Justin Timberlake’s Illuminati Symbols

20/20 Experience

Justin has been reading about eye exercises to improve his vision. He is wary of laser surgery to correct his myopia.

Illuminati Timberlake

The all seeing eye appears behind the young lovers.

Timberlake Mirrors

In programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. Within the Monarch slave’s mind, countless mirror images are made.

Lou Pearlman

Timberlake was once handled by pedophile boyband manager Lou Pearlman. He was also part of that whole Disney thing. Is Timberlake a Monarch slave? Timberlake will never know.

Timberlake Grammys

Timberlake’s wife was a child star. Could she be a Monarch slave? Tough questions for Timberlake to contemplate.

Sacred Geometry

Beyonce’s shirt divides the room into two checkered fields like the Masonic floor. Good and Evil. Right and Wrong. The Children of the Law of One vs. the sons of Belial.

Timberlake 666

Timberlake giving the familiar all seeing eye and 666 hand sign.

In the book by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave”, they mention that the music industry is loaded with artists who work as mind control programmers, and many of the musicians are mind control slaves.

From the book:

In Monarch Programming the use of MIRRORS is a basic, important tool to make split multiple personalities. The mental mirrors, which are programmed into the victim, create thousands of alters (artificial personalities), which then can be programmed in whatever way the Illuminati programmer wants. Here are some more excerpts from the same book with regards to mirrors:

“The child must learn to match identical items very early–even before they can speak. This is so they will be able to build mirror images into their mind. All the senses are trained for building the mirror images; for instance such as silks and cottons can be used for the sense of touch” Chapter 1 page 12.

“The elements that make up who a person is–i.e. personality elements such as memories, are fractured. These fragments have in turn often been built up into full-blown personalities with all the elements of full-blown personalities. There is no “real” person, just as if you smash a mirror into a thousand pieces, there is no single piece that is the “real” original mirror but rather simply fragments that can in turn operate as mirrors. However, there is still a primal self. Early splits are led to believe they are the core” Chapter 1 page 28.

“Children are set in front of circus mirrors that make them taller or smaller for programming. They are set in front of mirrors which duplicate their image.” Chapter 4 page 64.

“Princess Langwidere’s sitting-room was paneled with great mirrors, which reached from the ceiling to the floor; also the ceiling was composed of mirrors, and the floor was of polished silver that reflected every object upon it. So when Langwidere sat in her easy chair and played soft melodies upon her mandolin, her form was mirrored hundreds of times, in walls, and ceilings and floor, and whichever way…” This is the mirror programming that has been done to so many victims! Chapter 5 page 112.

“Mirrors, and lots of them, are important in occult programming because they make images. They create so many internal images one doesn’t know which way to go ” [Chapter 10].

From Lena Pepitone’s book which is entitled Marilyn Monroe Confidential An Intimate Personal Account, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1979. · p.16-

“Floor-to-ceiling mirrors were everywhere. Even the dining alcove at the rear of the living room had a table with a mirrored top. All these mirrors didn’t cheer things up.” In programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. Within the Monarch slave’s mind, countless mirror images are made. The slave sees thousands of mirrors everywhere in their mind. Because Marilyn was so stripped of any personal identity, she decorated her house as her mind looked on the inside–full of mirrors. Although other Monarchs may have some desires to decorate with mirrors, Marilyn is the most extreme case I know of filling one’s house full of mirrors” [Chapter 12].

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