Beyonce’s Ram’s Head Ring

Beyonce Ram's Head Ring

So it turns out Beyonce’s ring is not a Baphomet ring but a Ram’s head ring. I go this message from the jewelry company that gave her the ring:

Hi, We are the jewellery co that gave Beyonce that ring and there is nothing sinister about it at all. It is a rams head covered in black saphires on red gold. Beyonce never asked for it to be made we simply gave it to her as a present for her UK tour.

Hope that clears that up.

Comment by Br Republic — April 26, 2010 @ 3:07 am

This is what I found regarding Ram’s heads on Google:

One may contend that there is a vast difference between a goat and a ram; but, if you research the subject of witchcraft, you’ll learn that BOTH animals are extremely popular in witchcraft.

Some witches today claim that the goat head is really supposed to be a ram’s head (which originated with the ram-headed god of Ammon in ancient times).

It turns out Beyonce isn’t a serious devil worshipper. There are plenty of people who throw up the goat horns with their hands without really being a serious Luciferian. So why does she make the all seeing eye with her hands? I suspect Beyonce and Jay Z are trying to raise “awareness” that the Illuminati run the world. Celebrities are always trying to raise awareness. If Jay Z is a Freemason he would most likely be a member of Prince Hall. Prince Hall is like B’nai B’rith for blacks. It’s where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton hatch schemes to stop white supremacy.

The Illuminati is a secret society that hides within Freemasonry. I think the Illuminati have already infiltrated Prince Hall. The Illuminati began infiltrating Masonic lodges in 1776. You are only told that Lucifer is the God of this world when you get into the higher degrees of Masonry. What’s funny about that is, that it is in agreement with the bible which also calls Lucifer the ruler of this world.

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6 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Ram’s Head Ring

  1. ummm….the goat and ram do not symbolize anything demonic or mean to be used for witchcraft. I suggest you do your research. goats are also symbloized as a zodiac sign (capricorn). does that mean all capricorns are demonic or worship the devil? no. the goat is determined and steadfast as it climbs a mountain top. to reach the top is a symbol reaching ones goal. a light some would say. a light of truth or ILLUMINATIon. the horn is for strength, so is it for a ram. so before you start blurting out your foolishness, do some research.

    fellow goat


  3. Newsflash zodiac and astrology is a part of witchcraft. You can research it yourself.


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