Lady Gaga Swallows Rosary

Vigilant Citizen dissects Lady Gaga’s new Alejandro video here. I agree with VC’s occult interpretations on Gaga. The only thing I disagree with is that she is mind controlled. She was too old when she became famous to be a decent sex slave. Sex slaves are Disney’s department.

I notice that the cross in the video is shaped like a coffin. Freemasons are put in a coffin and “reborn” into the order. I think VC is spot on when he says she eats the rosary to become like God. She is a pop God after all. Her robotic, automaton music puts everyone in a sleepwalker trance. She’s peddling love songs like every other pop star. Alejandro is just a recycled Abba song. It keeps the profane goyim calm while they work their meaningless jobs. Lady Gaga isn’t mind controlled, she is mind control.

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3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Swallows Rosary

  1. These posts are interesting but I have to say I disagree that she’s not mind-controlled. I think she’s absolutly a mind-controlled slave. She said herself that she works ALL the time and she does. She’s always traveling giving concerts, doing interviews/talk shows, or working at the Haus of Gaga as it’s been called, the place where she supposedly comes up with her ideas.

    Also, people who were friends with her back in the day said that she was nothing like the girl you see now. One friend said that her behavior seemed to change as soon as she got her record deal and that Lady Gaga started referring to herself in the 3rd person saying, “Lady Gaga wouldn’t like this” or “Lady Gaga wouldn’t do that.”

    She’s also got the lightning bolt all over her stuff. She wears the lightning bolt on her face in videos and it’s actually on the cover of her album. If you are familiar with MK Ultra you know that the lightning bolt is used to symbolize electro-shock which they use to create trauma and alter egos. Poor girl, I feel bad for her.

    Also, in an interview with Cosmo magazine, she said that her friends have remarked that she’s “dead” until she goes onstage. This was curiously followed by her saying, “I’m dead right now as I’m talking to you.” Weird!

  2. From what I’ve heard Gaga has an enlarged clitoris. So she probably is a Sex slave. Illuminati love kink. When do u think her handlers started giving her electroshocks? I bet she got the old Insulin coma electroshock taped recording treatment once she got her plastic surgery.


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