The Princess Protection Power Drink

I’m Joe’s BF, Brian Flanagan. Tonight let’s wish Demi Lovato a good knight’s sleep. Jozo is a good knight that can’t afford a horse like his great grandfather. 3 of his grandfathers were knights at the jousting tournament. If only he could marry into a princess’ family and get his jousting horse back. He wouldn’t be Don Quixote tilting at Skull & Bones windmills.

Princess Protection Program

So let’s get to the Princess Protection Program drink.

A Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic mixed drink traditionally made with ginger ale, a splash of grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry. Modern Shirley Temple recipes may substitute lemon-lime soda or lemonade and sometimes orange juice in part, or in whole.


3 ounces lemon-lime soda
3 ounces ginger ale
Dash grenadine
Maraschino cherry for garnish

Shirley Temple Drink

This is the only thing you should give to girls who are mentally down and out. Non alcoholic princess drink. There are ways with vitamins and exercise but if you eat S.A.D. standard american diet like Brooke Shields you are gonna feel in the dumps.

When Jozo and me went fishing there was no lillypad cover over the lake. It was clear. CRYSTAL. Fish snapping at my line. My hand tensed on the wheel of fate.

Shirley was the little Princess before things in Hollywood got sordid. Jozo just wants to take us to the paradise city where Scientologists aren’t called clams Demi. Won’t you come on Joe’s wild white knight syndrome ride? Watch BF’s movie where Flanagan acts like Axl Rose just for laughs. I’m just as much a white Knight as Jozo. But things are getting hairy on the radar now that my favorite audience the Marine Life are dying out. David and the Cybil Shepherd tried to warn us. I don’t know what Pan Pacific type bullshit is going on destroying our valuable fish stocks. What will people eat without abundant fish? Small Fry sardines? No way Demi. BF needs bluefin sashimi like Les Grossman on set. Just Joking womyn. All BF needs is a new bromance with Jozo and our Outsiders gang in the Paradise City to be complete again. You complete me Bozo/Jozo. U COMPLETE ME


we’re rooting for you Bozo/Jozo
we know who the first damsel in distress you ever saw was Jizzo
she’s telling you Do ji jozo. do ji. at year 117 you better lay your cards on the table
girls love our clown acting Jozo.
We must peer pressure this girl to eat better.
she’s on SAD standard american diet
she signed a disney contract. also bad.
these are the princess i wanted u2 protect from eyes wide shut bunga bunga
that is why my reactive mind summoned u during millenium
that’s all I can say for now
the rest is in elron’s secret files

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Famous Freemasons: Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. Knight of Malta

Sammy Davis Jr. is famous for being a member of the Church of Satan. Interestingly enough long after Sammy Davis JR renounced his Satanic worship, he was accepted into the Knights of Malta.

The York Rite

In North America, after completing the three basic ‘blue’ or Craft degrees, a mason can broadly take one of two paths -or both if time and finance allows. One is the York Rite, the other is the Ancient and Accepted or Scottish Rite -the equivalent to England’s ‘Rose Croix’. We are concerned here with the York Rite.

The York Rite comprises three broad groups after the basic Craft degrees. The first is the Royal Arch Chapter and consists of, in ascending order: Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Holy Royal Arch Mason. The next group is the Cryptic or Royal and Select Masters. This starts with Royal Master, then moves on to Select Master and finally Super Excellent Master -which is the 10th degree in the York Rite.

The crowning glory of the York Rite is the group known as the Commandery of Knights Templar. This starts with the Order of the Red Cross, moves on to the Order of the Knights of Malta, then Order of the Knight Templar Commandery. Once you are a Knight Templar, you gain entrance to the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine -if you have the right connections.

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