Criss Angel: Freemason?

Criss Angel Illuminati Shirt

It is true that some of the greatest magical entertainers have been Masons such as: Houdini, Keller, Thurston, Dante, Calvert, Grabel, Hermann, Kramien, McComb, Berglas, Goebel, Korim, Rellim, and the Ringling Brothers, to name a few. Is Criss Angel a Mason?

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12 thoughts on “Criss Angel: Freemason?

  1. I think so. Consider the episode in which he appears to hover over his residence in the pyramid hotel in las vegas. The pyramid is one of the known symbols associated with freemasonary. Aka symbolism. Aka the illuminati,and the all seeing eye.

  2. To be a Mason, u must know a Mason. Check your state’s website of how to become a Mason. People fear the unknown, so they will say anything to make anybody to be against masonry.

  3. I am a Mason and there is nothing ominous about Freemasonry. We are a noble order with a belief in ‘making good me better.’ Our foundation is rooted in morality and charitable relief and support amongst our brethren, and within the communities that we live in. Yes, many high-profile individuals have and continue to be members of the order, but that is only because the calibre of members is such that Freemasons often have the qualities required to excel and persevere. We are selective of the people we take in, but it has nothing to do with social status, wealth, etc, but rather on the virtuous qualities of an individual. 2B1Ask1- in other words, if you are interested in joining, simply petition with your local lodge(s). And please do not believe in the conspiracy garbage that you hear with regards to the organization. Do your part to learn more direct from the source; meet with a Mason and then at least you have a basis for forming your opinions. I am confident that you will find us to be a good bunch of fellows!

  4. Yes! He is! And Masons are devil worshippers BTW!!! They will lie about it though! Nothing Noble about that! Matter or truth, Michael Brea(Ugly Betty Actor) was a Mason and he beheaded his own mother last Thanksgiving with a Mason Sword after having a stanic vison that the world was ending.

    He then woke up, proceeded to mock Jesus telling her: “Receive Jesus! Receive Jesus!” Then he decapitated her while she was boiling chickens on the stove. He’s now in JAIL for murder!

    His father was a Free Mason as well. This is how NOBLE a society they are! ThIS IS WHERE BEING A FREE MASON WILL GET YOU!

  5. Oh and if that info isn’t convincing enough for you, a friend of mine read of another true account where a young lady dated a Mason. He claimed Masons had no ties to satanic worship, yet while they were making love, in broad daylight, he began shape shifting before her eyes. And NO, she WAS NOT HIGH OR DRUNK!!! Still considering Masonry? THINK AGAIN! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! The Devil is a LIAR and his followers are too!


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