Taylor Swift and the Number 13

Taylor Swift 13

Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13. Why this mysterious number? Let’s go back in history and see why. The number first became notorious during the Templar inquisition. The Templars were the world’s first branch bankers. On Friday, 13 October 1307, hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested and burned at the stake.

The number 13 is important in masonic symbolism. 12 completes the cycle of the year so 13 represents rebirth and regeneration. When the United States was created there were 13 colonies. 13 is an important number in American history and this is reflected in the repetition of the number on the dollar bill.

According to Taylor 13 is her lucky number because she was born on the 13th. I think it is important to her because she is a patriotic American and 13 is America’s number.

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