Top Ten Hollywood MK-Ultra Victims

I’ll name ten Hollywood starlets and give reasons why I believe they could be MK-Ultra victims.

One of these ten women could be an MK-Ultra victim. Or five might victims and five aren’t. Maybe all ten are victims. I don’t know. The important thing is if this sort of thing goes on and Roseanne Barr is telling the truth, the CIA and MK-Ultra rules Hollywood. If even one of these women are a victim then justice needs to be served and secrets brought to light.

#1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Shh

Angelina Jolie likes to cut herself. Cutting is usually a sign of some sort of abuse usually physical or sexual. She seems to be in Omega mode lately in the tabloids. To slowly kill yourself is known as code green. Angelina Voight has been cutting herself like a Virginia Ham on Thanskgiving. That was the line Angelina used when she confronted the now dead Brittany Murphy on her cutting in Girl Interuppted.

Angelina Voight shills for the United Nations World Government. Her Father is a shill for Israel. She seems to be estranged from Jon Voight because of the Illuminati. In Tombraider the only lines she ever shared with her Father onscreen was about the Illuminati. The Illuminat are the ones creating these mind controlled slaves through their intelligence agencies.

Angelina was in The Good Shepherd a movie about the CIA. She seemed to be specifically picked for the role because the Skull & Bones secret society and their control of the CIA and their work in mind control. I think Robert Deniro suspects she is one of the women at Rothschild’s parties like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Angelina has good reason to be paranoid and mentally ill while she’s surrounded by people from organizations like the CFR and the United Nations.

That picture of her with a horse is just not right. She is #1 MK Ultra victim for sure.

#2. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another cutter with mysterious mental problems like Angelina Voight. I think the diagnosis is bipolar. She was raised by Disney like Britney Spears. She hasn’t shaved her head but she was in Princess Protection Program which reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut. What if she isn’t bipolar but a Monarch slave that needs programming from time to time from her handlers? I don’t trust the Disney company. It seems to draw pedophiles who want to work with little kids.

#3. Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears also has mental problems and used Monarch symbols in alot of her videos. She was also raised by Disney. There are alot of videos on youtube about Britney’s mind control. K-fed said he suspects she is a multiple. She goes into different voices for different personalities. Everyone remembers when she shaved her head while wearing the 666 star of Solomon.

#4 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Shh

Miley Cyrus is even raunchier than Britney. I think she gives President Clinton blowjobs.

#5. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s father died amid pedophile allegations. Kid man is a name for a child white slaver. Did Nicole Kidman’s father come from a long line of white child slavers? She was the star of Eyes Wide Shut. I think Stanley Kubrick hired her because he knew of the Satanic child slaver history. Kidman’s father was accused of being part of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult which included Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis. I think Kidman’s dad was like Milich from Eyes Wide Shut selling his daughter into slavery.

#6. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry revealed she tried to kill herself when she divorced from David Justice. She made a movie about multiple personality disorder called Frankie & Alice. She was also in a movie called Gothika with Penelope Cruz about Psychiatric abuse by sadistic doctors. Halle Berry is either trying to shed light on the problem or is a victim herself.

#7 Madonna

Madonna Shh

Madonna admits to being raped when she first came to New York. She also lived in an abandoned synagogue there and made Satanic films like one called A Certain Sacrifice. She seems to show all the sings of being a beta sex kitten. She is another star who uses alot of Monarch symbolism in her videos. I’ve read that Kabbalah is used in programming in the Illuminati mind control book by Fritz Sprinmeier. Fritz alleges Madonna was a replacement for Marilyn Monroe. I personally think Kissinger and Associates keeps her in New York to be close to the action in the United Nations. People allege that Dr. K is an MK-Ultra pimp, the most glamorous job in counter intelligence. I really believe Henry Kissinger is the pimp of all pimps keeping his ho’s in check with his poop fetish blackmail. Oh Henry!

#8. Catherine Zeta Jones

Zeta Jones Shh

Zeta Jones was in softcore porn when she was younger. She seems to need to go for tune ups for bipolar disorder. What’s the story with these Hollywood starlets? I’m starting to see a pattern of sexualized, exploited, beta sex kitten slaves getting pimped out by Kissinger and the Rothschilds for their sex parties. I have the least evidence for Zeta Jones but I’ll include her in the list.

#9. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Conspiracy Theory

In the movie Conspiracy Theory Mel Gibson is the victim while Julia Roberts plays a justice attorney. I’ve read that Julia Roberts came from an abusive household. She had an abusive stepfather. Maybe it wasn’t Mel’s character that was the victim in that movie. Her brother Eric Roberts tried to get her to talk about it but she’s keeping her mouth shut. She plays the happy hooker in Pretty Woman, the role that brought her to stardom. Most of these stars come from poor backgrounds I can see how the ones from abusive, incestous homes full of trauma get hand picked for stardom and Monarch slavery.

#10. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

People are very familiar with Nicki Minaj’s MPD. She openly admits to having multiple personality disorder. She came from an abusive home with an abusive father. I think the abuse was sexual in nature and that it continues now that she is a star and can influence the youth.


One Monarch star is one too many. If you want to know more read Cathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America.

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Julia Roberts MK’d

Julia Roberts

I remember reading in my mom’s tabloid that Julia Roberts was abused by her father. She had a falling out with her brother Eric Roberts over it. If she was sexually abused she is a prime candidate for MK-Ultra. Is Julia Roberts MK’d? Her shirt tells me YES!

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MK-Delta in George Clooney’s “The American”

George Clooney MK Delta The American

George Clooney plays an assassin in The American. In the movie Clooney gets a butterfly tattoo. This is a reference to Monarch mind control. In MK-Ultra, a Delta alter is assassin, killing machine programming.

Delta programming is military-assassin programming that has trickled into popular consciousness through movies like La Femme Nikita, its American remake, Point of No Return, and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Regarding the Delta programming, Sullivan said: “…it was when I was used to do hits, kills, and also body guarding and hostage extraction. I had a great number of alter personalities that had specialised training and had different modes to do different things.” MIND CONTROL SLAVERY & The NEW WORLD ORDER – by Uri Dowbenko

If they shoot someone, then they will be told all kinds of lies about the person they are to kill. They never are really given a chance to step outside of their deep trance and to ever hear the truth about what they are doing. They live their lives in a surreal fantasy world where nothing really makes sense. They don’t try to think for themselves, they just follow orders. ……..They never are really given a chance to step outside of their deep trance and to ever hear the truth about what they are doing. They live their lives in a surreal fantasy world where nothing really makes sense. They don’t try to think for themselves, they just follow orders.The Illuminati Formula 7. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System

If the programmers get tired of the slave’s programming breaking down…..then they will simply give the slave an assignment in which the slave will end up dying, i.e. a suicide mission……An example would be a lady who is getting too wise about the New World Order, so a Delta is assigned to crash their car into the lady, and its written down as “just an unfortunate ACCIDENT with fatalities.” A shop owner refuses to pay the Mafia for protection; so a Delta vandalizes and tears up the shop and has a fatal shootout with the police. The Illuminati Formula 7. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System

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Natalie Portman: Kabbalistic Sex Kitten

After seeing this photo shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth I decided to put together a post on Natalie Portman (a while back now, I wanted to get it finished so I could start on others but it kept expanding, I was especially surprised to see her pictured with a Rothschild) focusing mainly on her debut role in ‘Leon‘ and ‘V for Vendetta‘.
The shoot was taken in approximately 1996 so was either age 14 or 15 at the time (if it was made for a ‘Beautiful Girls‘ promotion then it was probably taken in 1995 as the film was only released in February 1996) and is a good indication of her kitten programming (with her covered in Siamese cats). While I’m not sure if she is MK’d, she obviously isn’t on the Anna Nicole Smith level of blatant mind control as Natalie always comes across as a bright, down to earth girl who is intelligent (which often Monarchs are though) from what I have seen of her interviews.
This post goes on and on a bit and I haven’t thoroughly checked for errors so let me know if there’s anything that needs fixing.

Also from the same shoot with Ellen, some more suggestive scenes with the ‘Shhh’ hand sign (she is holding onto a radio aerial [phallic symbolism probably, along with the finger raised to lips]; which I’d imagine has something to do with radio waves use in MK, or a metaphorical changing the frequency ‘changes the station’ symbolizing triggering different alters, each station representing a different alter requiring the correct ‘frequency’/code/trigger to access it) and the lipstick with a mirror below it.

Natalie Hershlag was born in Jerusalem, Israel on June 9th 1981 to Avner Hershlag (Avner means “father of light” aka Lucifer [though it’s obviously a common Jewish name]; the phrase is specifically mentioned numerous times in Illuminati Formula), a doctor specializing in fertility and reproduction (Natalie and her mother Shelley Stevens were born on exactly the same day June 9th [69], on Shelley’s 29th birthday; which seems like something a fertility doctor could organize with little problem for whatever purpose [ritual or otherwise]) pictured below with Natalie at the “Second Annual Neuroscience Foundation Benefit” (see context further down). Much of Project Monarch’s mind control/genetic research was advanced by Mengele and other Nazi programmer’s in concentration camps like (in particular) Auschwitz; I suspect the Hershlag’s generational Monarch programming began there where her paternal grandparents died. Also evidence of the Hershlag’s programming is that in World War II her Romanian born great-grandmother was a British spy (most are programmed).

Read the rest HERE, or HERE.

Pseudo Occult Media

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Angelina Jolie’s MK-Ultra Movie Salt Deciphered

The movie starts out with the Illuminati Goddess Columbia holding the torch of illumination.

Then Jolie is blinded in one eye like Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

Salt stands for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.

The Jolie-Pitt household is full of BUGS. Not six legged bugs but the CIA type of bugs. I think with the advent of nanotechnology the CIA has undetectable methods of surveillance through microscopic bugs with audio and video.

Oleg Orlov is based on Dmitry Orlov the Russian Jew who is predicting the collapse of the American Empire.

In this scene we have a monarch butterfly. Monarch is the CIA sex slave mind control program. Victims have a beta (sex-kitten) alter ego.

In this scene the ceiling makes a giant eye with a pupil and iris.

Orlov displays the Master’s Ring for the Soviet version of MK-Ultra.

In Salt Lee Harvey Oswald is called a progeny of the Soviet version of MK-Ultra.

Soviet version of MK-Ultra children in training.

Kissing the masters ring. Note the saints in the background.

Leonid Brezhnev was in power during the heydays of MK-Ultra

Probably a Heil Hitler (88=HH) to Sydney Gottlieb the Jewish doctor who was head of the MK-Ultra program in the 70’s.

A young agent Salt after trauma based programming.

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I Was A Sex Slave For The CIA!

George Bush CIA

Not your mother’s Satanic conspiracies
by Robert Sterling Published November 22, 1999 in Whoa!

As the late, great, closeted pothead Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” Few would disagree that claiming the CIA is involved in Satanic pedophilia qualifies.

Extraordinary indeed, but evidence does exist. Conspiracy investigators (most notably superstar writer Alex Constantine) have presented strong evidence of CIA-DOD links to various nefarious activities, ranging from a pedophilia scandal at the Presidio to a cover-up in Franklin, Nebraska (which also involved high-ranking GOP operatives and a crooked savings and loan). Dead bodies litter the trail, possibly including those of actor River Phoenix and JonBenet Ramsey. But while bizarre claims against government agents shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, we would be well-advised not to go to the other extreme and accept every tale of torment as gospel truth.

One of the most spectacular tales of CIA nastiness comes from Brice Taylor, self-proclaimed CIA mind-control victim. What Taylor lacks in proof, she makes up for in sensationalism. According to Taylor, she was a victim of Project Monarch (allegedly part of MK-ULTRA, a notorious CIA mind control program) from early childhood, and was used as a CIA love-tool by the likes of Henry Kissinger. One of her greatest tormentors was none other than Bob Hope, which explains the title of her autobiography, Thanks for the Memories. All of this is (of course) part of a Satanic-Illuminati-NWO plot to control the planet.

Incredibly, while all this abuse was occurring, Taylor was completely unaware of it on a conscious level. It was only in 1985 that she started “remembering,” when a car accident caused a serious head trauma and supposedly helped her recover these lost memories. According to Taylor, “It allowed me to access both sides of my brain for the first time in my life, and I began having memories — very frequent memories — of all sorts of abuse.”

Ms. Taylor is not alone in writing these sorts of elaborate tales. The most famous (or infamous) CIA sex slave is Cathy O’Brien. In her self-published Trance Formation Of America, she claimed she’d been a CIA “presidential model,” raped by commanders in chief from Gerald Ford to Bill Clinton — proving Satanic perversion is a bipartisan affair. Her juiciest story is of getting banged by George Bush while he was strung out on heroin; later, he turned into a lizard alien before her eyes. This is actually more plausible than her claim that Ronald Reagan described to her in detail the CIA-Contra-cocaine connection, a feat way beyond The Gipper’s intellectual capacity.

For those keeping score, O’Brien has no Jimmy Carter gossip, who apparently was out of the Satanic sex loop.

Luckily, the opportunity to screw O’Brien wasn’t left to presidents: Dick Cheney, William Bennett and Robert Byrd all got a crack at her snatch. So did Hillary Rodham, in a muff-munching lesbo tryst. Some entertainers even got to frack her silly, most notably Boxcar Willie and Tommy Lasorda.

If all these unsubstantiated accusations had no basis in reality, they would remain curious sideshows in the conspiracy field, little more than stroke-worthy Penthouse letters with a parapolitical twist. However, as Constantine and others have exposed, there is a hidden reality here. Furthermore, sexual blackmail is as old as Samson and Delilah: It is even possible some of the names these women list are involved in diabolical sex shenanigans.

Brice Taylor, for one, appears to be honest. After meeting her last month, this writer has little doubt she isn’t lying. Whether she’s telling the truth is another issue altogether. By her own admission, she is a victim of mind manipulation (and she did take a bump on the head). The question remains who manipulated her and why. At the time of her “memory recovery,” she was influenced by Christian Fundamentalists, who attempted to convince her that her previous life was sinful. A cynic could suggest they fed her bizarre stories that, in her incapacitated and vulnerable state, she accepted as reality.

Perhaps there is a deeper conspiracy involved here, an attempt to discredit legitimate research into CIA dirty deeds. The most effective form of disinformation is that which blurs the truth with fiction so effectively that they become impossible to differentiate. At the time Cathy O’Brien hit the lecture circuit, some powerful research was starting to circulate in alternative circles involving Satanic pedophilia operations. The end result of O’Brien and Taylor’s public ravings has been to trivialize this research by association. The CIA itself could be behind the plot: Both Cathy and Brice had the “help” of self-described “renegade CIA operatives” in the recovery of their memories. It’s quite possible those operatives weren’t renegades. Their help might have involved implanting bogus tales.

Such a plot is straight out of Machiavelli. Whether the CIA is behind it or not, their mind-control fraternity is the major beneficiary of these lurid tales, and no doubt their members (including the closeted alien reptile George Bush) are chuckling over them right now.

Robert Sterling is the editor of The Konformist (, the Internet magazine dedicated to rebellion, konspiracy, & subversion. He is easily bribed.

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MacKenzie Phillips: “I had sex with my father”

John Mackenzie Phillips Incest

by Guest on 23 Sep 2009 15:20

Yet another example of how effed up the entertainment world is. 🙄

Is it a coincidence that the MK ULTRA program and the monarch program looked for girls who had been molested by their own fathers, and had those father’s sell their daughters to the machine in return for avoiding jail?? 💡

Is it a coincidence that Jessica Simpson’s father was so graphic and pervy with her?? 💡

Is it a coincidencethat Miley and her dad have the same icky vibe with each other?? 💡

Or maybe its just happen-chance that Brooke Hogan’s father rubbed suntan oil in her butt-crack in full view of the cameras, like it was the most natural thing in the world…. 💡

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollywood is a system built on perversion and sexual abuse and they look for people who have been ‘touched’ in this way.

This is what ensures that the actors are dissociative, blank slates who can take on any character role or whatever the situation calls for!!!

Bijou Phillips is another sexually abused fragmented girl, who just like many other hollywood starlett’s were born and raised into generational satanic families. She was the daughter of John Phillips the pedophile/rapist who had sex with Mackenzie Phillips’s repeatedly as was told by her a number of months ago all over the news that shocked many people who live in denial.

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Joan Baez, The CIA & MK Ultra

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

Quote from WHO’S NEXT?: CIA Killings of American and British Rock Musicians,1968-1998, by Alex Constantine


Richard Farina: Married Mimi Baez, sister of Joan Baez – to the national security state born. Joan Baez wrote in her autobiography, And a Voice to Sing With (Signet, 1987), that when she was a young girl, “most of the bright young Stanford scientists went off to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the atomic bomb was being developed. My father recognized the potential destructive power of the unleashed atom even in those early days. So he took a job as a research physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.” Cornell was the home base of the CIA’s mind control experiments, and Joan Baez is a self-described survivor of ritual child abuse, which employs a form of mind control, trauma-based programming, a technique perfected by the CIA.

“Soon my father was invited to become Head of Operations Research at Cornell. Exactly what the job entailed was classified information, but he was offered a three-week cruise on an aircraft carrier as an introduction to the project and promised a huge salary. As it turned out, he would be overseeing Project Portrex, a vast amphibious exercise which among other things involved testing fighter jets, then a relatively new phenomenon. Millions of dollars would be poured into the project, about which he was to know little and say less.” Farina, who had married into a CIA family, was killed in a motorcycle crash. According to the sleeve of his last record, “Goldwater was about to win the California primary and the skies were somewhat uneasy.”


Joan Baez
The 33rd of August Lyrics:

Today, there’s no salvation, the band’s packed
up and gone Left me standing with my penny in my
hand there’s a big crowd at the station where
the blind man sings his song But he can see what
they cant understand.

(CHORUS) Its the thirty-third of August and I’m
finally touching down Eight days from Sunday finds
me Saturday bound.

Once I stumbled through the darkness, tumbled to
my knees A thousand voices screaming in my brain
Woke up in a squad car, busted down for vagrancy
Outside my cell as sure as hell, it looked like

But now I’ve got my dangerous feelings under
lock and chain Guess I killed my violent nature
with a smile Though the demons danced and sang
their song within my fevered brain Not all my
God-like thoughts, Lord, were defiled

Why 33rd of August? Was Joan Baez’ father a 33rd degree Freemason?

Joan Baez

You don’t have to play me backwards
To get the meaning of my verse
You don’t have to die and go to hell
To feel the devil’s curse

Well I thought my life was a photograph
On the family Christmas card
Kids all dressed in buttons and bows
And lined up in the yard
Were the golden days of childhood
So lyrical and warm
Or did the picture start to fade
On the day that I was born

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
And I’ve cried Mama, I’m cold as ice!
And I got no place to run

Let the night begin there’s a pop of skin
And the sudden rush of scarlet
There’s a little boy riding on a goat’s head
And a little girl playing the harlot
There’s a sacrifice in an empty church
Of sweet lil’ baby Rose
And a man in a mask from Mexico
Is peeling off my clothes

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
And I’ve cried Mama, I’m cold as ice!
And I got no place to run

So I’m paying for protection
Smoking out the truth
Chasing recollections
Nailing down the proof

You don’t have to play me backwards
To get the meaning of my verse
You don’t have to die and go to hell
To feel the devil’s curse
I’ll stand before your altar
And tell everything I know
I’ve come to claim my childhood
At the chapel of baby Rose

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum

This song seems to be about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Baez has been through.

Joan Baez

Phil Ochs developed a multiple personality. He was a part of a group I called the “Baez Contras” who surrounded Joan Baez. It’s known that Joan was used in C.I.A. mind control experimentation at a very early age. She was subjected to trauma-based programming, which is still in use today in the creation of multiple personalities. If you look at the latest record by Joan Baez, she thanks her multiple personalities on the back of the record. Then you have her friend Phil Ochs, who was equally adamant in his opposition to the U.S. government and covert operations ó and he developed a multiple personality by the name of John Train. It wasn’t until ten years later that the name “John Train” surfaced as a C.I.A. operative working on Wall Street. As a matter of fact, Lyndon LaRouche complained about an agent named John Train who supposedly led him to his present jail sentence. During the 1960s and Seventies, John Train of the C.I.A. had the job of disrupting the Left, which was the sole purpose of Operation Chaos. So how was it that Phil Ochs came to have a multiple personality with the name of an actual C.I.A. agent? We know Phil Ochs was found hung in 1976 and it was his alternate personality that did the hanging that actually assassinated the host personality.

The F.B.I. and C.I.A. came together in Operation Chaos; it was an inter-agency program that drew upon the entire intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government. As I say, it was the largest covert project in American history. She’s admitted in private letters to two organizations for mind control victims that she had been submitted to trauma-based programming as a child. Her father was the head of Operations Research at Cornell University, which is known today as being the home base for all MK-Ultra contracts during the 1950s. [1998] Secret & Suppressed: Alex Constantine by Adam Parfrey

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Muse: MK Ultra

MK Ultra Girl

The wavelength gently grows,
Coercive notions re-evolve,
A universe is trapped inside a tear,
It resonates the core,
Creates unnatural laws,
Replaces love and happiness with fear

How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
You mind’s about to fall

And they are breaking through,
They are breaking through,
Now we’re falling,
We are losing control

Invisible to all,
The mind becomes a wall.
All of history deleted with one stroke

How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
Your mind’s about to fall

And they are breaking through,
They are breaking through,
Now we’re falling,
We are losing control

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Selena Gomez: Zapped by the Illuminati

Selena Gomez: Brain Zapped

A young Selena Gomez, after appearing on Barney with Demi Lovato she then appeared in ‘Brain Zapped’ (you can’t make this stuff up!), which is undoubtedly a reference to her electroshock dissociation programming (note in the poster the electroshock symbol is pointed at Selena’s head [purple ‘Brain’ and green ‘zapped’), confirmed by her singing the song for it (she’s about age 12-13 at this point) loaded with MK themes (‘mind spinning’, reading books taking you to “another world” [you dissociate into what your mind is exposed to; i.e. what Monarch slaves are allowed to read is organized for programming so their dissociation is controlled], “don’t really know where I’ll be going next cuz I’ve been brain zapped”, it’s pretty much all MK).

A basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electro shock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave.

Pseudo Occult Media

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