An Angler’s Cocktail For Lady Gaga

Be a juke box hero and play some music for the bar. Liberate me Bozo. Then help me fix this drink for Lady Gaga:

Cocktail Bottle Catch

Lady Gaga has a million reasons not to believe Jozo/Bozo. I’m slippery like a fish Gaga. Bozo/Jozo is heartbroken he lost one of his best childhood friends to a Xenophobic cult. If I come for you Jozo/Bozo you deserve it. Xenu will stand trial for his crimes Jozo. Nothing you can do will stop that. It’s about time Xenu stopped bullying the Galaxy with his Psychlo army. You were in my army Jozo. I fed you. Mac & Cheese dipstick. How could you ever forget such a filling meal from Kraft?

Tom Cruise Props Fish

Now you are giving up on the inevitable Cruise sade in Middle Earth. Forgotten Frodo’s promise. I was the original, bigger, stronger, faster Frodo in Legend, a much better movie. I took you fishing daily dipstick. Right after Andy Griffith at 5:30 am. I made you fish until you could fish no more. Every day fishing but you didn’t believe I caught a trout. Nobody ever believed in my fishing exploits. Not you, your brother, the Chimo house or even the Saint Bernard. Even the General thinks I’m lying about the size of the trout.

Angler's Cocktail

The Angler’s Cocktail

1 1/2 oz gin
1 dash grenadine syrup
2 dashes bitters (Angostura was used)
3 dashes orange bitters

Shake all ingredients with cracked ice, pour contents into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes, and serve.


We climbed every tree possible to climb in the neighborhood. I was trying to teach you small fry. You can’t make a fish climb trees. This fishbowl called Earth is gonna go kaput if we don’t take care of the water. Operation Fishbowl must succeed Bozo. This sector must be cleared of engrams of envy, lust, greed etc.

Praise LRH

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13 thoughts on “An Angler’s Cocktail For Lady Gaga

  1. Nothing is more important to me than the success of Operation Fishbowl. It’s the reason I was born. I’m the real Aquaman protecting the throne of Atlantis. I can hold my breath for 6 minutes now. What about you dipstick you degenerate smoker heading for an early grave?

  2. your racist avatars disgust me. There is only one race. Human race you racist bozo. It’s a culture not a costume. that’s a direct TC quote. 1 race. human race. that’s what lron and christ taught me.

  3. I was Private Fish in 1985. The General took me aside and told me i would rise in the ranks if I cleared this sector for Scientology and the US Navy. Trust in LRH bozo. He never let me down yet. My movies always draw in new recruits.

  4. I talmudic Jude Law have taken over government issue joe’s precious body to make this post gaga through sheer force of acting will. I was the one who gave Nelly that medjugorje rosary you open in your video, Pope Pius. Joe is a fanatic Nelly Furtado supporter. Fanatacism is what my church needs.

  5. Halle Berry and Christa Balder are the key to the cure. Going back to clean spring water and fruits and veggies with little or no meat. to the romans meat was only served on special ocassions like an orgy. don’t ever orgy. don’t ever masturbate.


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