Kanye’s Baphomet Shirt

Kanye West Baphomet

Here is a picture of Kanye West wearing a shirt with the Baphomet devil on it. Is Kanye a Prince Hall Freemason? The Knights Templar worshiped Baphomet and paid the ultimate price. Today, Knight Templar is the final degree of York Rite Freemasonry.

Here is some Death Metal about Baphomet:

Inquisition Mighty
Wargod of the Templars Lyrics:

Christian warriors in the fields defending
white light realms of god.
Raising flags of war up high,
blood and flesh we shed with might.
Crushing, killing on command,
these are weapons from the black.
Ancient war cult of holy lands
surging into lands of fire.
Dark evil dungeons where
we hide contain secrets of the left.
You Satan we only hail in the form of BAPHOMET.
Ancient infernal beast with black wings,
in the night we summon thee
Flaming torch of knowledge burns
on thy goat head with wicked horns.
Chanting all unholy names to thee
mighty king of kings.
Burning children for my god
offering dripping fat and blood.
We deny any god of feeble faith
Lucifer faithfully we bow to thee
So to you we raise our swords
from shadow thrones.
Universe of ancient blood from
mutilation rituals on the cross as
I chant the pagan hymns.
I am the one summoning the mighty war god

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One thought on “Kanye’s Baphomet Shirt

  1. it is good to hear that witch craft can exist in America,because an African is an African,but not only exist in Africa.well be go on my fellow humans do your job but don’t kill any,as long as for money.thank issa conteh from freetown,sierra leone,west africa.


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