Young Pope Takes Cold Shower

Young Pope Cold Shower

Brides of Christ, Giulia Salemi And Dayane Mello, wore x rated bridal gowns to my premiere. Don’t masturbate to the Young Pope’s face Dayane. I know the devil is inside you by the snake necklace you wear. The Young Pope wants U2 find love before you give away all your goods. You can’t tempt me to touch my own naughty bits young brides of Christ. I’ll just take this cold shower.

Mother Mary, I quit doing coke but I need a smoke and my cherry coke. Smoking reduces the sex drive. That’s Pope Pius XIII’s secret.

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9 thoughts on “Young Pope Takes Cold Shower

  1. I know, I’m incredibly handsome. Let’s just get past that. So this is the nuuk cult eh? canada eh? my city is more powerful than yours. i pledge to protect your city gi joe. Your first GF is mad at you. She wanted to be a nun not a popstar. She doesn’t want you to take her song lying down. Says she’s been waiting for you to take her back to church and fast for God’s sake. I cannot stress the importance of fasting like Bernadette with wheatgrass and spring water. Miraculous cures when the pius follow in Bernadette’s footsteps.

  2. i have a problem with porn your holiness


    internet is like a minefield of porn. ex gf can make it without me. won’t talk to me unless it’s a song. i wanted to marry her in the church on 13th. our lady of fatima. never happened. god has forsaken me your holiness

  3. What songs did you play for her in 1989? Why didn’t you approach? Couldn’t see could you. You approached in 2013 but she didn’t like your glasses. Cavewoman instinct sees weakness with glasses

  4. the fappening stopped the rapes in the park. jennifer lawrence was peak of fappening now only the girls fap. never beat off or your dick gets scarred. pope pius should let
    the girls give handjobs at age 15 devil hand tarot. sex with condom at 16. wedding at 17 or later

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