Rihanna Control Minds Shirt

Rihanna Control Mnds Shirt

Rihanna wears a shirt with an upside down cross that says “Control Minds”. This is a reference to the satanic MK-Ultra mind control program. Is Rihanna a beta sex kitten? She does get around. She doesn’t seem dissociative like Nicki Minaj though and she wasn’t abused as a child.

To me it seems that Rihanna is a conspiracy theorist. She must be reading Vigilant Citizen in her spare time. Be a good girl and keep exposing the Illuminati Rihanna. It’s Armageddon in the pop game. The final battle between good and evil. She recently tweeted: “frack U SATAN!!! frack right off!!!!!” Rihanna has taken sides have you?

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2 thoughts on “Rihanna Control Minds Shirt

  1. Are you retarded? Rihanna is clearly a proponent of that sick ideology. She’s not “speaking against” it, but instead more likely, “rubbing it in.”


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