Kanye West is Hell Bent

Kanye West Fire Eyes

Revelation 19:12 His eyes were like a fiery flame, and on his head were many diadems. He had a name inscribed that no one knows except himself.

Kanye West, the messiah, the savior of hip hop, has released a new video for 25 Magazine. He also bought Kim Kardashian Illuminated Jewelry.

Kanye recently performed in a straight jacket. Kim is giving birth to a male baby named “Khrist”. Has Kanye West failed as the new messiah? Is he passing on the crown to his unborn child? Or is he just passing on a form of schizophrenia? Kanye is a 21st century schizoid man. He is having a freeform delusion from a schizoid embolism. Kanye’s mother was killed by the Illuminati and now Kanye is having auditory hallucinations of his mother’s voice. Kanye believes his mother is talking to him from heaven. He believes she visits him in his dreams.

A Short Introduction to Schizophrenia

Adam “was a wonderfully, sweet young man,” his mother said. He was a high school athlete and captain of his team, active in his college fraternity, a good student. He had graduated from college and started working while studying for a professional certification exam when something inside him changed. . . Adam stopped being careful about his personal appearance. He told his parents he suspected them of communicating with each other in secret ways, such as in sign language which he couldn’t understand. He began to hear his mother’s voice in his head and he asked her why she was sending him messages. . . he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Another rapper hearing voices and seeing ghosts is Young Jeezy. In Young Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind” song’s lyrics: “I’m hearing voices in my head/ Think I’m schizophrenic,” he raps.

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8 thoughts on “Kanye West is Hell Bent

  1. I AM HE!

    One day Kanye and I will be in the club with everyone shouting out, “JESUS WALKS”. I will only do this if everyone promises not to step on my sandals.

  2. Kanye has outdone himself. Look at this pyramid with he performs in with scavenger birds. This fulfills prophecy:



    Revelation 19:17 Then I saw an angel standing on the sun.
    He cried out in a loud voice to all the birds flying high overhead,
    “Come here. Gather for God’s great feast,

    18 to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of military officers, and the flesh of warriors,
    the flesh of horses and of their riders,
    and the flesh of all, free and slave, small and great.”


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