Mel Gibson’s Apocalypse

Mel Gibson Mad Max

In Mad Max Mel Gibson stars an apocalyptic hero surviving in the nuclear wastelands. In real life Mel is a devout traditionalist Catholic. The apocalypse in Christianity is described in the book of revelation. The book describes war and environmental destruction as well as famine and plague.

Mel Gibson Fatima

When Mel made The Passion of the Christ he visited Sister Lucia the Virgin Mary seer. He later named his daughter after her. The Virgin appeared to Sister Lucia in 1917 in Portugal. Out of the three seers she was the only survivor of the Spanish flu that later ravaged Europe. This flu was induced by vaccines given to soldiers during the Great War. Lucia did not take the vaccine and survived to a ripe old age of 97. The other two visionaries took the vaccine and died in childhood.

Numerology is important to the Fatima apparitions. The Virgin appeared on the 13th of every month. 13 is an important number to Freemasons and especially to the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. The Illuminati have 13 degrees of initiation. Sister Lucia also died on the 13th day of the month adding even more mystery. The number of 13 is most closely associated with death. The 13th tarot trump is death and is associated with fish. The book of revelation states that all the fish in the sea will die during the apocalypse. Due to rampant overfishing this seems like real a possibility. Maybe God gave us the book as a warning. Maybe it’s not too late to turn things around. This resource is being squandered. The bluefin tuna are nearly extinct. The Japanese are stockpiling frozen tuna for themselves because they know in 2013 bluefin tuna will be essentially extinct.

Mel Gibson Apocalypto

Mel Gibson said Apocalypto means new beginning. This is not true. Apocalypse means “revelation” or the “lifting of the veil”. Mel lifted the veil in his movie Conspiracy Theory. That movie revealed all kinds of hidden information such as MK-Ultra mind control.

When Mel was arrested and told the officer Jews are responsible for all the world’s wars he was referring to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols are a masonic text describing how the Illuminati are going to take over the world through war, revolution, control of the press and control of finance. These Jews that are members of the Illuminati are a diabolical bunch of schemers. The world needs an apocalyptic hero to wander the wasteland and put an end to the Illuminati.

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One thought on “Mel Gibson’s Apocalypse

  1. I say, well done to Mel Gibson because he has to try to prevent everyone that there is a conspiracy plot cospiration in 1997. that governing was trying to manipulate people, that the eternal God protect your soul against the devil.


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