Lady Gaga is a True Believer

Lady Gaga

I think Lady Gaga has a crush on Joe.

I’m listening to: ♫Lady Gaga – Born This Way

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2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga is a True Believer

  1. Lady Gaga is amidst an eight-night run at Roseland Ballroom, marking the final performances ever at New York City’s iconic music venue. Last night, she gave fans around the world a front row view of the intimate stage show, as she welcomed the cameras of Late Show with David Letterman. With Letterman and Bill Murray (!) looking on, Gaga performed two songs from her latest LP, Artpop, in “Dope” and “G.U.Y.” My favorite part, however, came earlier in the episode, when Bill made it his mission to take a photo with Gaga. We’ll say it again, Billy: please never change.

  2. Farrah Furtado gave Gaga thumbs up. If she was transphobic like her parents Gaga would of went nowhere. psalm of david determines the stars


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