Drake’s Illuminati Shirt

Drake Illuminati Shirt

Drake raps: “All seeing eye, my eyes seen it all”, while wearing a shirt with a pyramid on it. Does Drake read up on the Illuminati? Their occult secrets are all available on the internet. Has Drake been illuminated by the light of Lucifer or is he still in the dark?

Drake is a rich kid from the Beverly Hills of Toronto. I’ve read a few conspiracy theories that Drake is part of the Illuminati. Even though he’s a Jew, I don’t think he’s a member of any secret society. He’s too young. I think he wore the shirt because he is against the New World Order. Then again he is a Jew. Lying is like breathing to Satan’s kids.

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22 thoughts on “Drake’s Illuminati Shirt

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  2. OMG I just can’t belive! His t-shirt is with illuminati symbol! Does he belive in illuminati! I’m muslim and I’m proud! Ezzrr : We learned to not insult each others but also her/him religion! So please don’t insult us! You’re part of us! It doesn’t mean if we are muslim,christianity etc we’re also friends

  3. we are all brothers see this is wat the illuminati are planning to do becaues they make us fight each other we should all unite for they are not against the prophet mohamed or jesus or moses they are against god which means everyone from everyreligion believing in him so instead of fighting with each other unite against them because they are against god which all 3 religions believe in ALLAH GOD he is one and they are against him and i am against them so you take a stand with or against them leave your quarrels for later there will be plenty of time

  4. frack all you the only religion there should be is christian all the rest are wrong i hate you all muslims should all be bombed like they do to everyone else islams should also be bombed jews should be taken to chamber and u know the rest and christians should be given all their oney and become rich and rule the world ….. that is all 🙂

  5. wats wrong with some of u people?? dont be cussing,predicting peoples fate or wishing people 2 die especially in gods name. your’ll aint him! we were put here 2 love one and another. .some of url speak with so hate it does not
    sound like your’ll are muslim or christian but with the illuminati

  6. drake iis really an illuminati? im going to stop listen to his songs, i cant believe it. frack NIGGA WHO IS ILLUMINATI

  7. frack all you the only religion there should be is christian all the rest are wrong i hate you all muslims should all be bombed like they do to everyone else islams should also be bombed jews should be taken to chamber and u know the rest and christians should be given all their oney and become rich and rule the world ….. that is all

    Quoting Mitch Coe above:
    You’ve been hoodwinked by the very same people that Drake is a part of, someone here mentioned that this (what you said above) is what they want, poor vs rich, black vs white, religion vs religion and they have succeeded in brainwashing the masses into believing that Muslims are the enemy. Stop listening/watching Fox (Faux) and CNN News, it is no more than Corporate Owned Propoganda to sway the masses of sheeple who follow it blindly.
    This country is going down the tubes because of puppets like Obama, Bush (both of them), Clinton, Reagan and just about every President (barring Kennedy and Lincoln, who both went against the establishment and were killed for it) do the bidding of their masters (Freemasons). Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyonce and just about every Rapper, Singer and Actor/Actress have to sell their soul to the Baphomet in order to achieve the fame they desire. Freemasons/Illuminati run this world with their boss (Lucifer) at the helm, Jesus never even disputed the fact that Satan is the ruler of these governments on Earth when the devil came to HIM and told HIM to bow down and worship him and all the kingdoms of the Earth would be HIS but the Lord just told him to get thee hence, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and HIM only shalt thou serve.
    Stop fighting with each other and fight those who run this corrupt government/world government (Seat of the Anti-christ).

  8. It’s funny to hear the dipshit above say frack muslims and frack the rest of the religions except christianity. What the frack makes christianity so great? Let me tell all you dummies something dummies something all religion is fracked up. Is this what religion promotes? People arguing fighting, and threatening one another for a person they never met. That’s what they want you to do is all kill eachother makes their job that much easier. Maybe people learned nothing from the 800,000 dead in rwanda because religion most christians and they were all mostly killed in church. Where the frack was your so called god then? People better drop that religion poop and stop fracking with angels and demons. Pay attention to what’s real and it front of them. All you fracks lost touch of reality and you wonder why guys like me succeed while everyone else stays stuck believing in miracles. Keep teaching our great nation dumb bullshit and you wonder why the world’s fracked up. I’ll sit back and watch you idiots destroy eachother while i live a fulfilling life. Have fun you dipshits!

  9. I cant believe what im reading here. The comments some people post are just shocking. This world really need catch a wake up call its about time now. Matter fact is long overdue. Don’t you get it? Its a war. Over you. Your mind. To give yourself to them[illuminati] and they are winning. Dammit you letting them win for fracks sakes. Resist, be a rebel for once in you pathetic lives. The devil is doing cartwheels in hell right now coz hes winning over your soul. Much respect to the post of Noneyo Bizzwaxx. If every one could start thinking like you then this world would atleast stand a chance against satan. Unfortunately from what ive read on this blog we heading straight to hell. Im sorry but thats not just my oppinion, THATS THE TRUTH.

  10. I really don’t blame people who are cussing at Islam, its not your fault that you can’t see the religions truth because youre full of hatred. So cusss at Islam as much as you want. I hope that makes you happy, because if you are a true christian, would jesus want you to do that? and what would jesus want you to do?
    My answer would be probably go try to learn about Islam and find out who they are. Pick up the Quran and read it and act like you have never seen it before, read it then tell me what you think. Put your hatred on a side and try to learn. I am a muslim, before i judge anything, anyone i try to learn. I love learning about Christianity and other religions because it makes my believes stronger.
    And For anyone out here, if i find Prophet Mohammad mentioned in the bible, will you step a side, act like youre not a christian, not a muslim, youre a person who is trying to seek the truth, and read this part of the bible and see if it makes sense to you or not?
    Because if you pick the bible, thinking there is no way Prophet Mohammad is in the bible, then you won’t find it, you will see it but your heart won’t accept it. Because we human beings are selfish and stubborn. there is no way youre going to say oh this is right.. All I am saying is put the Hatred aside and try to learn with open heart, once you have learned everything and you are sure you know everything then u can decide to hate or love. But you are lost, you see in the media that muslims are killing, they aren’t treating women right etc…and you feel this natural hate towards them and its understandable for that moment but its your duty to go and search and find your answers your self instead of someone else telling you.

    Drake is not in the Alluminati, people in the alluminati are the richest of all but no one knows them. They control the goverment, media, hollywood, music industry almost everything.
    Who killed Micheal Jackson? Who killed Tupac? who killed many other people out there?
    So a lot of rappers and singers wears or shows a sign of alluminati is to show that they are being controlled by them.

  11. im an ex illuminati in hideing nd i am letting all of u kno that something is coming something is coming soon so be ready this is more like a warning many people probably wont take this message serios but ive aready done enough on warning you

  12. hahahaha jk but dam all of this illuminati stuff is very interesting id like to learn more id like to actually meet an illuminati


  14. If Drake is going to hell, then am going to hell to. Am so addicted to him and i just can’t get enough of his music.

  15. Religion is man made to control the masses. It’s doing the same thing over and over again, “I brush my teeth religiously” Muslims pray 5 times a day. Why? Because they think they can get to heaven by their own works. They can pray 100 times a day and still be lost!

    Islam is an EMPTY religion. Muslims only obey their religion because of peer pressure, but deeeeeep inside they think it’s a waste of time. Muslim, when you are on your deathbed will you be comforted with your empty allah or will the Jinns be waiting to take you to HELL!
    Without Jesus you will be going to hell doesn’t matter if you’ve prayed 5 or 500 times a day. If you didn’t pray for forgiveness to Jesus you will be lost for eternity.

    Islam is an evil and demonic religion praying to a false god check this out:

    Christians & Jewish martyrs say; “I will die for what I believe”.
    A Muslim martyr says; “you will die for what I believe”….

    Just a cursory look at Muhammad’s Qur’an (Koran) should be enough to warn you to keep your distance from Islam:

    In it you will see “unbridled raw evil”, such as statements like these:

    – Truly, god loves those who fight

    – Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them,
    and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for
    them in every stratagem.

    – Chop off their hands and chop off their fingertips

    – When you meet the unbelievers, CHOP OFF THEIR
    HEADS -gee what a loving and peaceful religion islam is…FOOLS

    – Fight and slay those WHO DON’T CONVERT WHEREVER
    you find them


    – Those who follow Muhammad ARE RUTHLESS TO

    – Those who reject Islam are “the vilest of creatures”
    and thus deserve no mercy

    – Fight them until Islam reigns supreme (throughout
    the world)

    There are more than 100 verses in the Qur’an (Koran) advocating the use of violence to spread Islam. There are exactly 123 verses in the Qur’an about killing and fighting.

    You can always know a false god. False gods always demand the blood of innocents.
    Whenever the innocent and just are being slain, there you will find Moloch the god Ba’al; always masquerading.

    The god of Muslims is revealed as a tyrant who demands Muslims and all others submit to him. Whereas in the New Testament, Jesus revealed to Christians a God who is a loving Father, who wants us to come to Him via free will. In the Old Testament (Exodus 34:6) the real God revealed Himself as “merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth”. He is the Creator of the Universe, the God of Love, and Lord of Life. The God of Israel is this true God. He insists “Thou shall NOT kill the innocent and just”.

    >>>>>> The word “Islam” has been falsely proclaimed by Muslims to mean peace. The word Islam, actually means “submission” to the Muslim god of intolerance and hatred. It comes from the root Arabic word “taslim”. In Arabic, the word for peace is only “solh”.<<<<<<< HA HA BUSTED!

    See muslim you're already bullshitting people!

    Muslims are totally blind and leading the blind to hell. Muhammod and lucifer is laughing at you!

    The immortal souls of billions of individuals are involved here. To good Muslims I say; "I have sympathy with your having to grow up in a closed society — where not embracing Islam would have gotten you shunned or even killed". According to many interpretations of the Qur'an (aka: Koran), conversion to a faith other than Islam is punishable by death. Like Satan's slavery, Islam maintains a choke hold on its followers. This sorrowful situation most Muslims are born into should arouse compassion and not scorn, from the followers of the Christ.

    TRY JESUS the ONLY TRUE GOD that can actually SAVE YOU FROM HELL!!!! (no kidding JESUS is for REAL and will never leave you or forsake you) don't be a stupid stubborn fool. Check out chick.com for the REAL FACTS and how hundreds of thousands of die hard muslims accepted Jesus.
    Without Jesus the jinns will be waiting for….YOU!

  16. Do not judge someone because of their actions. Its not because of them its temptations. satan makes it look so appealing when it is straight up wrong. we serve God and if u deny him now he will deny you later

  17. i thnk that drake is illumnatie becaus he knw’s wht his doing he is trying to indocktyrenating ll the children that is listening to his song


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