Barack Obama: Illuminati Puppet?

Barack Obama Illuminati

I recently watched Rothschild’s Choice by Texe Marrs and I’m convinced Obama is an Illuminati puppet. I still haven’t found concrete proof that Obama is a Prince Hall freemason…yet. Right now it’s just rumors.

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2 thoughts on “Barack Obama: Illuminati Puppet?

  1. esse baraque obama e um panaca metido iluminati eu acredito em deus e nao vou deixar esse canalha tomar o lugar dele ate mesmo porque nimguem no mundo que consegue fazer isso vc acha que michael jacsson morreu de que eles pagare para aquele medico particular matalo depois do show que michael fez e disse que estava cansado de eles o controlare muita gente morreu depois de nao querer mais ficar com eles ,a piramide e um simbolo a estrela emvertida tambem
    e isso e so o comesso do que eles podem fazer

  2. Well with the new health care reform its become pretty obvious that he is. Just think about it, it has been said the Illuminati hate black people and find them inferior.

    What better way to lure everyone into a false sense of security than having a black president for the first time in history. That alone should be a huge indication how fracked up this country has been for ages now, let alone we go from Obama preaching about he will get us “Free Healthcare” to us being forced into paying for it no matter what.

    I mean for christ sakes, we are forced to pay for car insurance now. We are forced to pay for renters insurance now.. and now we are are being forced into paying for Health Care with the threat of actual jail sentences if you choose not to pay the taxes without having Health Insurance.

    We are already taxed for everything, It’s beyond absurd to make anyone understand why on earth would our government need to tax us more..

    I truly hate the country I live in, not only for its corruption but the ill hand it has had in the rest of the worlds decisions as well. American even has Europe thinking about changing… how pathetic is that. A country that actually had a real sense a purpose, making a point that humanity comes before paper backs.

    What a sad situation the world has let it become and yes its all our faults for not giving more of poop that we are being taken advantage of in almost every way imaginable. We are way more intelligent than ants but sadly we live like the Disney Movie Antz. The grasshoppers being our fracked up corrupted government..

    You think fracking ants have to use money in their colony to survive frack no, they work together as a hardcore group and stomp the poop out of anything in their path. Something humanity has completely lost touch of, we outnumber them so why is it they are controlling us let alone making the most irrational decisions for us as well.


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