Jay Z: Angel or Devil?

Jay Z - Bush Bones

Free Mason (Feat Jay-Z): B-tch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six but the devil I’m not…

Looking at Jay-Z in Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” video he holds his Illuminati sign with his hands over his left eye while wearing a skull and bones Rocawear t-shirt. The media was loathe to touch George Bush’s secret society, Illuminati lodge 322 in 2006. In this video Jay Z exposed the truth about Bush to millions of people. The Illuminati’s biggest fear is exposure. Alot of blogs say Jay is a Freemason and a devil worshipper because of this kind of imagery. I don’t think that is true. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton run Prince Hall Freemasonry, the lodge for blacks. If you want to be a member you have to go through a hazing ritual just like any college fraternity.

Jay-Z – Free Mason. “broad I said I was amazin’, not that I’m a Mason” ….. He said ” Ill go to the grave before I be a broad Nigga”

All of Freemasonry’s secrets are on the internet. Why would Jay go through a hazing and become Jesse Jackson’s broad? Would you take orders from Al Sharpton? I’d rather go to the grave too.

I think Jay is telling the truth when he says he’d have trouble joining a golf club never mind the Illuminati. All the Illuminati controversy surrounding Jay Z enlightens the profane goyim sheeple. He is doing a tremendous good revealing their secrets in his videos and lyrics. Jay Z might have a big ego, but I can see his halo. Can you?

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13 thoughts on “Jay Z: Angel or Devil?

  1. There is a lot of evidence that Jay-Z and Beyonce are members of the Golden Dawn cult. It uses a lot of Masonic elements, but also incorporates Egyptian devil-worship. Thus, he may not be a “Freemason.” He used to be apart of York’s Masonic-influenced mystery school in NYC when he was younger too. Remember Jay-Z was CEO of Island-DefJam Universal Music – he’s no poor ghetto child anymore and he plays the game with the other “big boys” of the New World Order Illuminati (NWO) to keep his wealth and fame. There are different factions of the NWO with a lot of big egos, and they don’t always get along. And, one can have difficulty joining a golf club regardless of one’s status because the golf club is probably privately owned by some WASP who is not a NWO member and finds all rappers scary and low-class.

  2. Jay-Z even has your ass fooled. He is a slave who uses the “powers” of satanism to keep his power going. He married up and is using poor dumb Beyonce to stay relevant. If he had not married her naieve ass he would not even be talked about.

  3. Yo…you people are fuckin stupid lol anybody that reads this bullshit and believes it is fracking stupid and have nothing else better to do than fall victim to these fraudulent mason theories!!!!

    Whoever said that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson run the Prince Hall Masons…really…middle finger to you for being the biggest dumb ass!!!

    If you really want to know about Masonry…become a Mason…it’s that simple!!!!

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  5. lol to the last person…….i fuess u have nothing better to do then to tlk crap on a computer real mature lol

  6. Yeah, alot of people hate Jay Z because he is cocky and arrogant. He thinks he’s a God so calls himself Hova.

  7. Real hip is underground now

    The idea of this group is to get real music to as many people as possible.

    The mainstream entertainment industry is controlled to influence the sheeple in a negative way. They promote violence, hate, satanism, sexual behavior and homosexuality.

    To help get the word out send this page to your freinds or message people from groups such as lil wayne or jay z telling them about this page and that the music industry is satanic.

    Thanks alot


  8. WOW Terry, I am Bisexual, and I think what you wrote was the rudest peice of bullshit on how Homosexuality is bad, get a life….and Duck off, thanks. 🙂

  9. Привет! Second, music has been around from the time people began to make noise in rhythm. That means from forever onward. That must mean that the Devil created music then, by your standards? That doesn t mean much, considering I have an extremely extensive library of music that holds no mention to any religious icon whatsoever, so your point it moot.


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