Watch the Throne Decoded

Watch the throne cover

The cover of Watch the Throne is a golden pattern not unlike what you would see if you turned on your winamp visualization as you listen to the music. This is because you are sitting on the throne at your desk on your computer. The book of revelation states:

Revelation 4:6 In front of the throne was something that resembled a sea of glass like crystal.

The sea of glass is the computer moniters in front of the millions of thrones all over the world.

Watch the Throne Cross

When the CD cover for Watch the Throne is opened it makes a large golden cross. This reflects Kanye West’s Christian upbringing and loyalty to Christ in Jesus Walks.

Kanye Jay Z Panthers

Jay Z and Kanye are pictured on the inside cover as half man, half panther. This is similar to the video Niggas in Paris with features a panther. Kanye and Jay are niggaz torn between their loyalty to the United States and black nationalist revolution. The inside cover features the angel Lucifer with a communist star on his forehead.

Watch the Throne back

The back cover features another visualization. Using your third eye you can see patterns like this one while meditating. It is the gateway into the fifth dimension. The Illuminati put fluoride in the water supply to stop people from ascending into this higher state of consciousness.

Niggas in Paris Masonic

At the end of Niggas in Paris there is a blue masonic square and compass. This symbolizes Jay Z & Kanye’s acceptance into the craft’s third degree. If Jay Z and Kanye are Freemasons which they deny.

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