Nelly Furtado In the Fifth Dimension (Millenium)


Nelly Furtado seeeing with her eyes closed like Revelation 22. No fear of falling off the stage when she was ascended.

Now she has to lower her vibration to raise the rest of the believers. She looking at the checkered lights and she knows the clockwork orange amde her cross the chess board and be Regina Europa of Euro 2016.

Christa has to heal herself. That’s how the doctors mock her at review panel. The Wachowski matrix brothers based Jupiter Ascending on Nelly Furtado. Mila Kunis is scrubbing toilets like a young NF. NF is the spitting image of the two Mary’s at the crucifixion because she comes from the same Perez bloodline.

Stop eating that junk food NF. Don’t be stupid. You know I love you more than Shania Twain. 2018 World cup the pawn gets promoted again like a Fiona Apple album name.

Only Pop culture autists like Ashton Kutcher understand what is going on. Be like Aplusk.

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Liam Gallagher the 9/11 Prophet

Liam is Godlike before he gives his prophecy to Carson Daily on MTV in the year 2000. I think he was reading Revelation 18 before millenium and giving his prediction from what he read. Reading that chapter reminds most people of New York.

Oasis Standing Should of Giants Album Cover

Here is the album cover. You can see the WTC behind the Empire State Building.

WTC Empire

Here is the scene in 2001, one year later. WTC on fire ready to be blown up. Masons built the WTC, I’m sure they had a hand in it’s destruction. They got the idea from the movie Fight Club to wipe out debts on the shmitah.

I bet Godlike Productions forum would like this post.

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