Amy Winehouse Commits Suicide

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse commits suicide and joins the 27 club along with Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. She made many suicide attempts in the past but this time was successful. R.I.P. Amy.

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9 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse Commits Suicide

  1. She wasn’t the Janis Joplin of her generation you lying kike. She had one hit song and committed suicide so people would think she was. TJB Typical Jew behavior.

  2. @fishman I only know the rehab song. Was that her “Take a little piece of my heart” song?

  3. Joplin, Hendrix and Morrison were murdered in 1970 to try to curb the anti war
    movement. Woodstock freaked out the CIA. None of these “accidents’ or “suicides” were investigated. Marley was murdered using poison for his political message, especially in confrontation with puppet gov in Jamaica. One Love concert was direct confrontation. John Lennon had 300 pages of FBI files for his peace work in confronting Nixon. He was murdered by an MK-ULTRA mind controlled assassin, as was RFK. Martin Luther King was killed by government, and James Earl Ray his alledged killer was found innocent in a 1999 30 day trial which is absolutely censored, never was reported. I suggest copy and past the entire transcript of trial and make it a WORD attachment that you send to all your friends.
    Here is link. It is 140,000 words, but if you want to hide real conspiracies, then you are part of it. So expose this. Spread real history.

    I think Amy was a hit. We have to look at her politics, lyrics, etc.

    For truth about Norway fake operation go to

    Its ignorant to throw around insults. This is serious stuff. Young people need to wake up and make a difference. I assure you that you will not hear anything honest about this death.

    Michael Jackson and Tupac were also arranged deaths. Do research on youtube on all these murders… You’ll see. Don’t be opinionated based on mainstream brain washing.
    We are dumping depleted uranium on Libya to ‘save’ them? Wake up and study and get active. This is your world.

  4. You’re all a bunch of fools leaving comments like that. You all don’t have a clue what she went through… Idiots!


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