Top Ten Hollywood MK-Ultra Victims

I’ll name ten Hollywood starlets and give reasons why I believe they could be MK-Ultra victims.

One of these ten women could be an MK-Ultra victim. Or five might victims and five aren’t. Maybe all ten are victims. I don’t know. The important thing is if this sort of thing goes on and Roseanne Barr is telling the truth, the CIA and MK-Ultra rules Hollywood. If even one of these women are a victim then justice needs to be served and secrets brought to light.

#1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Shh

Angelina Jolie likes to cut herself. Cutting is usually a sign of some sort of abuse usually physical or sexual. She seems to be in Omega mode lately in the tabloids. To slowly kill yourself is known as code green. Angelina Voight has been cutting herself like a Virginia Ham on Thanskgiving. That was the line Angelina used when she confronted the now dead Brittany Murphy on her cutting in Girl Interuppted.

Angelina Voight shills for the United Nations World Government. Her Father is a shill for Israel. She seems to be estranged from Jon Voight because of the Illuminati. In Tombraider the only lines she ever shared with her Father onscreen was about the Illuminati. The Illuminat are the ones creating these mind controlled slaves through their intelligence agencies.

Angelina was in The Good Shepherd a movie about the CIA. She seemed to be specifically picked for the role because the Skull & Bones secret society and their control of the CIA and their work in mind control. I think Robert Deniro suspects she is one of the women at Rothschild’s parties like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Angelina has good reason to be paranoid and mentally ill while she’s surrounded by people from organizations like the CFR and the United Nations.

That picture of her with a horse is just not right. She is #1 MK Ultra victim for sure.

#2. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another cutter with mysterious mental problems like Angelina Voight. I think the diagnosis is bipolar. She was raised by Disney like Britney Spears. She hasn’t shaved her head but she was in Princess Protection Program which reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut. What if she isn’t bipolar but a Monarch slave that needs programming from time to time from her handlers? I don’t trust the Disney company. It seems to draw pedophiles who want to work with little kids.

#3. Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears also has mental problems and used Monarch symbols in alot of her videos. She was also raised by Disney. There are alot of videos on youtube about Britney’s mind control. K-fed said he suspects she is a multiple. She goes into different voices for different personalities. Everyone remembers when she shaved her head while wearing the 666 star of Solomon.

#4 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Shh

Miley Cyrus is even raunchier than Britney. I think she gives President Clinton blowjobs.

#5. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s father died amid pedophile allegations. Kid man is a name for a child white slaver. Did Nicole Kidman’s father come from a long line of white child slavers? She was the star of Eyes Wide Shut. I think Stanley Kubrick hired her because he knew of the Satanic child slaver history. Kidman’s father was accused of being part of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult which included Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis. I think Kidman’s dad was like Milich from Eyes Wide Shut selling his daughter into slavery.

#6. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry revealed she tried to kill herself when she divorced from David Justice. She made a movie about multiple personality disorder called Frankie & Alice. She was also in a movie called Gothika with Penelope Cruz about Psychiatric abuse by sadistic doctors. Halle Berry is either trying to shed light on the problem or is a victim herself.

#7 Madonna

Madonna Shh

Madonna admits to being raped when she first came to New York. She also lived in an abandoned synagogue there and made Satanic films like one called A Certain Sacrifice. She seems to show all the sings of being a beta sex kitten. She is another star who uses alot of Monarch symbolism in her videos. I’ve read that Kabbalah is used in programming in the Illuminati mind control book by Fritz Sprinmeier. Fritz alleges Madonna was a replacement for Marilyn Monroe. I personally think Kissinger and Associates keeps her in New York to be close to the action in the United Nations. People allege that Dr. K is an MK-Ultra pimp, the most glamorous job in counter intelligence. I really believe Henry Kissinger is the pimp of all pimps keeping his ho’s in check with his poop fetish blackmail. Oh Henry!

#8. Catherine Zeta Jones

Zeta Jones Shh

Zeta Jones was in softcore porn when she was younger. She seems to need to go for tune ups for bipolar disorder. What’s the story with these Hollywood starlets? I’m starting to see a pattern of sexualized, exploited, beta sex kitten slaves getting pimped out by Kissinger and the Rothschilds for their sex parties. I have the least evidence for Zeta Jones but I’ll include her in the list.

#9. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Conspiracy Theory

In the movie Conspiracy Theory Mel Gibson is the victim while Julia Roberts plays a justice attorney. I’ve read that Julia Roberts came from an abusive household. She had an abusive stepfather. Maybe it wasn’t Mel’s character that was the victim in that movie. Her brother Eric Roberts tried to get her to talk about it but she’s keeping her mouth shut. She plays the happy hooker in Pretty Woman, the role that brought her to stardom. Most of these stars come from poor backgrounds I can see how the ones from abusive, incestous homes full of trauma get hand picked for stardom and Monarch slavery.

#10. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

People are very familiar with Nicki Minaj’s MPD. She openly admits to having multiple personality disorder. She came from an abusive home with an abusive father. I think the abuse was sexual in nature and that it continues now that she is a star and can influence the youth.


One Monarch star is one too many. If you want to know more read Cathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America.

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Beyonce’s Lesbian Illuminati Superbowl

Beyonce Superbowl Illuminati

Beyonce salutes the Illuminati.

Beyonce is a dirty strumpet. A dirty girl. I have nude pics of Beyonce on my hard drive. They might be photoshops of her head on a porn whore’s body but they do the job. She is definitely Jake worthy.

Beyonce Lick

I wish Beyonce would lick my peen. You know you want to B. You want me to put the 7 inch in the computer. Admit it you slut.

Beyonce Spank

What do you want me to do to you now? Spank your tush? I can oblige you B. I’ll spank you like a dirty harlot. I’ll do it to advance the cause of feminism.

Beyonce Ring

What? You want a ring before I can put the cucumber in the food processor? Sorry baby, I don’t go that route. Only a sucker like Jay trades diamonds for love.

Beyonce Kiss

You don’t want to kiss my shmeckel? Why not? Does it make you feel like a dirty Jezebel? C’mon B. I know you’re touching yourself right now thinking of me Jaking it. Use your left hand B. It’s evil. It’s made for that kind of stuff.

Beyonce Whore

Beyonce is a Siren. She uses her singing to lure men to their doom. To give up their seed needlessly in a used Kleenex. I’m not falling for it. I’m gonna quit Jakin’ it. I’ve seen the light.

Marshal Law

When the Superbowl blacked out I thought Bane was gonna blow up the stadium with a bomb. Martial Law is just around the corner. Time to stop fracking strange flower and Jakin’ it to online porn. Sorry B.

Beyonce Kali

I hope the Kali Yuga ends after the economic collapse and Martial Law.

Connie Kali

frack this devourer of men. The final avatar will defeat Kali. I’m gonna plant a survival garden. I’m gonna buy some survival seeds from Alex Jones. I’m a survivor. I’m gonna make it. Gots to survive. Keep on survivin’.

Beyonce Hell

The flames in hell will be much hotter than the ones on stage B. Hell is your destiny B. Don’t try and tempt me anymore.

Beyonce Faces

At the beginning of the show I thought this was a man and a woman kissing. As I look closer it looks like two men kissing.

Beyonce Superbowl Lesbians

At the end it was revealed that the kissing faces both have long hair. I used to like lesbians when I watched Girls Gone Wild. Now I think I’m having second thoughts.

Walter Camp of Skull & Bones invented Football to placate the masses. It’s Bread & Circuses like the Roman Empire. Right now America is all Circus and no bread.

“So long as they (the Proles) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern…Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”

― George Orwell, 1984

You can watch the whole video at

And.. I’m spent.

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Ke$ha Claims Sex with a Spirit & Plans to Die Young

It seems to be becoming increasingly popular to sing about having sexual relations with extra terrestrials (Katy Perry’s “E.T.”) and now, ghosts or spirits. The song encourages worship of these entities, as well as the belief that they will open our minds to wonders we couldn’t imagine.

Are Katy Perry and Ke$ha promoting the same agendas? Hmmmm.

I personally believe it is all part of the preparation for darker and greater amounts of demonic activity to come forth on the earth. When extra terrestrial beings (actually demonic beings and fallen angels claiming to be the “ETs” that movie and media propaganda has prepared us to accept) domake an appearance, it will be easier to begin the Great Deception – the intermingling of species, just as an the days of Noah when fallen angels intermingled with humans.

The latest to hop on the bandwagon being Ke$ha, in her new song “supernatural”. She explained in an interview with Ryan Seacrest the song was about a sexual encounter with a ghost (a spirit being):

“There are so many weird topics on this record from having sexy time with a ghost to getting hypnotized and going into past lives. I just really wanted the theme of this record to be the magic of life”

She goes on to talk about her occult spirit journey which inspired her new album,

“The theme of this record is magic. I went on a spirit journey by myself. No security guard. No managers. I just went around the world and lived on a boat. I was in Africa rehabilitating baby lions. I went diving with great white sharks, and just went on this crazy spirit quest. I got hypnotized, and I just really wanted this record to be really positive, really raw, really vulnerable and about the magic of life.”

That doesn’t sound like magic, that sounds like magick. “Magic” is the art of slight-of-hand and illusion. It’s often used to describe the fuzzy feeling of awe that goes along with something beautiful, rare, or nostalgic. But “Magick” is something else entirely. It is about harnessing dark energies to create change and evolution according to ones desires or will. In other words, witchcraft – scratch Satan’s back and he’ll scratch yours… or so you think. A doctrine of demons that is warned about in 1 Timothy 1:4.

Here is her latest music video, Die Young:

Sadly, I think a lot of kids would watch a music video like the one above, and not think twice about the obvious symbols of witchcraft or involvement in magick. They are now SO common they may even be overlooked by most. This video lays it on thicker than most though. Here are a few:

An upside-down cross inside a pyramid starts the video off

The upside-down cross continues to flash in the background and superimposed through the video. Sometimes in an upside-down triangle (which represents the “female” – both are necessary in magickal teachings, called “duality”)

Here Ke$ha demonstrates the “all seeing eye”… a little hint to “the illuminated ones” who know what it means.

Here she sits on a throne, with a glowing pentagram over her head instead of a halo.

If you are curious which tarot card Ke$ha drew, it is “The Devil”… aka Baphomet, the goat-headed god with both male and female genitalia (it’s the duality thing again).

“The Devil” Tarot card, aka “Baphomet”, holds his right arm and two fingers upward and left arm and fingers down saying, “As Above, so Below”

Notice her hand signal. Two fingers pointing upward in a very similar fashion to the goat-headed god Baphomet.

“The Magician” Tarot Card exhibits the same stance

Just like in Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night”, Ke$ha has taken the ‘party’ to the hood of her HORNED car… which is actually a hearse with the word “EVL” on the side.

Orgies are an important part of living like you’re going to die young.

Here’s that pesky All Seeing Eye again. This time it’s bejeweled and making a satanic hand gesture!

Ke$ha’s allegiance to Satan is no secret, and here she stands in what appears to be a church of Satan. Preaching her message from the pulpit.

What kind of activities go on in the church of Ke$ha? Step into the circle and receive your demon.

One of the Illuminati’s main goals is to have the entire population behaving like animals, living off their most base instincts. This message is conveyed through the interspersing of footage of wolves rolling around on the ground.

I think the point Ke$ha is trying to make with this video is, “Be sure to become so controlled by your animal urges and demons, that you can’t help but roll around in the dust in wanton sexual lust!”

If you’re going to make out like animals in the dirt, it’s always best if you can get hold of some hallucinatory drugs to heighten the experience!

These kinds of videos almost always take care to show “two sides” of the artist. “Bad girl” Ke$ha in black leather leading her followers in the way they should go, and here we see “virginal” Ke$ha in white, flat on her tummy and submissive on a filthy mattress on the ground. Ready to do as she’s told.

The video is almost over, so here is a “parting shot” from Ke$ha to the viewers. “Brought to you by the Illuminati and their slaves”

The cops pull up to the church and begin open fire on the doors. Ke$ha knows no fear as she walks over to the doors… maybe its the giant all-seeing-eye Illuminati symbol on her backside propelling her toward the danger.

It seems Ke$ha went in to this knowing her time was limited. She opens the doors and surrenders herself to the cops. Her constant hand symbols suggesting guns throughout the video hint that she knew her end involved being shot to death. She even drove up in a hearse. Could this be suggesting that Ke$ha knows to some degree that the way she is going will only lead to death, and she’s okay with that?

This girl is either a pawn of the Illuminati, being used to push their satanic agenda, or she is fully aware of her actions and has clearly made her allegiance in exchange for her 15 minutes of fame (she does have a dollar sign in her name). The effort to push young people into a “YOLO” lifestyle is in full effect. Go ahead, live like animals, give in to every lust and want, fear no consequence. You only live once, so live like you’re demon possessed?

Check out also Ke$ha’s Performance at X Factor Australia: In Your Face Illuminati Symbolism on Vigilant Citizen.

And as a special Christmas treat…. Ke$ha is publishing her memoirs, called Ke$ha: A Lif3 in P!cture5. Yup, really. I guess she really is planning on dying young. Of the book, Ke$ha says,

“Sometimes, it feels as if the last few years have encompassed a few decades. You might have heard my voice on the radio, seen me onstage and on the red carpet, or in a music video, but that’s only a part of the story. In these pages, I’m revealing a more complete picture of what my life is really like. It’s not all glamorous and it’s not all pretty, but it’s all real.”

Entertainment Weekly asks “What are you hoping to see in Ke$ha’s memoir? Fingers crossed for pictures of the ghost! Come to think, that may be too NC-17…”

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Was Angelina Jolie Molested?

Angelina Jolie Brother Kiss

I’m really only exposed to bits and pieces of celebrity gossip due to my lack of interest but I read the latest news about Angeline Jolie with concern. Angelina is quoted as saying she was “very sexual in kindergarten”, that she created a game where she would kiss a boy, “Then we would make out and we would take our clothes off.”

My first thought was, if this is true, Angelina was molested as a child. In those few sentences Angelina has displayed the first five of the seven symptoms listed in this checklist of signs that a child is developing abnormally.

I have taken very little notice of Angelina Jolie over the years. All I really knew about her was that people said she was very weird.

I had visions of being the first to voice the idea, in this entry, that Angelina Jolie was sexually molested as a child but then I did some research. It seems the rumours have been going around for a long time with people saying her split with her father, Jon Voight, is due to him having molested her.

Others believe she has had an incestuous relationship with her brother thanks to a kiss she gave him when she won an award in 2000. Angelina is said to have accused people who thought her passionate kiss was incestual of being sick minded.

I’m not about to start guessing who has done what to Angelina but she is acting, and talking, like someone who was molested as a child. That is, of course, her business but one thing bothers me about all this and it bothers me a lot.

Angelina, in saying she was very sexual in kindergarten, is playing right into the hands of every paedophile in the world. She seems to be saying she wanted sexual activity as a small child. This is precisely what paedophiles believe and want the world to believe! In saying this she has made herself a “Poster Child” for the worlds paedophiles to use against children.

If she really believes she wanted sex, and there was nothing wrong with her wanting sex, at approximately four years of age then I am concerned about the safety of the children she is accumulating! If Angelina Jolie believes she wanted sex as a child she is likely to believe her children will also want sex at a young age.

Angelina has admitted to cutting herself as a teen and combining sex with violence and bloodshed.

“I had started having sex with my boyfriend and the sex and the emotions didn’t feel enough. I was no longer a little girl. In a moment of wanting to feel closer to my boyfriend I grabbed a knife and cut him. He cut me back,” she is reported to have said, “We had an exchange of something and we were covered in blood, my heart was racing. Then whenever I felt trapped, I’d cut myself. I have a lot of scars.”

This is precisely why children should not be introduced to sex too young! Sexual activity hurts children and causes them to develop abnormally.

Angelina seems to believe ordinary sex is something you do when you are a “little girl” and it was not, therefore, enough to make her feel really close to someone. She needed to spill her partners blood and have him spill hers to make sex special.

For most people sex is as intimate and close as it is possible to get to someone else. For Angelina Jolie it was childish. Exchanging bodies was not enough – she needed to exchange their life source – their blood.

What, I very much want to know, will it take for Angelina Jolie to feel close to her children???

According to gossip, Angelina is not able to feel as much for her own flesh and blood as she feels for her adopted children.

Many victims of child molestation fear becoming parents. However much they may be convinced their abuse was their own fault, or choice, there is a part of them that resists becoming like their abuser(s). Child molesters have no qualms about sex with children but they can sometimes find the idea of incest a little harder to make excuses for.

I’m not saying Angelina Jolie is a child molester. I am saying there is cause for serious concern when ANYONE describes ANY kindergarten aged child as “very sexual”.

How would people be reacting to her behaviour and these things she is saying if she were a male? How would people be viewing a kindergarten boy who forced kisses on his classmates and made them get naked so he could “make out” with them?

During my brief research into this topic I found people on forums saying, over and over again, that “Children are very sensual” and this is taken as having the same meaning as sexual.

Children are sensual – they are NOT sexual!

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary the word sensual has two main meanings. They are as follows:

1. Of sense or sensation.

2. Of or depending on the senses only and not on the intellect or spirit, carnal, fleshly.

The second meaning goes on to expound about “sensual pleasures” and it is there that the sexual aspect of the word comes into play.

Children are sensual in that their whole world is made up of their five senses. It is for this reason they like to touch, taste, look, listen, and speak. They are also sensual in the second meaning of the word in that they depend WHOLLY on their senses and not at all on their intellect or spirit.

They do not, therefore, understand the consequences of anything they do and must be protected from those consequences until they have learned enough to take care of themselves.

Children like to touch but who would say that is a good enough reason to let them touch fire?

Children like to taste but who would say their wish to taste is a good enough reason to let them taste poison or put a razor blade in their mouth?

Just because a child wants to look, touch or taste, does not mean they are ready to experience being used, infected with sexually transmitted diseases, bruised, torn, or taught things that will turn them into someone society believes is “weird”.

No child deserves to be subjected to experiences that leave them needing to shed blood to feel close to someone they love!

Angelina Jolie exhibits all the symptoms of someone what was introduced to sex at far too young an age. Her activities in kindergarten are the behaviour of a child who is “acting out” sexual behaviour in an attempt to make sense of it.

Angelina Jolie was not a sexy preschooler, she was a sexualized preschooler, there is a difference. The sooner the world stops using children sexually and believing they want sex the sooner we will stop having people who cut themselves to cope with feeling trapped!

See this link for some tips on preventing child molestation.

written by Kim

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River Phoenix and the Children of God

River Phoenix - Children of God

Founded by David Berg, the Children of God had established communities in 60 countries by the end of the 1970’s. Former cult members claim that church members practiced pedophilia. One British newspaper reported that children of cult members exhibited signs of rectal excoriations and that pre-pubescent girls had torn hymens and flayed vulvae.

Berg’s pamphlets promoted pedophilia and sex between children, while another pamphlet displayed a photograph of a Children of God nurse engaged in oral sex with a young boy. A prosecution witness and former cult member alleged that Children of God girls were expected to lure men into having affairs with them, in order to recruit new members; this was known within the Children of God movement as “flirty fishing”.

Berg promoted not only pedophilia, but also racism, proclaiming that “I’m a racist because God is!”

Joyanne Treadwell Berg, the granddaughter of the cult’s founder, alleges that she was made to have sex with important government officials and had “met presidents from around the world”. If this claim is valid, it would imply that possibly she could have been used as a “Black Widow”. This is an Illuminati term for mind-controlled sex slaves who are used for the entrapment of high-level dignitaries. One of Berg’s own daughters claimed that her father had an incestuous relationship with herself and her sisters.

Remarkably, the Children of God organization has withstood several prosecutorial attempts, including one in 1974 by the New York Attorney General’s office, which accused the cult of incest, rape and kidnapping. Incredibly, the case was dropped by order of the Attorney General, who made the amazing claim that the cult was protected from prosecution by the First Amendment! Could it be that the cult is protected by very powerful figures? Former Chilean dictator Pinochet and Libya’s Muammar al-Qaddafi, allegedly have connections with this organization, whose choir even performed at the George Bush White House.

In 1991, movie actor River Phoenix revealed that as a child he had been forced to have sex. This was during the period when his father served as an archbishop of the Children of God church. Because the actor had not acquired celebrity status at that time, his comments were largely unreported by the media.

Some 170 children were taken into protective custody in 1993, after a police raid on an Argentinean compound of the Children of God church. The police claimed that the children had been sexually-abused by church members; cocaine and pornographic video tapes had been seized in a previous raid. Not surprisingly, perhaps, no charges were brought against church members.

State Chief Inspector Rebolio, leader of the 1993 raid, claimed to have found evidence that the Children of God church was being funded by a global cabal of influential people.

By the time of the Argentinian raid on the Children of God compound, River Phoenix had become a well-known movie star. A few weeks after the raid, River Phoenix died from a drug overdose: his body bore no evidence of needle marks. Since he died on Halloween night, was his death accidental – or was it a ritual murder to prevent him disclosing what he knew about the Children of God organization?

Since the Argentinian raid, the church has undergone restructuring and has changed its name to the Family of Love. It disavows that its adult members engaged in sex with minors; it also claims that it terminated its practice of “flirty fishing” in 1987, which implies that this outrageous practice did take place in previous years.

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Paris Hilton, Rick Solomon, and Monarch

Paris Hilton Monarch

I’ve seen One Night in Paris and the first thing I noticed about it was that it was made by one of Satan’s kids, Rick Solomon. I think the Illuminati Jews gave Rick her programming instructions. You can see she wears a monarch when her mother used to whore her out. It reminds me of Jon Benet Ramsey in a way.

One thing I noticed about the video is that it was made in May. I think Solomon was making Paris the May queen. Filthy pagans used to celebrate spring with a May pole and the birthday of the Illuminati is May first.

I wonder how many alters Paris has? I’m thinking just a regular moron Paris and a sex kitten Paris. Pseudo Occult media has detailed files like the Terminator. Check them out.

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