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The Black Horse and the Big Short

Big Short Header

Brad Pitt makes his big stock deal in the Black Horse Pub. He tells his partners that the future is in seeds not money. The black horse represents famine in the apocalypse. Bill Gates has a vault full of seeds he’s hedging for the end of the world. Buy your own seeds goldbugs. This is the year of the Shmitah. If you can’t go short the smartest thing to do is buy seeds or gold. I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is and buy a seed vault. You should too if you have a yard. End that lawn and start growing food this spring my golden friends. If you put the seed in your mouth for a few minutes before you plant it the saliva will tell the plant what minerals and vitamins to absorb to give you vibrant health.

The Repulsive Roseanne

Roseanne Burnt Cookies Heeb

Roseanne is repulsive. I have had enough of her lies. She claims to have been Satanically abused by her parents. This is a big lie. Roseanne’s dad is a fine upstanding member of B’nai B’rith. We are fraternal brothers. I give all my brothers cash for gold. You can have cash for gold too. When we have enough gold we will build a Jerusalem of gold. David De Rothschild will rule over the goyim as Moshiach. Roseanne is against this. She wants some sort of Utopia. She is having trouble accepting David as Moshiach. Can’t you see woman? David is Jesus.

Rotten Roseanne is against centralized banking she calls it a swindle. How dare she. David is doing God’s work financing the War on Terror through the Federal Reserve. What would we do without the Federal Reserve? The Fed is the backbone of America’s prosperity. We need the Fed.

Roseanne you should concentrate on being a good baleboste like you were on your show. You should stop kvetching like you are some sort of conspiracy maven. Leave the ranting to Alex Jones. Stop being a yenta and help DJ when he gets his schmekel stuck in his pants zipper. These are all goals a Jewish woman can aspire to. Remember Roseanne, if DJ was circumcised it would of never got caught in his zipper. This is the proof of the superiority of Judaism.

This Land is Mine

The list of peoples:Caveman, Canaanite, Egyptian, Assyrian, Israelite, Babylonian, Macedonian/Greek (Alexander the Great), Macedonian/Greek (His successors), Ptolomys, Seleucid (Rome: Total War anyone?), Macabee (Along with a priest), Romans(the Caesarian dynasty), Byzantine(which was the Eastern half of the Roman Empire prior to fall of Western Empire), Arab Caliphate, Crusader, Mamluk of Egypt, Ottoman Turks, Arab, British, Palestinian, Zionist, PLO, Israeli, Hezbollah/Hamas etc., Death

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