining silver. She has been illuminated. She pledges her devotion to her lord and awaits his return. In the meantime, she will continue to “train her soldiers”, meaning push satanic doctrines and imagery through her music. At the end she lets off a shot to the sky to imply that she is killing the Most High.

— Judah

Sade White Horse

I think Judah’s interpretion is incomplete without mentioning the white horse of revelation. The white horse is a symbol of the Council on Foreign Relations not the Lucis Trust. Sade sees herself as a female messiah as she rides a white horse to conquer as a soldier of love. Sade has a connection to Saturn in hindi but it also has a hebrew origin. Sade is a the eighteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. The word Sade means to capture.

–GI Jew

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