Madonna’s Illuminati Mask

Madonna Mask

Madonna showing everyone her mask on her MDNA tour.

The satanic ritual scene in the movie Eyes Wide Shut was filmed in one of the Rothschild mansions. Rothschild’s parties took on such importance that one social figure threatened to commit suicide unless she was invited…

Madonna Sex Kitten

Rothschild’s sex kittens.

Some of the hottest entertainers are Monarch slaves, such as Madonna, a Marilyn Monroe replacement. I’m sure she’s a regular at Rothschild’s Satanic Xmas party.

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End of Days for Sex Slave Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger X Mass 199

It seems Arnold is only a mere mortal and not the superhero we all thought he was. He has 32 mistresses and 3 bastard children just short of the masonic 33. Maybe AAhhnold never took the thirty third degree who knows. 33 degrees is when you get bitched out for your wife or daughter if they are hot. The masons can all rape your wife or daughter with the Illuminati ever Xmas/CHRISTmas. ASK OJ!

peace out neGroids and neGrettes – Sweet Jimmy’s Ho is waiting for him. Lickable Laura needs some attention. She’s been ho’d out for crystal meth 1 2 many times.

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