Lady Gaga is Afraid of the Devil

Lady Gaga Illuminati Devil

Watch this video where Lady Gaga reveals her fear of the Devil. I also read that she is celibate. I think that may be why she is so successful. She is the only female singer that doesn’t try to out whore Madonna. They say the Devil is the angel of music. Lady Gaga might be afraid she traded away her soul when she signed that record contract.

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6 thoughts on “Lady Gaga is Afraid of the Devil

  1. Gente esta coisa e muito feia.
    E orivel,pra gent cr rica n e pressiso ser iluminant… e mito feiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  2. How can a blatant known devil worshipper be afraid of the one it loves and promotes the devil, girl puh-lease, you need to try it again, honey, because you have your “facts” all wrong, this thing stay promoting evil 24-7, to all of the brain washed who believe that it is for them, her monsters as it calls, I call it a it because I am not sure if it is a woman, I do know it is demon possessed. Go to any other blog on the internet about it, and they will tell you it is a devil worshipper.

  3. They are very much afraid! You can often hear it in their lyrics. Hitler wrote that he talked with the Devil and he was much afraid of him. Many artists like Michael Jackson, Eminem, Katy Perry, Kanye West and so on says in there songs how the are possessed by evil spirits and they are not sounding like they are having a good time. They have been lured by Satan or he´s Demons just like he has done since the begining of time. What people see as ufo´s up there are actually multidimensional beings (Demons) The world is not what it seems to be. Open your eyes, open our Bibel it is all there!


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