Obama – Prince Hall Freemason?

Barack Obama

Grandpa told me that Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason, and good standing member of Royal Arch Masons, and Knights Templar.

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9 thoughts on “Obama – Prince Hall Freemason?

  1. Well he most certainly is not a Templar. That would be absurd. To become a Knights Templar you must be a Christian. Barack has stated several times he is not a Christian in particular. He is not a Knights Templar.

  2. … And I don’t see a man, who can not stand for the pledge to this countries flag, being much more than another smudge on history who was assumed to be destined to do great things and never did. Point being made, it’s almost 2012 and he has yet to do anything except sign a healthcare bill that takes away more rights from American citizens.

  3. Nowadays you don’t have to be a Christian to be a Knights Templar. As long as you take a vow to defend the Christian faith. I am Jewish and a Sir Knight. Just as I would defend my religion as well as any other religion, regardless of what it may be. There are many other men in this country who do the same. And my Lodge knows I am a Jew…

  4. The President has NEVER said that he’s not a Christian. Where does this stuff come from? He’s not a Mason. Neither is he affiliated with any Masonic appendant body.

  5. I dont think he should have ran for president in this racist country in the first place. This country was built on racism and bloodshed so Obama is not the one who put this country in the position it is in today, so why u racists keep saying he has yet to accomplish anything. He aint doing nothing but picking up where u left off, which I think is very sad. The asiatic blackman and woman in America would do better off with a flag and country they can call they’re own and u know that u racist. The only solution for the problems that the children of Isreal faced in Eygpt was SEPARATION and thats the only solution for the problems that we Afrodescandants face in america. As reality is starting to set in we are coming to the realization that our problems are not your problems so u dont have to keep reminding us that we cant do anything to help improve the condition of this country. Separation and independance is the key, wake up my people.

  6. @ BRO 3… are you serious?? your religion has nothing to do with you being a mason at all. Where are you getting your information?


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