Illuminati Symbolism at the Olympics Closing Ceremony

Mascots Zion

One eyed mascots and the word “Zion”.

Most by now are aware of the tricky logo and the all-seeing ‘eye of Horus’ mascots, but it is worth taking another look as the ‘Zion’ Olympics are now here and these ‘symbols’ are about to become the center of attention for the entire world.

Masonic G

The floodlights at Olympic stadium create a square and compass. Satanic rituals have begun in London in the name of Olympics. With a one eyed Masonic mascot, under the Illuminate pyramid of flood lights.


A flying Shriner playing the saxaphone.

The Olympics closing ceremony took on a strange Masonic theme. There are over 600,000 Freemasons in Britain. Unlike Brazil, Britain is not a Christian country but Masonic.


To be a Shriner, one must be a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, or its equivalent in the York Rite [Knights Templar]. Shriners often participate in local parades, sometimes as rather elaborate units: miniature vehicles.


The performers make a 13 step pyramid out of 303 bricks.

In England only 75 Freemasons can be 33rd degree at one time. Headquarters of Supreme Council 33 Degree is at 10 Duke Street, London. Weishaupt created 13 degrees of initiation in his Illuminati and the key personnel were to be found in the top 9 degrees. 13 Families participate in ruling the world.

They say that the number 13 is an unlucky number. This is almost a worldwide belief. You will usually never see a room numbered 13, or any hotels or motels with a 13th floor. The pyramid on the dollar bill has 13 steps.


No religion too. John Lennon’s death mask.

John Lennon it is alleged apparently confided to his friend, Tony Sheridan, that he had made such a pact with Satan. The lyrics of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” proves him to be communist. Imagine should be the official theme song of the satanic church. It’s is a satanic song straight from the pits of hell, imagine no heaven indeed. Lennon was shot. This lends credence to Mark Chapman’s story that he was ordered by Lucifer’s demons to kill John Lennon. No Olympics has been as in-your-face with its Luciferian message. Lennon commented, it’s “virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement.”

Lion Unicorn

My take on the Batman part of the show: Batman- the ultimate human vigilante against unwarranted power and psychotic world rulers- doesn’t care for their type. On the heels of the popularity of the latest Batman film, it’s no wonder they mocked the hero and had his ride burst into flames for all the world to see. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. Definitely part of the 1%.

Olympics Batman

The Dark Knight Rises “You’re all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

The Newspaper print says:

Clockwork Orange….
Lion & the Unicorn…
Look back in anger…
rage against the (dying)? – the light….
The rest is silence…
This is the way the world ends (19:51)
I’m no enemy to learning… (23:13)
Oh to be in England next (23:20)

George Michael Skull Olympics

George Michael with a skull on his belt.

The skull is a symbol long associated with Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. Much is said about the symbolism of the skull, and what it should make us remember. It is a symbol of mortality. Is George Michael a Freemason?

Skull Bones Illuminati

This Masonic Skull & Bones symbol, occultists place such a huge emphasis on communicating with other Adepts through symbols, while simultaneously hiding the truth from the Initiates and the “profane”, i.e., people who are not members. Since the majority of Conspirazzi readers are not members of a Masonic Lodge, you are all “profane” in the minds of all occultists; therefore, no secret society member wants you to know the truth of this symbol. Even when you do hear the truth, secret society people, or people working for them, will attempt to impeach the truth you have just heard, or impeach the credibility of the person delivering the truth.

Olympics Octopus

Fatboy Slim performs Rockefeller Skank.

Goldman Sachs’ 21st-century vampire squid differs from Rockefeller’s 20th-century octopus. Americans knew what oil was, and they understood how Standard Oil’s manipulations directly affected their pocketbooks. Even now many Americans don’t know what Goldman’s products are or how it makes its money.

Rockefeller Octopus

It was called an octopus because Standard Oil controlled every aspect of oil production, refining and shipment, and tried to prevent others from competing. In other words, a monopoly. Throughout the period cartoonists portrayed the Standard Oil Company as a giant, grasping octopus.

‘The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.

‘They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make catspaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organizations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business.

‘These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government. It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.

John Francis Hylan

Annie Lennox Lucifer

Annie Lennox looking posessed.

Annie Lennox’s boat of pirates with Lucifer (the guy with the black wings) was perhaps the creepiest part of the Closing Ceremony.

Lucifer Snake

THE BELOW COPIED DIRECT FROM THE BOOK OF MADAME BLAVATSKY NAMED, “THE SECRET DOCTRINE:” with page numbers.. Read it for yourself if you can read English.

Once the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the “Lord God” are identical … – The Secret Doctrine, Volume I, page 414

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 234

When the Church, therefore, curses Satan, it curses the cosmic reflection of God … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 235

In this case it is but natural — even from the dead letter standpoint — to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 243

For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: “in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An “adversary” to Jehovah the “personating spirit,” he still remains in esoteric truth the ever-loving “Messenger” (the angel), the Seraphim and Cherubim who both knew well, and loved still more, and who conferred on us spiritual, instead of physical immortality… – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 243

Satan, or Lucifer, represents the active … “Centrifugal Energy of the Universe” in a cosmic sense … Fitly is he … and his adherents … consigned to the “sea of fire,” because it is the Sun … the fount of life in our system, where they are petrified … and churned up to re-arrange them for another life; that Sun which, as the origin of the active principle of our Earth, is at once the Home and the Source of the Mundane Satan … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 245

Olympics Satanic Phoenix

A phoenix rising from the flames, inverted crosses flashing around the stadium.The song being sung is “Rule the World”.

Egyptians believed that the Phoenix was the representative of a god who “rose to heaven in the form of a morning star, like Lucifer, after his fire-immolation of death and rebirth …”

Those involved in the New Age Movement, Occultism, and Freemasonry, believe that Lucifer was unjustly thrown out of heaven by God, and will “rise again” to be Ruler of the Universe in God’s place. He will in fact, “become God,” according to them. Likewise, followers of Lucifer here on Earth, supposedly discover the “secret knowledge” or “Gnosis” of Lucifer and also after initiation become “reborn to become gods! “(Lucifer DID promise Eve in the Garden that she would become as a god).

Listen now to the testimony of another former witch, William Schnoebelen, in his book, Satan’s Door Revisited , p. 4. “The Phoenix, of Bunnu is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt … This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who was cast down in flames and who … will one day rise triumphant. This [belief] also relates to the raising of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic ‘christ’.”

animated phoenix

Manly P. Hall states:

“European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United states of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American Eagle. … the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix…”

“Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for A PECULIAR AND PARTICULAR PURPOSE known only to the initiated few.”

SOURCE: Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. XC and XCI

Greek Freemasonry Phoenix

The coat of arms of Greek Freemasonry.

The rising of the phoenix bird also symbolizes the New Age idea that the “Divine Cosmic Plan” that the highly evolved Great Masters have for our Earth Civilization is going to come into effect soon. Earth will “rise from its ashes” and begin anew, its inhabitants having the new Cosmic Consciousness. It is like a “rebirth” of the Ancient Occult Mystery Religions in our World.

The following quotation is from an Occult site, regarding the Phoenix bird:

“Ovid tells the story of the Phoenix follows: “Most beings spring from other individuals; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself. The Assyrians call it the Phoenix. It does not live on fruit or flowers, but on frankincense and odoriferous gums. When it has lived five hundred years, it builds itself a nest in the branches of an oak, or on the top of a palm tree. In this it collects cinnamon, and spikenard, and myrrh, and of these ‘materials builds a pile on which it deposits itself, and dying, breathes out its last breath amidst odours. From the body of the parent bird, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor. When this has grown up and gained sufficient strength, it lifts its nest from the tree (its own cradle and its parent’s sepulchre), and carries it to the city of Heliopolis in Egypt, and deposits it in the temple of the Sun.”

Obviously, we can see that the Phoenix bird has to do with Ancient Egyptian Sun Worship! Freemasonry is in reality built upon the Ancient Mystery Religions of Egypt and Babylon!

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Rihanna’s Satan Worship

A very compelling video that exposes Rihanna as a Satan worshipper. Rihanna was too old to become a monarch sex slave when she was discovered by Jay Z at sixteen. Monarch sex slaves are programmed by sexual abuse at an early age. It is clear that she sold her soul when she signed her record deal. Satan is the angel of music and there has been a conspiracy in the music industry to make Satan incarnate. It all started with the Beatles and Aleister Crowley. Artists listen to their music backwards in the hope of creating a Satanic message to summon Lucifer.

In this modern occult teaching, an obvious appropriation of Christian soteriology, it is stated that it is Lucifer’s destiny to incarnate in human form at certain key times in world history as a savior and redeemer for humanity.

“Ha Satan” in Hebrew LITERALLY means: the prosecutor, the accuser. Figuratively it means: prosecuting attorney, adversary, enemy. It is Satan’s job to prosecute humanity on Judgement Day.

Rihanna is just a puppet in the Satanic music industry. She probably doesn’t believe the devil is real and throws up the devil horns and all-seeing eye to be controversial. Remember Rihanna, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

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Giant pyramid for Queen in London

Queen Pyramid

It is 80 foot high and has a union jack flag on the top and later the Queen will be presented with a gift at the site in honour of her and her Jubilee celebration.

The Queen is patron of the Royal Flower show at Kew and this year displays are focused on red, white and blue in honour to her and the centrepiece is a giant pyramid at which she will be given a gift in her honour.


“For the Olympics, gardeners and volunteers at Kew Gardens planted 20,000 plants in the shape and colors of the Olympic rings. It took five days to put in pansies, violas and apple mint. In another big display, fields of wildflowers surround Olympic Park. Brits are being encouraged to follow suit in their own gardens, and expert Phil Turvil has suggested a list of 12 vegetables in London 2012 colors”

– Thomas_20111

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Beyonce Runs the World

In Beyonce’s new teaser Run the World (Girls), we see a red Illuminati pyramid with pictures of communist revolution. China, North Korea and Africa all point at America ready to attack like in the horribly bad Charlie Sheen movie Red Dawn.

In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: “ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women’s movement of the 1960s and later.”

The battle of the sexes is over and clearly girls have won. American men have been feminized to the point that wearing pink on friday is now mandatory. The Justin Bieber generation of men wear just as much hair product as women. Ryan Seacrest is the new standard of manliness with his bleached teeth and immaculate hair. The new generation of American men have been brainwashed into pussydom. Clint Eastwood called the new generation the flower generation. I think he’s right.

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Charice’s Pyramid Scheme

Charice Pyramid

I saw Charice perform “Pyramid” on the Oprah Winfrey show and I’m convinced this younger generation is not hopeless after all. Youngsters these days are always on the internet where free movies like Loose Change or Zeitgeist are the most viewed. I’ve seen her doing the Illuminati sign with one eye like the dollar bill. Maybe there is hope for the Justin Bieber generation after all.

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30 Seconds to Mars Pyramid

30 Seconds to Mars Pyramid

30 Seconds to Mars has a capped pyramid on their Kings and Queens video. Is it a symbol that the great work is finished? In the video multicultural kids are riding their bikes around Los Angeles while the surrounding hills burn. On the dollar bill there are the words “E Pluribus Unum”, meaning “Out of Many One”. America is supposed to be a country where all the races and nations mingle to create a one world order.

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Nicolas Cage Buys Pyramid Tomb

Nicolas Cage Pyramid Tomb

Actor Nicolas Cage has purchased a pyramid shaped tomb in New Orleans.

According to TMZ the National Treasure star wants it to be his final resting place. I guess he figures it’s the one thing the IRS can’t take from him.

Nic has fallen on hard financial times recently. Uncle Sam is on his heels for $14 million he owes in back taxes, properties are being foreclosed on and a leasing company is asking for $250,000 for two Rolls Royce’s he couldn’t pay the lease on.

Damn Nic, where did all that money go?

Photo by Brad Vogel.

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