Hogan and Savage Predict the Fall of the Twin Towers

Twin Towers Hogan Savage

Hogan and Savage Predict the Fall of the Twin Towers in 1989. Are Hogan and Savage the two prophets of Revelation 11? Taylor Swift was born in 1989. Is Taylor Swift Hogan and Ivanka Trump’s love child? Taylor Swift’s mother might have been a surrogate mother. Think about it. Do you remember Hogan and Ivanka’s blonde locks? Monsanto used genetic engineering to create a Hogan/Trump Frankenstein love child in Taylor Swift. Put apple cider vinegar in you hair instead of Taylor’s pantene pro V shampoo. Don’t drink her poison diet dr. pepper either.

Perilous times are upon us friends. It was Hogan and Savage who tore down the twin towers. Savage and Miss Elizabeth were so close he felt the pain from her sprained wrist. The love was so strong. Their romance brings a tear to my eye.

Donate now friends.
Get your place on the salvation statue.

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Taylor Swift & the Jezebels from Hell

Taylor Swift Bad Blood One Eye

Taylor Swift hides one eye as she gets American girls pumped up for war.

Bad Blood Jezebels

Taylor Swift and her Jezebels bring the fires of hell.

There’s nothing these Jezebels would like more than another bombing campaign in Asia.

Vietnam Girl Napalm

Who is their American God? Who do these violent Jezebels worship? I can tell you right now it’s not Jesus Christ.

Pentagon Pentagram

I’ll give you a hint who the American God is. He was in the garden of Eden. He was at the crucifixion. He was also in the smoke of 9/11.

Female Marines

The military-industrial-entertainment complex is training American women for battle. Asia is not afraid.

China Women's Army

China has her own women. America calls China godless and atheist but China has it’s own savior. Maitreya.

China Women's Air Force

Maitreya does not desire war. All he wants is sorority. You are all women. Why should you fight for men?

Maitreya Statue Illuminati

Will there be another world war? Or will there be a thousand years of peace? The statue of Maitreya built in Asia will last for a thousand years. A thousand years under my enlightened reign. Support my UN goodwill ambassadors and accept the one world government. Do not be afraid of the fear mongers like Alex Jones.

The UN flag is the flag of the global union. A brotherhood of man and a sisterhood of women.

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Illuminati Signs at the 2013 Grammys

Taylor Swift Satan Grammy's

Q. Did Taylor Swift salute Satan at the Grammys?

Taylor Swift Telephone

A. No! She was just talking on the telephone.

Beyonce Grammy's 666

Is Beyonce giving the 666 or is she just A-Ok?

Prince Blind Grammys

Is Prince blind? Why is he wearing sunglasses indoors? Why is he carrying a white cane?

Carrie Underwood Rose Dress

Carrie Underwood stole the show with her animated dress. Sub Rosa (“under the rose”) has come to mean “that which is done in secret.”

Carrie Underwood Monarch

What is the secret behind Carrie Underwood’s Monarch dress? Hmm..

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Taylor Swift and the Number Thirteen — Born and Bred for the Illuminati?

Taylor Swift, America’s darling, may seem like an unusual choice for an occult organization like the Illuminati.  However, there are many in conspiracy circles that believe she is indeed affiliated with them, and they are at least

Coincidence? Or Graduation?

partially responsible for her unbelievable ascent to superstardom.  However, those that are not inclined to believe such things may point out some differences between Taylor Swift and some of the more traditional figures that are accused of Illuminati ties.  After all, it’s a lot easier to stomach artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna being a part of something like this, but sweet little Taylor Swift?  Her songs are bubble gum pop with positive messages, with videos where she doesn’t include a lot of symbolism.  She even keeps her clothes on.  Yet, all of these things actually make her even more of a desirable target.  The bottom line in the Illuminati is that they are using popular figures to influence people and spread their message.  That’s the concept anyway.  And, while the Lady Gaga’s of the world achieve this influence by being shocking, over-the-top, and controversial, Taylor accomplishes the same by acting just the opposite.

In some ways, Taylor’s demeanor actually gives her a greater influence then any of the other figures.  Think about it.  While Lady Gaga and Rihanna certainly make a splash, many parents probably try to steer their children away from this sort of thing (and with good reason).  Of course, that usually just makes kids want to find out what the fuss is all about all the more, but Taylor Swift is a healthy alternative for parents to push on their kids.  She conducts herself in a way that makes her a good role model.  This means that her sphere of influence can grow so much farther than the others, and that is why the Illuminati may very well perceive her as their most important member, at least where popular music icons are concerned.  But still, what has Taylor Swift ever done to further something like the Illuminati?  Well, you might be surprised if you look into her history.

Taylor Swift is obsessed with the number thirteen.  Most people consider it to be unlucky, but the Illuminati treasure the number.  After all, the Law of 13 and the 13 Illuminati bloodlines is really the foundation the longest standing secret society ever was built on.  Taylor is not the type of person to pick a number with such a bad connotation attached to it for attention or just to be different.  However, her obsession with 13 goes back all the way to her birth.

Born on December 13, 1989, Taylor Swift came into the world on yes, Friday the 13th.  It has always been her favorite number.  If you look back into her past, anytime she took part in anything with a chosen number (such as softball and what have you) she chose thirteen.  There are even numerous photos taken by fans of live performances where she has “13″ written on her hand with a marker.  She doesn’t do it so she’ll remember it.  She does it so thousands we’ll see it and wonder what it means.  Her blockbuster debut album “Fearless” featured exactly thirteen tracks, while most albums released these days stop around ten or eleven.  It has been rumored that she was thinking seriously about getting the number tattooed on her body somewhere, although she might keep it secret in the fear of ruining her wholesome image.  Or perhaps she will start in a new direction, shedding her girl-next-door image like so many young popular artists do.

When Taylor started her official Twitter account, she could have simply gotten TaylorSwift.  After all, Twitter verifies accounts of celebrities and famous people, so it isn’t like she has to search for a name that is not taken like the rest of us.  She chose TaylorSwift13 instead.  Just another creepy incidence of the infamous unlucky number in her life.  Her first blockbuster song, “Teardrops on My Guitar” shot up the charts quickly, instantly propelling her into fame.  However, it stalled out at the 13th spot.  Her first number one song reached the spot in week thirteen.  Taylor has said in interviews that every single time she has won an award, she was sitting in a seat somehow associated with thirteen, such as the row or seat.  On September 13, 2009, she won one of those, the now infamous one where Kanye  West interrupted her speech.  Many in the conspiracy world say this was actually her Illuminati initiation.  Apparently, being humiliated publicly and how you handle it is something they look for.  Also, when she received the award, she was wearing a silver dress.  Beyonce was wearing a red dress, a recurring theme in Illuminati symbolism and imagery.  When Taylor Swift was brought back on stage by Beyonce later to finish her speech, she had turned into a dress the same shade as Beyonce’s.

If all that isn’t enough to sponsor some intrigue, Taylor even held a special meet-and-greet session for her fans at the conclusion of her monstrously successful world tour.  She took photos and signed autographs for exactly thirteen hours.

So, there’s the facts.  What do you think?  Is Taylor Swift obsessed with the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati?  Or did she just pick an unusual favorite number?

Common Sense Conspiracy

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Taylor Swift and the Number 13

Taylor Swift 13

Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13. Why this mysterious number? Let’s go back in history and see why. The number first became notorious during the Templar inquisition. The Templars were the world’s first branch bankers. On Friday, 13 October 1307, hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested and burned at the stake.

The number 13 is important in masonic symbolism. 12 completes the cycle of the year so 13 represents rebirth and regeneration. When the United States was created there were 13 colonies. 13 is an important number in American history and this is reflected in the repetition of the number on the dollar bill.

According to Taylor 13 is her lucky number because she was born on the 13th. I think it is important to her because she is a patriotic American and 13 is America’s number.

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Taylor Swift at the Scottish Rite Cathedral

Taylor Swift recorded the video for her song Change at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis. At the very beginning of the video you can see the owl god Moloch hidden in the window architecture. The windows behind her show different Masonic degrees and lessons. Thankfully, Taylor doesn’t throw the devil horns in the air. You can see she wants to so badly, but I guess she refrains out of respect to her Christian fans.

Taylor Swift Change Moloch

There is an owl in the corner of the one dollar bill. At Bohemian Grove the elite worship a giant stone owl. The owl is a symbol of wisdom. It can see in the dark and its head can turn 360 degrees.

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