Anti-Racist Hitler

And now, as we conclude the largest AntiRacist Conference of all time,
we have a surprising guest that would like to make a statement to us about his struggle to come to terms with Tolerance and Diversity.
{The crowd gasps in wonder}.
{The crowd boos at the sight of Hitler}.
I am sorry about how things went back in the 1930’s.
I have been in Argentina thinking things over and I should have done things differently.
These days I am a changed man and this the dawning of a new day.
I am now an AVOWED Antiracist! And we are going crush racism once and for all!
This is amazing. I can see the headlines now:
Adolf Hitler is an antiracist. This could end Racism for good!”
Ahh, Tel Aviv! What a great city! But I see there is work to be done here.
What do you mean Hitler?.
Too many jews here…. we need more diversity!
Thanks to our my new antiracist organization, we are going to spice things up a bit.
Diversity is good! Diversity is a strength! Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful!
So you are not a Nazi anymore?
Oh no, quite the contrary actually.
My antiracist organization is lobbying for an open border policy for Israel.
Non Jews have just as much of a right to be here as anyone else. You can not restrict the country to a specific group of people. That is racist!
Many people would think it’ s ironic that YOU of all people would end up leading anti-racism in Israel.
Why did you choose this country?
Israel is a rich country. Only a racist would oppose non jewish immigration.
Israel has not yet learned how to be multicultural. My organization is going to be part of the process of that transformation,
Israel is not going to be the monolithic society it once was.
I am going to be at the center of that.
It’s a huge transformation for Israel to make, WE are going into a multicultural mode.
I might be resented because of my leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Israel will not survive.
I hate racists and people who oppose this wonderful development.
It won’t be easy, but Israel will be multicultural,
and we’re benefiting financially and culturally from immigration!
An open border policy is a good thing for any country. I’m proud to say that I support diversity and multiculturalism!
But the jewish people have a right to exist as a unique people.!
Ahh, That is racist!
No no, I’m not racist, but…
Well, I though I heard you say that you want to preserve your people?
Yeah yeah, I think we have right to preserve our culture, our people.
Uch, that is racist! So you belive you are God’s chosen people?
Some kind of master-race? That just reminds me of the brown shirts in the 30s.
I am not a racist, but if this process continues we’ll be a minority in our own country!
Stop whining. Go and have more jewish babies if you are so concerned.
Hold on Hitler, Israel is being overrun with non jews because of your open border policy.
It won’t matter how many babies we have. We still will be a minorty in our own country. Your policies will have destroyed us!
You jews need to lighten up. Muliticulturalism is great. Look at all the Vonderful new restaurants you have to eat at now.
Diversity is good. Diversity is a strength. Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful. And diversity is saving Israel”
Hitler is this your new Rainbow dating organization?
Of course, these days I am all about the love!”
You are just the same ole Hitler ….an antisemite trying to erase the jews!
That is nonsense. How can LOVE be antisemitic?
But YOU are ONLY supporting jews dating NON JEWS. In fact you are encouraging this!
This Multiculturalism and Diversity agenda of yours seems to just a scam to get rid of us for good.
Well, we could mix asians and arabs too. Would that make you happy?
You are just a jealous Racist who can’t get a jewish girlfriend.
No, I am not jealous of anyone. I just believe this is some agenda to get rid of us.
You maybe for mixing other cultures. But your policies will still lead to a world without jews. Thats Genocide.
Little Zionist. Take off your tinfoil hat. You have been reading too many conspiracy websites!
Jews all over the world LOVE diversity and Multiculturalism.
Because I love you….I have given it one more try ….
We heal the world, we are the children of the rainbow.
We heal the world ….We are the children of the dream.
Hitler, Many jews don’t like what’s happening!? The jewish people are being destroyed through immigration.
Jews should just embrace their multicultural future. There is no room on this planet for racism.
Hitler but you have never answered the question. What you are doing IS genocide? Is it not?
Nonsense, This is natural. People migrate and fall in love. Religions come and go.
I would not burden myself worrying over all this.
Look around Hitler, everything is non jewish now. You have forced a genocidal scheme on us.
I am not forcing anything. I have not killed anyone this time. Remember, I am now an antiracist.
I don’t believe borders should stand in the way of people and cultures.
Diversity is good. Diversity is a strength. Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful.
And Diversity has SAVED Israel
Look Hitler! We told you your policies would make Israel non jewish!
And I’m the ONLY JEW LEFT! You have wiped us out for good!
Well, no one could have forseen that…

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G.I. Joe Predicts Monsanto Frankenfood

Cobra Commander Bean

Plot of this 1985 Cartoon: When the Joes and COBRA find out that the nitrogen fuel that was stolen from the Joes can also “fuel” the growth of fruits and vegetables, they begin to do battle for the fuel, in a landscape of plants of gigantic proportions.

Agricultural science is now in the hands of large chemical conglomerates such as Monsanto and their genetically altered seeds, designed for their chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The producers of these fertilizers and pesticides have become enchanted by economic profit; not caring or understanding that their products are poisoning the soil and water and turning earth into a moonscape. They have become enchanted in the matter of economic profit, and the power derived from it.

Dees Monsanto

Fish DNA in tomatoes and potatoes with spider DNA? Big Beef is an All-American Selection Award-winning hybrid tomato that features extra-large, mostly blemish-free fruit and extra high yields. In the 1990’s, Monsanto released a “new leaf” potato genetically engineered with enough Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to repel potato beetles.

Monsanto is using bribery, the law, intimidation and any other means available to it to start to control the world food supply with it’s genetically modified and patented seeds.

If the only way a farmer can grow a crop is by paying monsanto, and using their seeds which cannot be reused even a year later, then Monsanto is the only game in town – the absolute and ultimate arbiter of who eats, how much they eat, and what they pay for that. Because of the natural processes which allow plants to cross pollinate, such as wind, birds, insects, it is close to inevitable that sooner or later, every crop is a monsanto crop, whether farmers choose to use them or not.

Are you aware of the Arctic Circle Doomsday Seed Vault? Technically it’s the Svalbard International Seed Vault. The media has hailed it as an attempt to create a doomsday ark containing a wide variety of seeds to ensure the future of agriculture in the event of widespread crop disasters. A closer look behind the curtains finds some suspicious characters heavily vested in the vault’s activity like Bill Gates.

The most obvious hypothesis is that these corporations see in Svalbard an opportunity to gain further control of the world’s plant genetics — being able to utilize the seed bank as a resource for germplasm that can be used for creating patentable hybrid or genetically engineered seed varieties.

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I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

Check out this cartoon I stumbled across on Godlike Productions. It’s amazing. It blows pixar out the water. Besides being full of symbolism the cartoon is also about the coming of the Christ. Even the name this piece of animation is linked to is controversial. HELIOFANT. I believe this name is 3 different ways of saying the devil. Hel-io-fant.

Anyway see what you think.

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Conan & the Reptilians

Conan Films

Conan the Barbarian

Some Hot Asian Panther Chick:” What is it you seek?
Conan:”two snakes coming together facing each other”
Some Hot Asian Panther Chick:with a sun and a moon below black sun black moon
Then as Conan is having sex with her ( sex magick activating the dormant kundalini or “serpent” energy in the spine. The Black Sun or a reference to the occult tradition of a black sun beneath the earth/Agartha. )
she turns to a demon and is thrown to the flames.
Arnold explains his belief in “Crom” and other nordic mythology such as Valhalla.sldfknslfknsdflksdnfdvnslkds,..jpg
Later a character says the temple of Set established themselves…small at first then everywhere, they kill in the night. Then a reference to the Black Lotus…
The symbol that Conan becomes entranced with that rivals the all seeing eye in James Earl Jones ( Darth Vaders-Vedas ) costume is a sun and serpent.On the good or more knowing characters is a symbol expressing the two united hemispheres of the brain in said kundalini exercise. The two are united by the ” serpent ” energy in between…dslkfsdlvkndsfnsddsmv,.jpg
A woman is seen in the Temple of Set in the Osiris slain position lsfksdlkdnslksdnvlkdsv.jpg
Later our reptilian overlord character gives a demonstration of “true power” through mind controlled suicide. Then he crucifies Conan who is later ressurected using runes of some kind or some magickal language and gutteral chanting.
Then James Earl Jones turns into a reptilian during orgiastic rites. Blond chick keeps getting hotter ( what? ) look at her!

Note: The Black Sun also exist in Star Wars slckdf4lirjweflksnf.jpg

The Real Temple of Set

led by this guyclsdkfihjw4toehflsjkfnsl.jpg

There is, in reality, Hadit, who lay dormant frozen and begging to be awakened in the base of the spine. With light and inspiration he comes to unite magickly with Nuit, and churn the stooping moonlight to fire and desire. The most genuine …symptom of the true will and essence of humanity, copulate in the brain, in orgiastic rite, awaken the two divorced hemispheres of the brain. The serpents, as in Tool’s Parabola video, come together to open the third eye and finally open one’s entire being as a lotus in the crown chakra. Into god, or the universe, or whatever you prefer your power to be parented by. Conan beckons new meaning…
Each man begs to be killed in a woman. ( Or a psychoanalytically appropriate opposite. ) The all seeing eye of the gaping vagina or vesica pisces sees straight into the infinite, surpassing cultural and physical boundaries, it is the sacred… chalice. Each man begs to be reunited with Hathor, the Mother Goddess and in her, know himself, maybe even for the first time. In this way, woman is like a mirror where man can see, maybe for the first time that he is universe and his ego has been shattered, there is only silence, and knowing. In the womb he will be born and then die a thousand deaths. Man and woman alike exclaim those holy vowels AUO!! in response to the quirky details of individual rhythm. This moment of wonderful revelation is the final peace after the mega explosion of orgasm. The all knowing quiet after the storm…


theme music: “magic sword protect him” while showing phoenix. Undo the spell of living stone…by driving the evil serpent men back into another dimension…their leader Rathamon.”

Episode Names like ” the once and future Conan” and ” somethin…Set ”
Episode 1:

Rathamon has Baphomet horns,lives in a Tower of Babel structure, and is obviously a brother of GiJoes’ serpentor. ” Set summons me…to the pyramid at once! ” ” Oh mighty Set, I head your call, let your power flow through the black ring let the doorway to dimesnions be open”

” For thousands of years I have waited for these stars to fall, my liberation is at hand…Build me seven great pyramids, only then can you make me free.” Pyramids are crowned with ourorubus. I will be free to enslave the earth at last.!!”

Conan’s father flanked by masonic swords. Sword in the Stone reference for Conan to get his sword…

Serpentor is told to go to Sumerian ruins, oh thats apparently where Conan lives…He rides a chariot of two red dragons to acquire his ” star metal ”

He turns Conan’s family to stone. Conan gets his sword. The sword forces reptilians to shape shift. When they die they are transported to another dimension.

Some Jedi tells Conan the Phoenix will guide him to Mt Golomera, the tomb of some sage. When Conan gets there the Jedi tells him he’s a ghost…” A great struggle has begun between humans and serpent men, only you can save us from the servants of Set…A force of great evil, thousands of years ago he tried to take over the entire earth, but wizards banded together to banish him to the abyss. Trapping him in another dimension. his serpent men disguised as humans among us awaiting the return of their master.

Conan is given the side-kick phoenix pet annoying thing.Needle, the phoenix is addicted to pomegranite. Some chick drugs Conan and he winds up on a ship with awesome character Zula.

Episode 2

Darfur, Africa…?

White and Purple lotus themes

Episode 3

Conan gets Ras Al Ghul type ninja training, middle eastern guy uses ritual magick to fly on carpet. Green Ninjas interested in scroll of Chun Chi. ” power of the dragon” Kari dragon winds up being a Fin Fang Foom type, Conan frees him. He gets real weird…

Episode 4

Conan frees the slaves from Zula’s homeland ( i think ) Zula uses vodou to communicate to animals. Rathomon obsesses over building his seven pyramids with certain stone.

The reptilian conspiracy, or agenda, or disinformation, or whatever you wish to consider it, whether a reality or misinterpreted somehow… spans the history of human culture in history,genetics,religious and art history. According to author/researchers David Icke, Michael Tsarion, and many more, the origin and agenda of the New World Order is reptilian in nature. All major political bloodlines are actually shape-shifters. These bloodlines can be tracked back to the first mind controlled terrorists in the 13th century and the Nephilm=Demons=fallen angels. They are closely related to the Annunaki or Anakim- an extraterrestrial bird headed reptilian race that influenced Hinduism, Zoroastism, and the Judaic religions.In Ancient Sumeria- there were blood sacrifices made and blood was drunk as it was believed to contain the DNA of one’s ancestors. These rituals are carried on to the Vatican to this day.Elizabeth the first used reptilian motifs on her clothes. Obviously the serpent gets confusing when playing Satan in the bible and symbolising “kundalini” or spinal energy in worldly mystical and New Age practices. According to Michael Tsarion the Lemurian bloodline is the one hunted and mind controlled by the reptilians, including Cathy O Brien. Many alien abductees and military whistleblowers seem to understand the reptilians as controlling the more popular grey aliens that abduct people. Although alien abduction, in itself seems a product of intelligence agency type mind control.

Serpent-men – There are many ancient accounts of serpent-men such as the Nagas. Zecharia Sitchin, an archaeologist and linguist specialising in the Sumerian and Hebrew languages, claims that an ancient race of extraterrestrials, the Anunnaki, genetically engineered the original humans, and that they probably still exist in some form or another, with some degree of influence over humankind. These beings are speculated by Sitchin to be either reptilian, quasi-reptilian, or amphibious, from ancient description. Sitchin has based his theory on his translations of Sumerian tablets.Shape shifting – A highly controversial researcher, David Icke writes in his books of shaeshifting reptiles who are controlled by a being in the lower foruth dimension (or inter-space plane). He says that the beings in the inter- space plane have no energy to survive on. So the inter-space plane beings created a race of shapeshifting reptiles on earth to create masses of fear to sustain the beings in the inter-space. The fear has been caused by wars, religions, economic systems, social norms etc. Icke also writes that this fear blankets the Earth, which stops us from connecting with our spiritual side.True form – In Zecharia Sitchin‘s translations he records that those who depicted the “gods” in their true form would be killed, which is also a theme in the Conan cartoon.Set – The Ancient Egyptian name for the negative god.” – from
Economic Expert

Reptilians in other Media:

David Icke Official Site
Michael Tsarion Official Website
Nephilm Link

In the Media:ds,fnl4wijrthoe8fdslfknw4,m.jpg
Obviously our fascination with reptilian power, so to speak, is not something new. In fact the most popular seems the most obvious. Godzilla towers over us. Predominate in every way as he lay waste to our cities and landmarks. There is an eerie consistency in children’s TV portrating the villain as reptilian, alien and even living in underground tunnels.

Notice the double ‘Ka,’ K sound in King Koopa or Cobra Commander. Jake Kotze goes on to theorize that in theMario movie and other film this double K is signifigant as it is a stylized lightning bolt or the Rune sign for Sun or self-energy.Mario and Coopa together form and MK sound. As in Mortal Kombat or Mind Kontrol- ( ultra )

Reptilians:Godzilla, Rathamon and Set from Conan, King Koopa Mario, Conan guy, Cobra Commander, Dino Riders, Bucky O Hare Toads
Underground Bases: King Koopa, Conan Guy, Cobra Commander, Shredder and the Ninja Turtles

Sunbow was an amazing cartoon production company that put out GI JOE, Transformers, Bucky O Hare, Visionaries, My Little Pony, the Mask, etc… Lets take a look at some of their insistent themes.
bj0tofiflw3,rnesfbdskfjd.jpgdsfdf09u098qwe,n324324.jpgcreepy POV porn angle in our cartoons…

Mario and Sonic

Reality Glitches

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How the Animated Series G.I. Joe Predicted Today’s Illuminati Agenda

By VC | December 9th, 2010 | Category: Movies and TV | 393 comments

G.I. Joe is an iconic cartoon TV show that marked an entire generation of young boys during the 80s. Most fans still recall the main characters and the epic gun fights. But what about the storyline? A look at the TV series in today’s context is quite a strange experience: Many of Cobra’s “far-out” plots are actually happening today. Could G.I. Joe be a case of predictive programming? We will look at some G.I. Joe episodes describing the replacement of the US dollar and the usage of mind control on celebrities and civilians and see how they relate in today’s context.

As a guy who grew up in the 80s, I can personally attest that G.I. Joe was definitely on the menu in my after-school TV cartoon line-up. If you’re a younger reader, let me tell you this (at the risk of sounding like a grumpy uncle): G.I. Joe wasn’t your wimpy Dora the Explorer cartoon. It was a half-hour full of bad-ass characters face-kicking and laser-gun-shooting their way to victory. And that’s pretty much what I remembered of this TV show – laser-gun shootouts – until recently.

A reader of this site recommended I view a particular episode of the series called Money to Burn, which depicts in great detail a vital part of today’s NWO agenda (discussed later). I was in shock. So I watched other episodes in the series and this is what I saw: psychological warfare, tapping into occult forces to obtain political power, military research funded by huge corporations and mind control used on civilians and celebrities. The series pretty much summed up the entire contents of the Vigilant Citizen website. Most of the shady things are accomplished by Cobra Commander, the “bad-guy” of the show, who is a ruthless terrorist aiming for world domination. The Joes always managed to stop Cobra, however, dismantling his evil schemes in an orgy of laser-gun fire and spectacular explosions.

Cobra Commander angrily pointing at something.

Watching the shows today, however, was very unsettling: Because of open-access information laws and the Internet, it is slowly coming to light that today’s shadow governments are actually carrying out most of Cobra’s plans … in real life. News about these plans come on a daily basis in mainstream news (we do our best here at Vigilant Citizen to report them in Latest News section). Did G.I. Joe contain “predictive programming”, a technique based on planting ideas and concepts in the brains of viewers in order to make them seem normal and easily accepted when they actually happen?

Show Overview

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero ran in syndication from 1985 to 1989. The opening title sequence stated: “G.I. Joe is the code name for America’s daring, highly-trained Special Mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.” The shows ended with a public service announcement, where the Joes gave safety tips to the children. These announcements always concluded with a now-famous saying: “Knowing is half the battle!”

A mustache makes you automatically credible.

The animated series was designed to promote Hasbro’s line of action figures of the same name. In fact, each episode purposely featured a different character in order to boost the associated toy’s sales. Maybe this is the reason why the Joes had relatively lame and clichéd dialogue compared to the more complex and interesting Cobras. Other than promoting merchandise, the series pushed an obvious pro-American-military-industrial-complex agenda, a reflection of the Reagan-era dogma happening at the time, which was characterized by a showdown with the Soviet Union. In this context, one might expect the Cobra Organization to represent the “evil communists” as was the trend in so many movies in the 1980s.

Surprisingly, that is not the case. The “bad guys” in G.I. Joe are actually funded by a huge American corporation named Extensive Enterprises and its reptilian leaders (wink to David Icke) carried out their devious plans from hidden “Cobra Temples”. These bases, established all across the world with no regard to national borders, were often situated in mystical locations, such as Easter Island or by China’s underground terracotta warriors (Cobras apparently believe in the powers of geomancy). In fact, the Cobra Organization bears few characteristics of a communist or “terrorist” organization and many characteristics of an elitist secret society in the style of what we call the Illuminati.

The “Cobra Command” shaped like an unfinished pyramid. This shape can be found in many instances in Cobra Temples.
The unfinished pyramid is today’s most famous Illuminati symbol.

Even more significant is the plot of the first G.I. Joe episode ever aired. In the mini-series, titled Pyramid of Darkness, Cobra seeks to take control of the world by shutting down the power grid of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Cobra elite visualizing their plans for creating a Pyramid of Darkness on earth. Creating a pyramid to keep the world “in the dark” is a powerful symbol for Illuminati control of the masses. The word Illuminati  stands for “the enlightened” … most of its power is based on the masses being as ignorant and dumbed-down as possible. In other words: in the dark.

As we watch later episodes, it becomes noticeable that Cobra Commander’s numerous plans to conquer the world are eerily similar to actual events happening today, 25 years after the broadcast of these episodes, in another example of how “science fiction” is indeed becoming reality. Here are some aspects of the Illuminati agenda that were exploited in G.I. Joe:

Making Paper Money Worthless and Taking Possession of People’s Gold

In the episode entitled Money to Burn, Cobra finds a way to instantly burn all of America’s paper money using a “thermo-molecular ignition transmitter”, effectively rendering the American dollar useless.

A scared lady seeing her money bursting into flames.

Cobra then addresses the nation through a TV broadcast (he seems to have easy access to mass media). This is what he says:

“Attention citizens! Due to the financial irresponsibility and incompetence of your leaders, Cobra has found it necessary to restructure your nation’s economy. We have begun by eliminating the worthless green paper, which your government has deceived you into believing is valuable. Cobra will come to your rescue and, out of the ashes, will arise a NEW ORDER!”

This is pretty deep stuff for a show aimed at children under 12. This speech basically outlines the modus operandi of the Illuminati shadow government: create a crisis, cause chaos, claim to have the only solution, get people to beg for that solution, and restore “Order out of Chaos”. Furthermore, declaring this New Order to rise out of its ashes is reminiscent of the Masonic concept of a phoenix rising out of the ashes.

There is truth in Cobra’s statement regarding the real value of  paper money. The American dollar has had no actual value since  1971, when the gold standard was abandoned by the Nixon administration. The American dollar’s value used to be based on a fixed weight of gold. Today it can effectively lose all its value and become worthless overnight, as its value is not backed by any tangible goods … and this is what was happening in this episode of G.I. Joe.

After Cobra’s announcement, the dazed and confused American people assemble before the Department of Treasury and shout “We want money!”, begging the government to provide a solution to their problem. The Joes see the situation and observe that “buying and selling has been replaced by rioting and looting”.

Then Cobra appears on TV again and says:

“Citizens of the United States, I am pleased to announce Cobra’s economic recovery plan! If you want money to buy food for your children, take all your valuables to the nearest branch of Extensive Entreprises. There, all goods will be exchanged for Cobra currency!”

Cobra presenting the new currency to be exchanged for people’s valuables, such as gold.

This exact phenomena is happening today. There is currently a sustained effort to take gold and other valuables off the hands of the public through “Cash for Gold” programs. You might have been assaulted by ridiculous ads like these:

Don’t listen to MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. Keep your gold and buy more of it!

In a hidden Cobra Temple, the heads of Extensive Enterprises show a rich client the “largest stockpile of tangible assets ever assembled”.

A vault full of the ignorant people’s gold.

Fortunately, the Joes come to the rescue, restored the American dollar and destroyed pretty much everything in sight, including the Cobra Temple. Yo Joe!

Mind Controlling Celebrities to Mind Control the Masses

Many articles on this site discuss the use of mind control in popular culture, a concept that might be hard for some to believe. Well, the Joes were fighting it back in 1986.

Sold Out Singers

In the episode entitled Rendez-Vous in the City of the Dead, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes (two G.I. Joe characters) enter a Cobra-owned night club named “Snake Club” (Cobra obviously knows the power of indoctrinating the youth through entertainment). There, a signer named Satin sings the praise of Cobra in the form of a love song. The singers’ backup dancers are dressed alike in Cobra-style costumes.

Backup dancers making Cobra control cool and fashionable.

Now, where did I see a famous singer performing on stage with dancers symbolizing the people’s oppression? Oh, right, right, right …

Beyonce making police in riot gear cool and fashionable at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

MK-Ultra Celebrities

In another episode, titled Glamour Girls, the show describes nothing less than the use of MK Ultra in the entertainment business.

Cobra Commander, with the help of Dr. Mindbender, strikes a deal with an international cosmetic tycoon. Cobra agrees to provide a constant flow of beautiful young girls to the company in exchange for a face-transplant technology developed by the tycoon. Cobra therefore launches “Operation High Fashion”, which aims to recruit young models, singers and actresses by catering to their dreams of being famous.

In order to lure these girls, Cobra sends them invitations to a photo shoot, which will appear in an issue of  “Glamour Girls” magazine, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world – a publication that is owned by Cobra’s Extensive Enterprises (Cobra of course owns multiple media outlets, like today’s Illuminati).

Not surprisingly, all of the girls who received an invitation are ecstatic at the idea of appearing in the magazine and they gladly present themselves at the Glamour Girls building for the photo shoot. But they are being tricked: The camera’s flash sends subliminal hypnotic messages to the models, making them highly suggestible and easily manageable.

Once hypnotized, the models obey any command.

The models are then instructed to go to a “party” and they do so without questioning. In their mind-controlled state, the models dissociate from reality and perceive the party as being a glamorous get-together attended by classy gentlemen. When their hypnotic state wears off however, the harsh reality kicks in.

When the girls snap out of their dissociative state, one of them says “We’re not in Kansas anymore”. This is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, a movie that is used in actual mind control programming. Being in or out of “Kansas” is in fact a code word regarding a subject’s dissociative state.

All of the young girls and celebrities who fall for this trap are manhandled and thrown into a dungeon.

A celebrity trapped in a heavily guarded dungeon. Similar programming facilities are used in actual mind control projects.

The theme of mind control is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s fashion industry and it is often coded with the use of lifeless mannequins and Monarch butterflies.

Megan Fox in a mind-control themed photo shoot.

Fortunately, the Joes manage to track down the Cobra’s dungeon, punch everybody’s lights out and rescue the young ladies. Yo Joe!

Using Mind-Controlled Civilians in Secret Military Missions

In Operation Mind Menace, the theme of mind control is yet again exploited. In this episode, the Cobra Organization kidnaps civilians known to have psychic abilities, in order to harness their power and use them in secret missions.

Kidnapped civilians with psychic powers entering the Cobra Temple. The device on their chests are amplifiers. Similar devices are reportedly implanted in the brains of actual Theta programming victims.

In Monarch programming terms, this is known as “Theta Programming” and it encompasses the usage of psychic powers, such as extra-sensory perception (ESP), remote viewing, telepathy and psychic killing. Documents have been released proving that the CIA has been conducting experiments to harness these powers and to use them on the battlefield since the 1970s:

“THETA considered to the “psychic” programming. Bloodliners (those coming from multi-generational Satanic families) were determined to exhibit a greater propensity for having telepathic abilities than did non-bloodliners. Due to its evident limitations, however, various forms of electronic mind control systems were developed and introduced, namely, bio-medical human telemetry devices (brain implants), directed-energy lasers using microwaves and/or electromagnetics.”
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch Mind Control

“Theta Programming got its name just as the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Programming in part from the four types of EEG brain waves. Theta waves are frequent in children. (…) Psychic warfare became a branch of the Monarch Programming. This is the Theta Programming. It is the marriage of occult practices with state of the art science. The idea to be able to copy what Elisha did to the King of Syria (2 KG 6:11-12) when he “telepathically” spied on the enemy, discovered their plans, and thereby ruined their chances of success. Today this has been called “ESPionage”, and the U.S. Army’s term is “psychotronics”. Of course, the CIA’s position is that they couldn’t find anything that worked, but that is simply not true, because the co-authors know of many Theta alters and Theta model systems which have Theta programming which is successful.  (…)

Whether the public perceives Psychic warfare as viable or not, billions of dollars have been spent on it, and numerous Theta models produced. (…)

Since slaves can not be consistently given Theta programming, a surgical implantation of a sodium/lithium powered high frequency receiver/transducers coupled with a multi-range discharge capacitor was placed into the brains of Monarch slaves. This gives the handlers the ability to signal by remote signals to the victim’s brain. When the receiver picks up the signals they electronically stimulate certain areas of the brain which in turn triggers pre-set programming. Implants are now being placed in a high percentage of the Monarch slaves.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave

These secret programs are slyly being revealed to the public in movies.  In Men Who Stare at Goats, the issue is presented as comedy. However, the movie is based on an actual US military project: Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon’s First Earth Battalion.

The First Earth Battalion was renamed New Earth Army in Men Who Stare At Goats, a unit using extra-sensory powers (ESP). The movie also vaguely alluded to the dark/satanic side of mind control in some scenes.

In G.I. Joe, the mind-controlled civilians talk in a robotic manner and are detained in high-tech facilities.

Mind-controlled civilians in Cobra’s high tech detention facility

Fortunately, the Joes tracked down the Cobras, rescued the civilians and kicked everyone’s ass back to sanity. Yo Joe!

In Conclusion

G.I. Joe is an iconic mid-80′s television series that undoubtedly impacted the imagination of an entire generation of children. The action-packed battle scenes, the memorable characters and the futuristic, sci-fi plots made the show a sure hit with young boys, especially. Watching these shows today, we discover that many of the Cobra’s plots have been a hidden reality and/or are slowly becoming reality. And these plans are not coming from “a shadowy terrorist organization” but from our own “elected” leaders and their elite rulers.

The Joes are presented as a group of all-American soldiers with strong values, fighting with integrity and honesty against an ever-plotting terrorist group. They are what the American army is supposed to be and the ideal image that the military-industrial-complex want us to believe. But the Joe’s enemies, the ever-plotting terrorist group is not a foreign menace: It exists within the system. In other words, if the Joes existed today, they would probably be fighting their own government , the hidden part of it … what we call the Illuminati.

So the question remains: Why did the series describe these sophisticated plans with such vivid details to its youthful audience? Was G.I. Joe one of the many TV shows and movies sponsored by the American government and the owners of the mass media companies who broadcast it? Were they preparing the youth to the revelation of realities by exposing it to them at a young age? Were they trying to warn the public? The creators of this show definitely knew the answer to these questions, and we should too. Because knowing is half the battle.

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GI Joe, Rock & Roll & Subliminal Messages

Read this article by Vigilant Citizen 2 understand 80’s cartoon GI Joe and how it revealed the Illuminati agenda to Generation X:


* “Cold Slither” originated on the G.I. Joe cartoon, where it was both the name of a rock group put together by Cobra in one of their most insidious (and topical, for the mid-80s) schemes, and their eponymous breakout hit. The Dreadnoks portrayed the band members and lip-synced a song (penned by the multi-talented Destro) containing subliminal messages. Upon hearing it, the listeners, including G.I. Joe team members Breaker, Shipwreck, and Footloose, were under Cobra’s power.

[edit] Generation One

We’re cold slither
You’ll be joining us soon
A band of vipers
playing our tune

With an iron fist
and a reptitle hiss
we shall rule!

We’re tired of words
We’ve heard it before
We’re not gonna play the game no more

Don’t tell us what’s right
Don’t tell us what’s wrong
Too late to resist
Cause Cobra is strong

We’re cold slither
Heavy metal machine
Through the eyes of a lizard
In you will dream

JAMES hetFIELD can clearly be heard sAying DEMON @2:44! Was the pentagon/pentagram brainwashing the hapless Russians?

When the venom stings
A new order brings
Our control

[edit] Shattered Glass

Palin 2012

* Like much of G.I. Joe’s stock background music, it was recycled for The Transformers, minus the lyrics, serving as one of two generic source music tracks during the cartoon’s run (although the second, more frequently-played tune, a big-band number of synthesized guitars and trumpets, dates back another year or two to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, at least).

We’re Cold Slither
Hope you’re joining us soon
A band of vipers
playing our tune

Break the iron fist
with a reptile hiss
Freedom Now!

“Just wait and see”
Shouts the powers that be
I reply: “Don’t Tread on Me!”

Fascism‘s a joke
Anarchy‘s for fools
Just give us a vote
And we’ll choose who rules

We’re Cold Slither
Heavy metal machine
Restore the Constitution
That is our dream!

When the venom stings
A new order brings
Freedom back!

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