Britney Spears has Got Milk?

Britney Got Milk Terminator

In her new video Britney Spears’ robotic friend drinks a cool, refreshing glass of milk and short circuits. Ms. Spears was one of the most famous GOT MILK? advertisement models. If milk can destroy a cybernetic organism what do you think it’s doing to your body? I think she found it to be a Faustian bargain to do that milk ad. She suggests this with the Crossroads 2 movie poster in the background of the video. The crossroads is where musicians go to make a deal with the devil to become rich and famous. Celebrities get paid a million dollars for a milk mustache. Is it our fault we are stupid enough to believe in products celebrities endorse? Yes it is goyim.

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Lady Gaga: Edge of Lupus

Lady Gaga Lupus

Lady Gaga has been diagnosed as having borderline lupus. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first new drug to treat lupus since 1955, a milestone, why 50 years? So Lady Gaga can try it and endorse it.

Lupus is a Vitamin D deficiency. You will never hear Dr. Oz or Dr. Drew talk about Vitamin D deficiency. He will tell you to grab a long, cool glass of milk for that. But the truth is, goyim, that milk is a deadly poison! Switch from cow’s milk to goat’s milk and the symptoms will abate.

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