Lady Gaga Illuminati Puppet?

Lady Gaga Illuminati

I was reading this article from Vigilant Citizen about Lady Gaga being an Illuminati puppet. In my opinion, when celebrities flash the all seeing eye it’s usually a form of rebellion. Nobody likes the old order and the Illuminati banking families, especially now, with all the bank bailouts and bankruptcies. I think sometimes people, including me, read too much into music videos looking for occult symbols and conspiracies. Sometimes a video is just a video. If Lady Gaga uses occult symbols it doesn’t automatically mean she’s a mind controlled sex slave.

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19 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Illuminati Puppet?

  1. Denial much? I enjoy your site but methinks you are blind here. Look at this image. The eye of Horus, in the triangle, plus the rays of the sun? Come on you know better than that. Note also the fingers in another very common Masonic position.

    I don’t dive into it as deeply as Vigilant does, but he is a very talented observer in these things. Nor have I seen GooGa waving the Cornuto about either. But if you watch her videos, and think about where some of her personnas appear, what type of setting you see lots of connections.

    That is all I gotta say.

  2. Why did you not post my comments sent you yesterday on this article? There was nothing wrong with it in terms of language or such. All I did was chide you for not noticing all of the obvious imagery this young woman wraps around herself.

    I would appreciate a response else I will feel compelled to remove you from my blog roll.

  3. Sorry, I haven’t logged in since Friday. I appreciate your comments.

    I can’t come to the conclusion that Lady Gaga is some sort of mind controlled slave just because she has masonic imagery in her videos. I think Vigilant Citizen is jumping to conclusions with that “telephone” video.

  4. guys this music video is illuminati symbolism. they want to control ppl like puppets so that their new world order can succeed. wake up and spread the news. lady gahgah and beyawnce are satanists.

  5. She is definitely a puppet! Look how much fame she has gained. No one can get to the top without being a puppet.

  6. You are all ridiculous. Lady Gaga’s videos are clearly incorporating the symbolism of the illuminati and the symbolism of mind control, but it’s all just a metaphor. MET-A-PHOR. You keep yapping about mind control, with Gaga and Beyonce–SORRY, what exactly are they trying to brainwash and control us to get us to do? Have you revealed this important piece of information? Huh? HUH??? Of course not. Because they’re not trying to get us to do anything–except be intrigued and buy their records. There are no “darker forces” of a “New World Order” at work in these videos. You people are stupid. If you want to worry about a New World Order, investigate reality instead–multinational corporations buying elections in the United States, Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton getting rich off the Iraq war, and so forth. You are wasting your time and thought on the wrong things. If anyone has you controlled and brainwashed, it’s the forces like I just mentioned–you ignore what’s really going on in the world politically, economically, and environmentally and you spend your time dissecting pop videos. Pathetic.

  7. i dont care to tell you the truth, the eye of horus doesnt even have anything to do with satan or the illuminati, its an egyption symbol of light or something, and the pyramid and sun rays are the same, all egyption symbols. in the end she is helping and inspring people so i love her. be paranoid i dont really care, you just wasting you lives

  8. yeah that’s the point, egyptian symbols! if you know the book of exodus, you might know who they are. you people should read the bible before arguing.

    Satan is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God. (Ephes. 2:2).
    “Be sober and self-controlled. Be watchful. Your accuser the Devil, walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”(1 Peter 5:8)

  10. Esta foto es real ? por qe entonces ya no ai ninguna duda de qe es iluminati .This photo is real?

  11. hahha…come on people who are blinded and those who preferred to be as “blind” sorry for the word….you have to open your eyes…indeed, many people will be destroyed because of lack of knowledge….it’s for you to believe..otherwise you fell to their trap..God bless..

  12. these things happen in the world… vigilant and watchful to test any whether it’s from God or not..and you’re free to believe….

  13. I am with Vigilant. I believe Gaga not only sign a contract in blood, she agreed to mind-control and total domination by her handlers. Which is pretty much standard fair. She is now used to “sale” the secret mysteries as desirable, seeking knowledge through the arcane schools, and creating positive associations to Freemasonry and the Occult. The furtherance of witchcraft, and homosexuality, and the degeneration of the family. You know your standard “pleasure model” Illuminati puppet. Watch for suicide in the not too distant future. Plus wasn’t it rumored that she took on the “soul” of a suicide victim? A song writer close to her? Isn’t human sacrifice mandatory in Satanic circles? And isn’t Reward forthcoming after such rituals? Didn’t Satan offer Jesus “all this” as he showed Christ the World? For just bowing down to him?

  14. gah HELLO! anybody in there?! you see it with all of the stars there’s proof and some of you deny it?! she’s Hollywood’s property they own her she gets paid to be a puppet! just because they say they’ve always dreamt of this doesn’t mean they’re happy (be careful what you wish for, you just might get it) they literally sold themselves to the devil! music, cartoons, movies it’s everywhere you ppl just don’t realize it! once when this NWO comes they’re going to tell us I TOLD YOU SO YOU JUST WEREN’T PAYING ATTENTION. YOU HEAR BUT YOU DON’T LISTEN. open your eyes ppl use them as the good lord gave them to you.

  15. She sucks so bad,i dont know why people love her… Stupid mind-controled broad ! :@

  16. Lady Gaga isn’t a MPD multiple like Nikki Minaj. She’s a beta slave at best but I don’t even think she’s that. She’s just a Madonna replacement with an enlarged clitoris. She did make a song called “Government Hooker” where she says she gets paid to have sex with people but that doesn’t make her a mind controlled slave. To be a multiple you gotta be raped as a child. To be a beta sex slave you gotta be a teenage runaway. Gaga is neither.

  17. of course, the illuminati had nothing to do with this.

    lady gaga got her fame and luxury simply by being creative and artistic.

    she didn’t sell her soul to Lucifer, she lost it when she lost her faith.

    she didn’t have to prove to anyone that she’s a puppet, she makes you a puppet
    by buying her albums, following her music.

    she didn’t have to confirm any of the symbolic rituals in her videos just to convince you of her hidden agendas, you figured it out by looking for answers and the truths have come to you, but still, you denied them, and that’s how the rituals worked.
    lies+hidden lies+more hidden lies+confusions = deceived ignorant societies.

    sure, why would you believe in Satan and his promise to God to lead us astray to avenge his fall? no, don’t believe me, deny me. I’m a liar.

    I’m just a paranoid conspiracy theorist who’s insane enough to believe in all these satanic crap to corrupt human souls.

    “The greatest success of The Devil is when he made you think that he didn’t exist, while he lingers at you from left to right, front and rear, body, mind and soul, without you realizing it. Ignorance is The Devil’s work.”

    ~Mark Twain

  18. All my dears!!….I have news for you!!. Please open your eyes…there are top ranking elite everywhere around you…employed in banks,corporations,finance,schools etc etc…Please remember, years ago, nuns and priests walked the streets with their religious robes, until the pope decided it was better for them to evangelize, by wearing normal clothes, (evangelize for the vatican means to ‘ get all people to believe that Roman Catholicism is good). We live in a fruitcake..they are not just called the ‘Illuminati’ that is an old group now. We have a new mixed group of elites . The Vatican is the source of all evil..the controller of every aspect of the governments of this fruitcake world of ours. Google up ‘Opus Dei’ and find out what the real plan is…the Vatican is infested with criminals… don’t look to America as the control factor…America is controlled by the’s a puppet and so are other countries. Here is the proof from a trusted person.

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