G.I. Joe Predicts Monsanto Frankenfood

Cobra Commander Bean

Plot of this 1985 Cartoon: When the Joes and COBRA find out that the nitrogen fuel that was stolen from the Joes can also “fuel” the growth of fruits and vegetables, they begin to do battle for the fuel, in a landscape of plants of gigantic proportions.

Agricultural science is now in the hands of large chemical conglomerates such as Monsanto and their genetically altered seeds, designed for their chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The producers of these fertilizers and pesticides have become enchanted by economic profit; not caring or understanding that their products are poisoning the soil and water and turning earth into a moonscape. They have become enchanted in the matter of economic profit, and the power derived from it.

Dees Monsanto

Fish DNA in tomatoes and potatoes with spider DNA? Big Beef is an All-American Selection Award-winning hybrid tomato that features extra-large, mostly blemish-free fruit and extra high yields. In the 1990’s, Monsanto released a “new leaf” potato genetically engineered with enough Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to repel potato beetles.

Monsanto is using bribery, the law, intimidation and any other means available to it to start to control the world food supply with it’s genetically modified and patented seeds.

If the only way a farmer can grow a crop is by paying monsanto, and using their seeds which cannot be reused even a year later, then Monsanto is the only game in town – the absolute and ultimate arbiter of who eats, how much they eat, and what they pay for that. Because of the natural processes which allow plants to cross pollinate, such as wind, birds, insects, it is close to inevitable that sooner or later, every crop is a monsanto crop, whether farmers choose to use them or not.

Are you aware of the Arctic Circle Doomsday Seed Vault? Technically it’s the Svalbard International Seed Vault. The media has hailed it as an attempt to create a doomsday ark containing a wide variety of seeds to ensure the future of agriculture in the event of widespread crop disasters. A closer look behind the curtains finds some suspicious characters heavily vested in the vault’s activity like Bill Gates.

The most obvious hypothesis is that these corporations see in Svalbard an opportunity to gain further control of the world’s plant genetics — being able to utilize the seed bank as a resource for germplasm that can be used for creating patentable hybrid or genetically engineered seed varieties.

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