Tom Cruise and the Lord of Darkness

Tom Cruise Legend

In the 1985 movie Legend Tom Cruise meets the Lord of Darkness. Darkness’ intention is the rule the world for a thousand years.

Eyes Wide Shut Throne

In the 1999 movie Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise meet the Lord of Darkness again. This time the Lord of Darkness is an Illuminatus Rex wearing the red of the Rothschilds. Darkness’ intention is also to rule the world for a thousand years under a cashless, surveillance society.

Can Tom Cruise defeat the Lord of Darkness?

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5 thoughts on “Tom Cruise and the Lord of Darkness

  1. I was convinced he was a homosexual. But you tell me that you know him and that he liked pornography and girls. What is his deep dark secret? Should I believe these South Park episodes that say he is a fudge packer?

  2. When I was a kid he lived at Chimo house next door. Chimo means “are you friendly?” in inuit. They filmed movies at that house. My sister was an extra for a Cybil Shepherd movie.

    When I knew Tom Cruise he had fish and pornography. The Psychiatrists showed us his fish. I think he would look at the porn and jerk off with the fish in his other hand. I think he got hazed in America. Fresh fish freshman was probably told in American school he had to finish jerking off before the fish died or he’d get a paddling.

    He has the fish in Jerry Mcguire. The Illuminati have all of his fish confessions on tape. Scientology is a branch of the Illuminati. Tom Cruise will never escape scientology without his embarrassing tapes coming to light.

  3. I know him pretty well and he’s not heterosexually challenged. I remember we used to watch hookers when we climbed trees. He has a fish fetish like Troy Mcclure. He can’t get off unless a fish comes to the party.

    I remember he wore an army uniform with the callsign FISH on it that summer in 1985. He was crying and standing at attention under a raging nest of hornets. I think his dad died the previous year.


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