Beyonce Runs the World Part 3

Here is the full Beyonce Billboard Run the World Video so you can watch it yourself.

Beyonce Run The World Lion
The video starts out with the Lion of Judah in the letter M.

The letter M is the 13th letter in the alphabet. Pope John Paul had the letter M on his seal to stand for the Virgin Mary. Which artist is synonymous with the Virgin Mary? Madonna! Madonna is the ring leader of these rebellious women.

If you listen closely the lion speaks and says, “Even though you can’t see me, you fear me!” Who do the Illuminati fear? Christ! Christ is the lion. Jay Z recently called Beyonce “the second coming”. Girls ruling the world is about the second coming of Christ. Christ is helping these women by teaching them the secrets of the Devil (Freemasonry).

The matriarchy will try and take control of the family once again in 2012. You can see it everywhere. The women have the money. The divorce court always rules in favor of women. Women don’t even need men to raise a family. There are many single mothers out there who don’t need a man. More women finish college than men. Men are dropping out. Men are tired of trying to rule the world. No matter what men have tried their New World Order eludes them. Rebellious women like Beyonce dream of one world without borders, poverty and fear. This flies in the face of the patriarchal teachings of Christ. Christ is the head of man. Man is the head of woman and woman is head of the children.

Darkness to Light Freemasonry
This picture is from the grand lodge Madonna is master of in England. Her teacher is Freemason Rui Gaborro.

This female lodge is not recognized by male Freemasons. If you look at the picture you notice the girls have angel wings symbolizing the next step in evolution. Leo Zagami reported on this female lodge run by Madonna. Leo is a former member of Propaganda Due. Propaganda Due is the most infamous Italian black, clandestine lodge.

Beyonce Run the World Wings
Beyonce with her angel wings.

On the blasphemous TV show Ancient Aliens it is theorized that angels are in fact alien beings. They are aliens that look like us that are probably evolved from apes just as we are. There are many instances of angels coming down from the sky and intervening in man’s affairs in the bible. Can women intervene in man’s affairs and save us like biblical angels? I’m sorry to say brothers and sisters that no, they cannot. Only God fearing men can save our wretched souls.

Beyonce Illuminati Pyramid Girls
Beyonce below a pyramid with her girls.

What would the Illuminati do without women to control? They would be powerless. Women make the best spies. These femme fatale’s are programmed with MK-Ultra. If I was a spymaster I would change their programming and set them on KILLuminati. Problem solved. Sounds simple but we must love our enemies. We must turn the other cheek and wait for God to intervene.

Beyonce Illuminati Pyramid
Beyonce in an Illuminati pyramid made of a dollar bill.

This is the real money shot of the video. No pun intended. The dollar bill has all of the Illuminati’s secrets drawn on it. The bohemian owl. The all seeing eye. The number 13 is repeated on the bill 13 times. When you die for your country the flag is folded 13 times and given to you shaped like a pyramid.

Beyonce Elephant
The elephant never forgets.

I noticed a lot of elephant symbolism in the billboard Run the World video. It looks like an elephant skull. Elephants in Africa bury their dead and come back to visit. They remember everything. Why do women remember everything? I can never remember birthdays or anniversaries, but I remember when Jesus was born. That was year 1.

Beyonce Salute
Beyonce salutes you.


Beyonce takes feminism to it’s logical conclusion. Women have the killer instinct. They have become the enraged mama grizzly of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. A mama grizzly can fight off the bigger and stronger male when her cubs are threatened and children all over the world are threatened with looming apocalypse. Deforestation, war, famine and environmental disaster are on the horizon. Can women save us all? I don’t think so. Only a giant statue in the image of the most powerful thing in the universe, me, can save you. Call 866-9-SAVE ME and donate generously.

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18 thoughts on “Beyonce Runs the World Part 3

  1. Women? Pfft! Women have been trained to look after the fire while men guard the perimeter. It’s ingrained since cave man days. If the fire goes out you die. The lions and hyenas will eat your baby. Speaking of babies why doesn’t Beyonce have one? broad is rich. Her husband raps about his “dynasty”. How the frack is the stupid jigger gonna have a dynasty without heirs to the throne? Speaking of thrones. Watch the throne sucks. Eminem is way better. Did I mention Eminem is white? The heavyweight champion of boxing is white. Tiger Woods is no longer the best golfer as well. Whites are superior to negroes in everything even rap. The white man marchs on!

  2. Stupid cracker devil. Eminem ain’t the best rapper. Best rapper alive is Paris, but you won’t see him on MTV cuz the shiny happy person is blacklisted. Tiger Woods used to be the best golfer until these white she devil succubus’ attached their lips to Tiger’s penis. Tiger’s penis ejaculated diamonds and money.

  3. The three of you will fight it out endlessly even though it was we, God’s chosen bankers, that foreclosed on your worthless homes. ha ha ha

  4. I have decided to build a statue of myself in my image in order to remind people after I die that a great person like me once existed in this world. Noah had an ark, texans had the alamo, and I am building a highly fortified 50 storeyed statue in my image. This statue will be able to deflect alpha gamma and beta radiation. The day is coming soon when the artificial suns will rain down to punish the degenerates of this City. But you can save yourself. The Pastor Richards Salvation Statue will be a completely self sufficient community with food supplies enough to survive the predicted 40,000 years of nuclear winter. In phase two, and with funding from NASA we will equip this statue with rockets, so when the poopy hits the proverbial fan we will load up the statue with all those who have saved themselves with generous donations and blast off into space to colonize saturn with a race of morally correct affluent people ruled by me!

  5. You must buy a bunk on the Salvation Statue As Soon As possible! There is a limited amount of space on the statue, so if you want the safety and security of your own bunker give now! Call 866-9-SAVE ME. We’ll get you on the payment plan and if you are payed in full on D-Day you and your family will be safe. If not, you may just have to choose to save yourself and leave the others behind!

  6. A good dynasty needs at least 5 sons. In our family dynasty only Nathaniel had the sharp financial instinct that made money rain down like manna from heaven.

  7. I heard. My broad sister Davina saw it on the MTV Awards. There must be a billion dollars between Jay Z and Beyonce. I bet that asshole Sweeney is just lovin’ it. A jigger with a billion dollars. Only in America.

  8. This is a musical dynasty these schwartzer goyim are creating isn’t it? Hopefully we can pass some birth control laws and stop Beyonce from having more than 2 children.

  9. Two children? Be sensible Eddie. We need a one child per family policy like China. Be reasonable. The world is vastrly overpopulated.

  10. Beyonce’s still not pregnant. The stomach still hasn’t grown since the VMA’s. Keep humping jigger.

    @maxgold fucken Jew. When the commie NWO starts we will all be under a China 1 child policy with forced sterilizations.

  11. My mother’s tabloid says she has a fake bump. Do you think she would get a surrogate mother and not tell anyone?

  12. I’m sorry but Jesus’ teachings are not patriarchal Galatians 3: 28 : there is no Jew or Greek or slave or free or male or female, all are one in Jesus Christ. The so-called partriarchal order in the bible is not a general one for all men and women but only describes posisions in marraige,
    Ephesians 5 : 22-33. The husband must love his wife like Christ loves the congregation of His followers, (husband)laying down his life for her and in that attitude, she(wife) must submit to her husband and honor him. It’s like a contract, if the husband does not love his wife self-sacrificially and becomes bossy and selfish, then he breaks his side of the contract and she does not have to submit to that or honor him anymore.
    Jesus set women free to be equal humans, patriarchal order teachings based on asumed interpretations of the bible is rather “a slap in His face”.


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