Lady Gaga: Edge of Lupus

Lady Gaga Lupus

Lady Gaga has been diagnosed as having borderline lupus. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first new drug to treat lupus since 1955, a milestone, why 50 years? So Lady Gaga can try it and endorse it.

Lupus is a Vitamin D deficiency. You will never hear Dr. Oz or Dr. Drew talk about Vitamin D deficiency. He will tell you to grab a long, cool glass of milk for that. But the truth is, goyim, that milk is a deadly poison! Switch from cow’s milk to goat’s milk and the symptoms will abate.

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7 thoughts on “Lady Gaga: Edge of Lupus

  1. How do you know this Fishman but House MD doesn’t? He’s always saying, “It’s not lupus!”

  2. House MD never shows the patients eating their meals. I’ve heard of incidences of people contracting scurvy while in the hospital eating hospital food. It’s a well known fact that patients live longer while doctors are away or on strike.

  3. Dr. Egaz Moniz is the best doctor who ever lived! Lobotomy bro. He wanted to lobotomize the world. It would of been a better place bro!

  4. But HOUSE MD usually shouts triumphiantly every episode, “ITS NOT LUPUS!”. So does Gaga have lupus or a vitamin D deficiency?

  5. Can’t you see this is all Jewish monopoly medicine? Vitamin C was stonewalled for 150 years when the Indians cured scurvy. Then the Jewish doctors stonewalled it another 59 years when they made their measles vaccine.

  6. The Indians made pine needle juice for Jacques Cartier’s scurvy dogs and cured them. That’s what Derek’s talking about. The medical establishment at the time, (Jews) stonewalled the pine needle’s for a 150 years. 10’s of millions of sailors and slaves perished.


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